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Hobbes is the shopkeeper of a used bookstore. He’s the one who sold the book of the Kasuruhau to Dunstan. Hobbes is present in the Disaster and Temptation story.


Hobbes owns a used bookstore in the capital. When Kempson lost the book of the Kasuruhau, Hobbes was at a meeting of owners of used bookstores. Hobbes drank until morning. Later, Kempson’s maid sold the book to Hobbes. In turn, the latter sold the valuable book to Dunstan for six thousand pounds. The maid also told Hobbes that Kempson tried to cheat on his wife with her. With such information, Hobbes tried to extort Kempson. In response, Kempson sent his subordinates to attack Hobbes and retrieve the book, although the book was already in Dunstan’s hands. Hobbes got to a hospital with moderate injuries. He told the police that he was attacked by a monster. He lied because he didn’t want the police to know about his extortion attempt. The shopkeeper also claimed that the book of the Kasuruhau simply appeared amidst the newly arrived stock of books.[1]


Hobbes is a greedy man. He sells the book of Kasuruhau for a large amount after knowing how it’s valuable to Dunstan. Not satisfied, he also tries to extort money from Kempson.[1]


There’s no description about his appearance.[1]


Dunstan tells Grosseteste about the book of the Kasuruhau. Dunstan bought the book from a used bookstore in the capital for a large amount of money. Grosseteste had confirmed the transaction with the bank.

Later, Grosseteste tells Hugh about the investigation, hoping that the police will finally be able to solve it. The inspector reveals that Kempson was attacked and his stolen book fell into Dunstan’s hands. The latter bought it from a used bookstore in the capital. Hobbes, the shopkeeper, claims that the book appeared amidst the new stock. Hobbes couldn’t be Kempson’s attacker, because the shopkeeper was in a meeting of bookstore owners. Mysteriously, Hobbes was also attacked, even after he had already sold the cursed book. He had to visit a hospital, having suffered moderate injuries.

Grosseteste concludes the investigation after Hugh discovered that the scent of the book of the Kasuruhau makes people infatuated. It’s revealed that Kempson harassed his maid. When she left the house, she took the book of the Kasuruhau with her. She sold it to Hobbes. She also told him about Kempson’s unfaithfulness, so Hobbes tried to use the information to extort money from Kempson. The latter sent his subordinates to retrieve the book and stop the extortion. When that happened, Hobbes had already sold the book to Dunstan. Hobbes lied to the police about being attacked by a monster because he didn’t want them to know about the extortion. It seems like Hobbes was successful in taking some money from Kempson.[1]




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