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Chapter 4 (light novel 3);
Episode 5

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The hostess is a lady who receives important guests at the brothel where Viola Duplessis is usually seen. She briefly appears during The Magician's Daughter story.


She welcomes and entertains wealthy men, celebrities and nobilities. Even royalties disguise themselves to visit the brothel where this lady works. It’s the place where important men enjoy evening social gatherings. The brothel is one of the most prestigious buildings in the Kingdom, found in a quiet residential area.

It became especially popular with the presence of Viola Duplessis. The beautiful courtesan has many houses around town, provided by her admirers. The hostess is the only person who knows her location. She’s a busy person, since the place is very requested.[1]


The hostess has a refined behavior, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to greet the high-class men who frequent her brothel. She has sense of humor.[1]


She seems to be part of the nobility, wearing luxurious clothes.[1] As seen in the anime, the hostess is a plump woman with almost hairless eyebrows, full lips, brown eyes and a long brown hair in a partial ponytail. There’s a small mole on her right cheek. In the adaptation, the woman wears a short-sleeved, long pink dress.[2]


Dalian wishes to question Viola about the reason she requested five specific Phantom Books to her suitors. The hostess greets Dalian, Hugh and Armand with a smile. The latter apologizes for rushing her into meeting them. The woman is the only one who knows the courtesan’s location. Armand tries to be polite and win her favor, but Dalian is impatient. She arrogantly asks to speak with Viola. Armand interrupts her, lowering his head and apologizing. He asks for Hugh’s help to control the girl. The hostess laughs with pleasure, finding the trio very interesting. She gives them a letter with the address. As requested by Viola, it should be delivered to the Black Biblioprincess. The courtesan was expecting her. Before they leave the brothel, the hostess invites Dalian to her social circle, suggesting she may be as beautiful as Viola in a few years. Dalian politely declines the offer. The hostess laughs one last time.[1]In the anime, the hostess only delivers the letter.[2] The exchange is never shown.

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