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Book of Imitation
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Fragment 2

The Emulator

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Mohō no Sho



Release Date

April 1, 2011 (volume 7)





For the Phantom Book Egg, see Book of Imitation.

"Book of Imitation" is the 2nd fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 7. The special chapter is also labeled as "The Emulator".

An art student affirms to have a Phantom Book that reveals the true essence of the person depicted on its cover.[1]


The man once had a Phantom Book Egg. Now he has a complete Phantom Book that turned into her. The book had no name. Its cover was blank. The man gave the book the same name as her. As an art student, he did a good job in drawing her portrait on the cover after observing her beauty from far away day after day. The moment he finished the portrait, the book became a Phantom Book. It shows the true essence of the person depicted on its cover. It describes the person’s past, thoughts and feelings. It seems like the book became a copy of her. The more accurate the drawing, more accurate the information recorded in the Phantom Book. The man created the book to know more about her. He wants to make sure that he isn’t attracted to her only because of her appearance. He plans to use the Phantom Book to check if they are compatible to each other. Besides, learning about her thoughts beforehand would help him talk with her.

He was surprised when he opened the Phantom Book. He learned that the beautiful woman is pure, sincere, innocent, intellectual. She treats everyone with love, she’s concerned about problems such as poverty and hunger, although she’s cheerful. She never resents people, even those who envy her and try to discredit her. She's the ideal woman for the man. He became fascinated by her personality. He understood her now. He knows that she likes him too. She will certainly fall in love with him once he speaks with her. It’s written in the Phantom Book, an item that imitates her and describes even what she will think and do in the future. The man will confess to her. He bought a bouquet and gathered as many people as possible to bless the new couple. He made a bet with his friends. If the woman breaks his heart, the art student will walk naked around the university.

That’s the story the man tells to the couple. As promised, the man leaves the Phantom Book behind. He doesn’t need it anymore. He confidently leaves the coffee shop, carrying a bouquet. A young man in leather coat wonders if he should have stopped him. The petite girl tells him to leave the art student alone. The young man and the petite girl know that the book is an unfinished Phantom Book. The Phantom Book Egg shows the exact opposite personality of the person depicted on the cover. Perhaps because the man drew two women at the same time. He didn’t realize that they are twins. One of the sisters has a cheating and nasty personality and sleeps with everyone. The other is prodigal, selfish and glutton. The young man smiles. According to him, at least the art student reached his goal. The art student would learn that he fell only for their beauty.[1]


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