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Harold Dawson
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Harorudo Dōson




Chapter 3 (light novel 8)

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Harold Dawson was one of the guests invited to search the Vignette of Eternal Twilight at the Asquith castle. He’s present in the Vignette of Eternal Twilight story.


Dawson was an investor on the verge of bankruptcy. He was invited to the Marquise's birthday. He wants to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight and obtain the huge reward offered by the Marquise. However, he doesn’t know that the invitation is a way to make him a human sacrifice. Using the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, the Marquise wants to use his life to obtain eternal youth[1]


Dawson is desperate to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight and solve his financial problems. He’ll even resort to violence to obtain the Phantom Book. He was invited to the Marquise's birthday because, if he disappears, no one will miss him. People will assume that Dawson left the country.[1]


He wears a well-tailored suit.[1]


Hugh, Dalian and Shura walk to the library. About fifteen other guests are examining the Marquess of Asquith’s collection, looking for the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. It’s said that the person who finds the Phantom Book will obtain a huge reward. Harban, a policeman, fixes his gaze at Harold Dawson. The latter is an investor on the verge of bankruptcy. Many businessmen in debt are attracted by the opportunity to receive the prize from the Marquise. It’s time for dinner, so the guests, including Dawson, leave the library. Hugh was waiting for everyone to disperse. He opens a secret passage behind a bookshelf.


Hugh, Dalian and Shura watch as Dawson opens the Vignette of Eternal Twilight.

They see a thick metal door at the end of the dark passage. Detective Marchbanks was already there, accompanied by Evelyn, one of the Marquise's maid. He reaches for the doorknob, but he’s pushed aside by Dawson. The latter had pretended to leave the library, only to hide behind the furniture. He had followed Hugh and the others. Marchbanks grabs Dawson’s leg. The investor kicks the detective. Dawson will do everything to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight and take the prize. Dawson bursts into the secret room. He opens the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Dawson is surprised to learn that the Phantom Book looks like a simple pop-up book. The Phantom Book disappears soon after.

Evelyn seems frightened. She runs out of the room. She’s followed by Hugh and the others. The ceiling of the secret room falls, crushing Dawson. His scream quickly brakes off. Later, it’s revealed that Dawson, Shura and Marchbanks were invited because they wouldn’t be missed if they disappeared. Using the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, the Marquise planned to sacrifice them in order to preserve her young appearance. The Marquise is seen with the appearance of a little girl after absorbing Dawson and Evelyn’s life force.

Harban reveals himself as Mithril, the Phantom Book Thief. She helps Hugh and Dalian defeat the Marquise and the magic from the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Later, Mithril laments for the deaths of Dawson and Evelyn. If Mithril had acted more discreetly, they may have survived.[1]




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