The Beautiful Woman's World
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Fragment 2

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Bijo no Sekai



Release Date

May 1, 2009




Chapter 7 (manga)

"The Beautiful Woman's World" is the 2nd fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 3. The special chapter is also labeled as The Most Beautiful Girl in the World.

A woman envies the beauty of others so much that she begins to act suicidal. She visits a young man in order to use the power of a Phantom Book and become the most beautiful woman in the world.[1]


The woman is welcomed to the old mansion by a young man and a black-haired little girl. After they introduce themselves during tea, the woman affirms she would kill herself because she was not the most beautiful woman in the world. She presses a knife against her wrist. The young man examines her. Although her features were not impressive, she was nicely dressed and her skin and hair were well cared. She wants all the attention, kindness and gifts that man give to the beautiful women. No matter how she grooms her hair or dresses herself, there are always people more attractive than her.

She heard rumors about a strange book that contains forbidden knowledge. The woman tells the man to use the book to change her appearance. He tries to convince her that eventually a man will love her more than anyone else. However, the woman sees their conversation as her last hope. She prepares to cut her wrists, when the black-haired little girl finally talks. She knows about a book that can grant her wish. The woman is warned one last time about her choice.

The woman leaves the mansion. The black-haired girl affirms that beauty is something decided by others. Those who depend of others to value themselves are unable to be happy. Meanwhile, the woman arrived at her home with a satisfied expression. The old book she received has different options for body type, face features, skin and hair color. She lost consciousness after deciding about her appearance. She wakes up in the same place illustrated in the last page of the book.

The street seems to be located in a strange foreign country of an unknown era. The design of clothes and buildings were completely unfamiliar to her. People living in the city were from a different ethnic group, as if they were characters of a fantasy story. Their features were so abnormal that they couldn’t be considered human beings. They look at her stunned by her god-like beauty. While examining her surroundings, the woman notices her reflection in a window. Her face was unchanged. However, her usual self is very attractive to the people of this world. They were gathering around to praise her appearance while she shook her head hopelessly, almost crying.[1]

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