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Raisu Heiringu


Dried Fish (干物 Himono)

Dried Fish Man (干物男 Himono Otoko)

Bandaged Man (包帯男 Hōtai Otoko)


Chapter 1 (light novel 5);
Chapter 10 (manga)

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Heizer Hayling was a fireman, someone who helps the railroad engineer in operating the train. He used the Timetable to prevent a tragedy, caused by the escaped prisoner Jiryis, that killed many passengers on the Highland Railroad, including Kamilla’s mother. Hayling is present in the Timetable story.


Twelve years before Hugh and Dalian’s era, Hayling was operating a train in the northern part of the kingdom, on the Highland Railroad towards West Highland, when Jiryis, an escaped prisoner who disguised himself as the railroad engineer, hit him in the head with a coal shovel. The murderer destroyed the brake system and the regulating valve of the locomotive and disappeared. Unable to decelerate the train, Hayling left the passengers behind, saving himself from a derailment that killed many, including Kamilla’s mother. The fireman hurt his right leg in the process of jumping off the train. Blaming himself for the tragedy and regretting his decision, Hayling sees an opportunity to correct the past when he laid his hands on the Timetable.[1]

In the manga, Jiryis pushes him off the train into a void where countless arms are seen. The adaptation suggests that Hayling is a former soldier and also reveals that he got the Phantom Book from Rasiel.[2]


Hayling could never forget the tragedy he was involved twelve years ago. He wants to save the people that were aboard the train no matter what. He’s ready to offer his own life to change the past. The fireman regrets leaving the passengers behind.[1]


He’s described as a thin man, past his thirties, wearing a long coat. He has an unnatural posture, supporting himself with a cane due to his injured right foot.[1] In the manga, he also uses a scarf, a black hat and bandages that cover his left eye consumed by the Phantom Book. His nose is covered by freckles. In the past he would wear formal clothes to work, including a dark tie and a cap decorated with a badge depicting a crown.[2]


Coal Shovel

Hayling is attacked by Jiryis.

Hayling hasn't exchanged a word with the engineer who boarded the train. The fireman has to intervene when the engineer begins to destroy the break system of the locomotive. Hayling is hit in the head with a coal shovel. Then, he sees the assailant jumping off the train. Hayling follows soon after, unable to stop the vehicle and prevent the derailment that would kill the passengers.

Twelve years later, he uses the Timetable to board the ghost train at the deserted Granholm Station, going back in time to the night of the tragedy. Hugh and Dalian, interested in the Phantom Book, go after him. Hayling tries to change the past by stopping the train, but he's restrained by a detective that was aboard looking for an escaped prisoner. Although Hayling reveals himself as the fireman responsible for the train, the official still suspects him. Hugh believes in Hayling’s story, but he’s unable to prove his innocence. Dalian addresses Hayling to ask about the Phantom Book, but the item is seized by the detective as evidence.

They eventually learn that the escaped prisoner hid himself in the driver’s compartment. It's too late, however, since the murderer had already destroyed the brake system and the regulating valve of the train. A glimpse of a man falling down a slope is seen outside, indicating that Hayling from the past had just saved himself from the tragedy, leaving the passengers behind. This time, Hayling decides to protect everyone. Hugh follows him to the exterior part of the vehicle. Hayling almost falls off the coal-car, but Hugh pulls him back. They both reach the driver’s compartment, where Hayling hits Hugh in the head with a coal shovel. The fireman decouples the passenger cars from the locomotive, sacrificing himself. Hayling died when the locomotive derailed and exploded after rolling down a cliff.

The emergency brakes of the passenger cars are overheated. Nonetheless, Hayling’s effort was not in vain. The Timetable shows that, in the future, a railway will take freight trains to the top of the mountain. The passengers are safe once the ghost train changes to the new path.

Back to Hugh and Dalian’s era, the Granholm Station was thriving now that the tragedy was prevented. Hugh sees a piece of paper inside a glass case displayed on a wall. The old newspaper had published an article about Heizer Hayling, the man who gave his life to save his passengers. He's smiling in the photo, as if satisfied for having changed his fate.[1]

In the manga adaptation, Hayling is pushed off the train into a void with countless arms. The Timetable goes out of control when it’s touched by the detective. Hayling saves the official by closing the Phantom Book once again. The fireman grabs the Timetable before running to the driver’s compartment. He crawls over the passenger cars, but Hugh blocks his way, pointing his gun at him. Hayling quickly gains his trust. Hayling presents him with the Phantom Book before disconnecting the passenger cars from the locomotive. The men exchange salutes. During Hayling’s last moments, it’s revealed that a little girl gave him the Timetable and the opportunity to change the past. Hugh and Dalian eventually visit the hero’s grave to pay their respects.[2]


  • Hayling is a German word equivalent to fireman or stoker.[3]


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