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Gaveston II
Hal Arnie
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Gyavisuton Ni Sei


Ernie Gaveston (アーニー・ギャヴィストン Ānī Gyavisuton)


Chapter 1 (light novel 8)

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Gaveston II is Henry Gaveston’s nephew and an explorer. Dressed as a woman, he’s known as Ernie Gaveston. He is present in the Phantom Book of the King story.


As a boy, Gaveston II met Hugh once at Wesley’s house, eight years before the main events of Phantom Book of the King. Later, Gaveston II became an explorer, known for traveling to uncharted regions of Tibet. After learning about the death of his uncle Henry Gaveston, he went to the hinterlands of Africa, dressed as a woman, to find the killer Lazarus Goldin and get revenge. Men who work under Gaveston II infiltrated Goldin’s expedition crew. Gaveston II knows that Goldin stole the Book of Royal Power from Henry. Gaveston II also knows that his uncle sold a valuable notebook to Wesley, and that the notebook fell into Hugh’s hands. The notebook describes the route to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery.[1]


He argues with Hal, believing that the Book Burning Officer is enslaving Flamberge. Later, Gaveston II shows affection to Hal. Gaveston II is always touching, worrying and taking care of him. However, it’s not certain if the feeling is sincere or just a façade. Gaveston II liked his uncle Henry, to the point of seeking revenge against his killer. Henry’s notebook is so valuable to Gaveston II that he offers everything to have it, including money and his innocence. Gaveston II has some influence, since he managed to have his men infiltrated among Goldin’s crew. Gaveston II dresses himself and acts like an elegant but helpless female tourist from the kingdom. He identifies himself as a researcher looking for the Phantom Book Cemetery. He moves with grace but, at the same time, he has the strength to knock a man down.[1]


Gaveston II dresses himself as a conspicuous woman. He dons a magnificent, old-fashioned large dress which exposes his shoulders. He holds a snow-white frilled parasol and a large suitcase. He has chiseled face, large hazel eyes and a long, light brown hair. He looks like a noble, helpless beauty. He’s younger than Hal. Dalian mentions that he wears heavy makeup.[1]


Hal and Flamberge are spying on Goldin from afar. The latter apparently has a Phantom Book, and he’s about to start an expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hal notices a young woman in a magnificent dress behind him, struggling to carry a heavy suitcase. She stumbles, screams and involuntarily releases the suitcase, which rolls down the stairs. Hal has no time to dodge. The suitcase hits him. Hal and Flamberge are covered by its contents. The woman apologizes. Hal wonders what a helpless lady like her is doing in Africa, far from the kingdom.

The woman examines Flamberge’s clothes. The woman tells Hal to release Flamberge, believing that the Book Burning Officer is a slave trader. The woman heard from her grandfather about cruel merchants who took Africans and sold them as slaves in America. Hal convinces her otherwise, introducing himself as a Book Burning Officer. He begins to collect her clothes. The woman introduces herself as a researcher looking for the Phantom Book Cemetery. She sees someone familiar nearby. She puts her clothes into the suitcase and leaves. Flamberge doesn’t believe that she’s a researcher.

The woman approaches Hugh and Dalian. The woman introduces herself as Ernie Gaveston, niece of Henry Gaveston. Hugh hasn’t noticed, but they have met before in Wesley’s house, eight years ago. Ernie smiles when Hugh mentions that she became prettier. She greets Dalian, but the jealous Biblioprincess ignores her. According to Ernie, she was accompanied by her butler, but he’s sick, resting at the hotel. Ernie was looking for Hugh. He has the valuable notebook written by her uncle and sold to Wesley. She offers money and even her innocence in exchange for the notes. She wants the notebook to learn how to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery.

Hal and Flamberge approach them. Hal grabs the notebook from Hugh’s hands. He wonders if Hugh and Dalian gave a Phantom Book to Goldin, but Ernie explains that the Newspaper King obtained the Book of Royal Power from her uncle. She sadly affirms that Henry Gaveston obtained the Book of Royal Power during an expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery. However, the Phantom Book was stolen the same night that Gaveston committed suicide. Goldin interrupts the conversation. Ernie turns pale when Goldin reveals that Hugh is offering the notes describing the location of the Phantom Book Cemetery.

Goldin uses the Book of Royal Power to force Hal to kill himself. Hugh intervenes, shooting Hal. Ernie stares angrily at Hugh. Hal wakes up inside a dark, cramped room, with his head on Ernie’s lap. Hal stops her when she tries to give him water mouth-to-mouth. According to Flamberge, Ernie had been looking after him all night. Ernie had carried Hal into that room. Hal hadn’t been wounded by the shot because the metallic plate inside Hugh’s notebook acted as a shield. Ernie and Flamberge follow Hal onto the deck of Goldin’s ship, where they find Hugh and Dalian. Hugh had given the scheme of the ship to Ernie and Flamberge, so the girls knew how to board the ship unnoticed. Hugh tells Ernie that he’s obeying Goldin along the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery because there’s no way to oppose the Book of Royal Power. Moreover, Hugh reveals that the Phantom Book has other purpose besides giving royal power to the user.

Ernie rolls across the deck when the ship lurches violently. She realizes that the ship has hit huge crocodiles. Ernie screams when Hal is knocked down by a giant fish. Goldin shows up. He uses the Book of Royal Power to stop the monsters. Ernie affirms that he stole the Phantom Book from her uncle and used it to force him into suicide. Goldin admits his crime. Along the path to the Phantom Book Cemetery, Goldin forces Hugh and Hal to push the wagon. Ernie walks beside them, never complaining about the difficult path. They reach the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hal falls to one knee, exhausted and wounded. Ernie worries about him. She kisses his cheek. According to her, she’s using saliva to disinfect his wound.

Goldin uses the Book of Royal Power again to make everyone obey him. However, now that they’ve reached the Phantom Book Cemetery, the Phantom Book goes out of control, releasing powerful shock waves. Hal protects Ernie. Soon after, the Book of Royal Power returns to its home. Goldin has no royal power anymore. He runs towards Flamberge, trying to use her as a hostage, but Ernie knocks him down. She presses her parasol against his throat. Goldin will finally answer for the death of Henry Gaveston.

Laughing and using a male voice, Ernie reveals to be Gaveston II, an explorer, nephew of Henry Gaveston. The explorer had men infiltrated in Goldin’s crew. Without them, Goldin would never reach the hinterlands of Africa, and Gaveston II would never get into Goldin’s ship. Hugh knew about the true identity of Gaveston II. Flamberge also learned about it, after examining the contents of his suitcase. Gaveston II thanks Hugh for saving his life and for giving him the opportunity of meeting Hal. The Book Burning Officer seems incredulous. A volcanic eruption starts. Hugh, Dalian, Hal and Flamberge run back to the ship. It’s not revealed if Gaveston II followed them, and what he did with Goldin.[1]




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