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Henry Gaveston
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Henrī Gyavisuton


Doctor (博士 Hakase)


Chapter 1 (light novel 8)

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Henry Gaveston was an expeditioner who found the Phantom Book Cemetery and obtained a Book of Royal Power. He is present in the Phantom Book of the King story.


Henry Gaveston was a doctor and researcher of a university and a famous expeditioner. He crossed Africa on foot three times. During one of his expeditions, by chance, he found the Phantom Book Cemetery on top of the Saraharufua Mountain. He concluded that they are ruins of an ancient civilization. There, he saw many Books of Royal Power. However, the porters who were accompanying him rebelled, so Gaveston managed to retrieve only one specimen. Unfortunately, the item was deemed as a fake, so Gaveston had nothing to proof the existence of the Phantom Book Cemetery. His reputation among scientists suffered because of that. Gaveston wrote notes describing the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery. He sold the notebook to Wesley. Gaveston II is Henry’s nephew.

Gaveston tried to find the Phantom Book Cemetery again, but he failed because he hadn’t been chosen by a Book of Royal Power. He was preparing himself for another expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery. The results of his research will be so important that he may be knighted. Goldin was a simple reporter when he participated in one of Gaveston’s expeditions. Goldin learned about the Book of Royal Power and the Phantom Book Cemetery by talking with Gaveston’ assistants. In a quiet night, Goldin stole Gaveston’s Book of Royal Power. Then, inside Gaveston’s university laboratory, Goldin used the magic of the Book of Royal Power to force Gaveston into suicide. Goldin began to prepare his own expedition to find the Phantom Book Cemetery. He told the reporters that he will continue Gaveston’s work.[1]


As a famous expeditioner, Gaveston seemed very busy and focused. He didn’t like Goldin from the start. Gaveston quickly pointed his gun at the reporter, hoping to have his valuable Phantom Book back. Other scientists stopped listening to Gaveston, since he failed to proof the existence of the Phantom Book Cemetery.[1]


He was a strong gentleman of about forty-five years old. Gaveston had a tanned skin and a long, bushy beard, making him look like an Arab.[1]


Gaveston is surprised to see the university so quiet during that night, without students or fellow teachers. The doctor shudders when he notices that the light of his laboratory is on. He opens his travel bag, reaching the pistol inside. He enters cautiously and finds a young man sat in the visitor’s chair. Gaveston remembers the reporter who also participated in an expedition to uncharted regions of Africa. The young man heard interesting things from Gaveston’s assistants. The doctor was preparing for another expedition, so he asks the young man to postpone their conversation. The young man shows a small tablet to Gaveston. The reporter had stolen the item from the doctor. It has an interesting text describing a place known as Phantom Book Cemetery. Gaveston draws his gun. He tells the young man to give the tablet back. The young man reads the Book of Royal Power. Gaveston’s body freezes and refuses to obey. Following the young man’s orders, Gaveston shoots himself. He lets out a cry full of pain.

Hal and Flamberge travel to Africa to spy on Lazarus Goldin. Hal explains that Goldin was a reporter who accompanied Henry Gaveston in an expedition through Africa. Gaveston was a famous expeditioner who found the Phantom Book Cemetery. There, he found many mysterious tablets. However, the porters rebelled, so Gaveston managed to collect only one exemplar. Gaveston’s reputation suffered when the tablet was deemed as fake. Gaveston had nothing to proof the existence of the Phantom Book Cemetery. It’s said that Gaveston was preparing himself for another expedition, when he suddenly committed suicide. Now, Goldin is starting an expedition to continue Gaveston’s work. Hal believes that Goldin obtained a Phantom Book from Gaveston.

Ernie Gaveston introduces herself to Hugh and Dalian as Henry’s niece. Ernie knows that Hugh has her uncle’s notebook. Henry Gaveston wrote notes about the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery and sold them to Wesley. Ernie also knows that Henry took a Book of Royal Power from the Phantom Book Cemetery, but the item was stolen the same night he died. The Book of Royal Power ended up in Goldin’s hands.

Gaveston’s notes are used during Goldin’ expedition along the Nile. Many obstacles are avoided thanks to the notebook. Goldin eventually admits that he made Gaveston kill himself using the stolen Book of Royal Power. Goldin affirms to be the person chosen by the Book of Royal Power and the only worthy to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery. Henry Gaveston found the place by chance once, but he never managed to return.

Later, Ernie knocks Goldin down. It’s revealed that she’s in fact Gaveston II, Henry Gaveston’s nephew. Now that Goldin is powerless, having lost the Book of Royal Power, Gaveston II will have revenge for his uncle's death.[1]




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