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Heath and Dalian
Heath in its past life, talking with Dalian

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Cat Thief (泥俸猫 Dorobōneko)

Transforming Cat (化け猫 Bakeneko)


Chapter 2 (light novel 5)

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Heath is a cat rescued by Hugh. It appears in The Cat and the Biblioprincess story.


As expected from cats, Heath has nine lives. Prior to the events of The Cat and the Biblioprincess, Heath lived in the future, two to three generations after Dalian and Hugh’s era. When Dalian examined Heath’s memories, she didn’t recognize the modern electrical appliances. Heath’s home was well illuminated, occupied with furniture made of unfamiliar materials. An equipment in the ceiling was blowing hot air, while the other was shining a blue light. The snow-white room had a large window with a panoramic view from the huge city, which was larger than the capital Dalian knew. The thriving metropolis was like a paradise, enjoying an unprecedented level of development. She saw skyscrapers, modern vehicles and people wearing unusual clothes.

In this life, Heath was a grey-haired cat which witnessed a disease spreading throughout the world, killing people and ending species. Everything started when a scientist found a book and learned about a plant which alleviates symptoms of a certain allergy. Humans harvested the plant, spreading it around the world. After twenty to thirty years, this plant reached the dense forests of Africa, where it removed another plant from its habitat. This threatened species was a wild, unremarkable grass with white flowers, which used to grow along the banks of the rivers. It was a very important plant for the local ecosystem. After all, the plant favored the reproduction of a bacteria which in turn inhibited the spread of a mysterious virus carried by birds.

Heath resurrected as a white cat in Dalian and Hugh’s era. The animal was abandoned at the gates of the Disward estate, inside a wooden box.[1]


Heath is docile and accepts being petted by Hugh and Dalian. It quickly felt comfortable with them. The cat enjoys climbing up Dalian’s dress. Heath follows and watches her, despite her trying to shoo the cat away. When Dalian is talking to it, the cat ignores her, disinterested. Heath steals Dalian’s breakfast, showing to be very nimble and cunning. It didn’t hesitate to take Dalian’s favorite place at the sofa next to the fireplace. When Dalian is inside Heath’s memories, the cat speaks in a polite voice and with a mocking intonation. The fate of the world makes Heath sad. The cat wishes to help by following an instinct, not a sense of duty.[1]


Hugh finds a cat

Hugh rescues a snow-white cat.

Heath has heterochromia. One eye is a different color from the other. One is yellow as a topaz, the other blue as a sapphire. The pretty cat has a fluffy white fur, large ears and a long mustache. There are brown spots on its forehead and fluffy tail. Hugh found the adult cat with a weakened appearance, skinny. In its past life, Heath was a gray-haired cat. However, its eyes were the same.[1]


In a rainy morning, Hugh notices something moving inside a wooden box placed at the gates of the Disward estate. A head pops out from under the fabric. Hugh rescues the filthy cat, trying to hide it from Dalian. However, the Biblioprincess sees a fluffy head appears from the folds of the blanket in his arms. The white cat meows. Hugh scratches under its jaw, explaining that someone had abandoned the animal. The cat closes its eyes, satisfied. Unlike Hugh, Dalian doesn’t want the cat. She points out how it’s covered in heath. Hugh decides to name the cat “Heath”.

Hugh pets the cat, who responds purring. Hugh approaches Dalian, asking if she wants to hold Heath. The cat jumps to the floor and walks to Dalian. The latter backs away, frightened. Heath climbs Dalian’s dress. Hugh plans to use the cat to get rid of the mice in the house. He wants to serve milk and a sandwich to Heath. After all, the cat is in a weakened state. Dalian interrupts Hugh, saying that the choices aren’t healthy for an adult cat. She had read about cats before. Dalian drinks the milk. For her despair, Heath crawls over her chest to lick her milky mustache.

Heath takes Dalian’s favorite place in the next morning. The cat sits comfortably on the sofa, in front of a warm fireplace. It keeps watching Dalian as she reads. Dalian stops for a moment to savor a crispy bun with a fragrant crust. Heath stares at the breakfast. Dalian reluctantly offers a piece to the cat. The creature quickly jumps and steals most of the bread. Dalian runs after the cat, but stumbles into a pile of books, making a mess. Before leaving the house, Hugh tells Heath and Dalian to not fight. He also reminds Dalian about the old man who will visit them to borrow a book about gardening.

Dalian moves a table and a sofa to divide the room. She tells Heath to not enter her territory. Soon after, Dalian notices that she had lost the old man’s book after her recent fall. Heath meows, presenting the book in its mouth. Dalian tries to thank the cat, but the creature loses interest and returns to the sofa. The Biblioprincess falls asleep and sees herself in a white room. There are modern appliances and a window with a view of a well-developed metropolis. Dalian hears a calm voice. A grey-haired cat is on a glass table, speaking to her. Heath explains that Dalian is seeing the memories from its past life. The cat had lived two to three generations in the future. Then, Heath resurrected in Dalian’s era. The cat wants the book she will lend to the old man. The sad animal tells Dalian how the book will indirectly destroy the life in the planet. The book contains knowledge about a plant which will be harvested in excess, resulting in a pandemic. As a living being, Heath wants to follow an instinct and change the future for the better.

Dalian wakes up. She finds Heath curled up on her lap. When Hugh returns, he learns that the old man’s book is ruined. Heath had used it to sharp its claws. Dalian forgives Heath. The Biblioprincess runs a fingernail on the cat’s back. The cat is comfortable, warmed by sunlight.[1]


  • Heterochromia is a common trait in some breeds of cats, dogs, cattle and horses, due to inbreeding.[2]
    • Odd-eyed cat is a cat with one blue eye and one eye either green, yellow, or brown. The condition most commonly affects white-colored cats.[3]
  • As pointed out by Dalian, milk would be inadequate for Heath.[1] Adult cats tend to avoid sweet food and milk. Most are lactose intolerant. The sugar in milk is not easily digested and may cause soft stools or diarrhea.[4]
    • The Biblioprincess also mentions how onions are like poison for cats.[1] In reality, onion causes breakdown of red blood cells in felines and it can be fatal. As the cells break down, the cat has less cells circulating in the body, creating signs of weakness and panting due to the fact that these cells carry oxygen.[5]


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