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The Real Me
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Fragment 2

She's in Search of Herself

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Hontō no Watashi



Release Date

October, 2010 (The Sneaker)





"The Real Me" is the 2nd fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 6. The special chapter is also labeled as "She's in Search of Herself".

A young woman finds a forbidden book which helps her to find her true self.[1]


People rarely look into that section of the library, so the book was rarely read. One day, a young woman finds the book. It’s a forbidden work. Curiously, the author has the same name and surname. The words on the cover explains that the book will help her discover her true self. For some reason, the woman becomes attracted to the book. The book begins by describing the reader and her kindness, shyness and sensitivity. It seems like the book is addressing her. At first, the reader is skeptical, but soon the book starts to make more sense. It says that she doesn’t like her life. As if talking directly to the young woman, the writer affirms that she must gain confidence, show her strong and charming self to others. The woman hides the book and hurries to the exit.

As instructed by the book, she buys new, flashy clothes. The effect is immediate. People stare at her. Her boss and colleagues listen and respect her. Happy with the sudden change, the woman soon returns to the library. She consults the mysterious book multiple times. The book boosts her confidence. It explains how people around her are to blame for the sad moments in her past.

Once, the woman found that the book had been picked up by a young girl. Angry, the woman requests the book. The girl advises her against reading it. According to the girl, the Book of the Flatterer corrupts the reader by directing flatteries at him. It always praises the reader, even his mistakes. The woman doesn’t trust the girl. The book has helped the woman find her true self, after all. The woman takes the book and runs out of the library.

The woman continued to read the book at her home. She changed a lot. She starts to wear bright clothes and speak harshly to others. Soon, she had no friends and no job. However, she keeps believing in the book. The Book of the Flatterer says that she’s not to blame. Inspired by the book, the woman decides to show her true self to the world. She thinks about giving a speech in the main street of the city, or cutting her veins in a crowd. She decides to use explosives to take a bunch of people hostage. That way, journalists will spread news about her around the world.

One day, the young woman entered a skyscraper, said crazy things and activated a bomb. The workers were frightened by her appearance, so they ran away in time. No one got hurt. When the young girl visited the building, it was still burning. She found the Book of the Flatterer on the sidewalk. She threw it into the fire. Behind her, a friend of the young woman was giving interviews, talking about the terrorist.[1]


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