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Chapter 4 (light novel 6)

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Hal's beloved is a woman who’s part of Hal’s tragic past. She appears in the Paradise story.


She was a friend of Francesca, who later became the Silver Biblioprincess Flamberge. It seems like this woman had a love relationship with Hal when he was only a student, before he started working as a Book Burning Officer, before the Great War.[1] It’s implied that eventually Hal burned this woman to death. This tragic past greatly hurt Hal’s heart.[2] Perhaps his time with her is the only happy memory Hal has.[1]


She loved Hal. She wished to stay with him forever. She saw Francesca as a freak, although they were friends. She believed that Hal and Francesca would get along. She talks about Phantom Books, but it's never revealed how much she knows about them.[1]


She has graceful arched eyebrows, a large forehead, white skin and rosy cheeks. She was a pretty woman. She wears a thin, worn coat.[1]


Book of Atonement[]

The Leutnant tells Hal that the Book Burning Officer will burn humanity someday if he continues to use the Staff of Surtr. Hal uses the weapon to burn the zombies created by the Book of Atonement. Hal affirms that he already burned someone dear to him with his own hands.[2]


Hal and Flamberge reach the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. They hear a beautiful voice. Hal realizes that someone is reading a Phantom Book. He collapses. He relives a happy moment from his past. He was reading at the university when a pretty woman with a warm smile appeared. Hal is surprised to see her back. She’s glad that Hal is studying, but she tells him to not overstrain himself. The pretty woman planned to see her friend Francesca at the clock tower, but she decided to drop by after seeing the lights on. The pretty woman was suffering from the cold. She warms her palms with her breath. Hal refers to Francesca as a ghost. The pretty woman affirms that Francesca is a freak, but a nice person. The pretty woman believes that Hal and Francesca would get along.

The pretty woman goes to the laboratory to prepare some coffee. She returns with two cups. She knows that Hal was invited to study in America. She’s happy for him. Hal wants to go with her, away from the war which was about to start. She smiles, noticing that he’s worried about her. She tells him not to worry. She hugs Hal and whispers in his ear that she has a Phantom Book that will grant all her wishes. Peace will come and they will always be together, living happily.

It’s revealed that the Book of Paradise read by the Sea Devil Queen allows people to relive happy moments of their lives. Hal wakes up. He tells the Sea Queen Devil that he has no past. He affirms that he has nothing to lose. But she knows that Hal is lying. After all, Hal is crying. Later, Flamberge asks about Hal's dream. Hal affirms that he doesn't remember it.[1]




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