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Hugh’s father is a character mentioned in the Book of Wisdom II and The Key-Keeper stories.


Hugh’s parents were childhood friends who used to play at the Disward estate. Hugh’s father loved airplanes. He wanted to build and pilot his own airplane. He even created drawings and models. Although the family of Hugh’s mother is much richer than the Disward family, she never cared about reputation. That’s why, when she married Hugh’s father, she was rejected by the failed and envious aristocrats from the Disward family. They sent her to live far from the capital, in Wesley’s house. Hugh’s father stop seeing her. After all, he couldn’t protect her from the intrigues of his mother and other relatives from the Disward family. Around the same time, Hugh’s father was involved in an accident which damaged his eyesight. After that, he stopped reading books and he lost his passion for airplanes. Hugh’s father says “there are things in the world that shouldn’t be known”. It’s a phrase he learned from Wesley. Hugh’s father lives in the capital. He has no contact with his son.[1]

Norman Harris, counselor at the Defense Committee, is indebted to Hugh’s father for his public and private life for a long time. Harris is tasked to develop the W Machine, a meteorological weapon, using forbidden knowledge from the Book of Wisdom. Hugh’s father is against using Phantom Books to protect the country.[2]


He blames himself for failing to protect his wife from the intrigues of the envious Disward family. That’s why he stopped seeing her. As consequence, Hugh doesn’t respect him, although he doesn’t hate him. Hugh’s interest in airplanes was probably influenced by his father. Hugh’s father doesn’t like to visit the Disward estate, since the place brings many memories from the time when he and his wife played together in their childhood. Since his father hates books, Hugh believes that the lineage of bibliomaniacs from the Disward family will end.[1] According to Norman Harris, Hugh’s father is very lonely and would like to see Hugh back to the house at the capital.[2]


The appearance of Hugh’s father is never described in the series.[1]


Book of Wisdom II[]

Hugh meets Norman Harris, an old acquaintance. The latter affirms that he owns a lot to Hugh's father. Later, Harris affirms that Hugh should visit the house at the capital. Hugh’s father will be happy to see his son. Hugh asks how Harris knows that. Harris affirms that Hugh’s father is a very lonely person.

At the end of Book of Wisdom II, the development of the meteorological weapon W Machine is ruined. Harris affirms that Hugh’s father will like to know about the outcome. After all, Hugh’s father is opposed to the use of the precarious forbidden knowledge from Phantom Books to improve the country’s security.[2]

The Key-Keeper[]

Antoinette and Dalian have a brief conversation at the Disward estate. The little girl Antoinette reveals that her mother is a fashion designer. Antoinette's mother has an ordinary job, although she comes from a rich family. That’s why Antoinette's mother doesn’t get along with the envious Disward family. The failed aristocrats sent Antoinette's mother to live in Wesley’s house, away from the capital. Dalian knows that the Diswards are terrible bibliomaniacs. However, Antoinette explains that her father hates books. After her father’s eyesight was damaged in an accident, he stopped reading and showing interest for airplanes.

Later, Dalian enters Wesley’s secret room. Antoinette asks how Dalian knows about the place. Dalian says “there are things in the world that shouldn’t be known”. Dalian asks if Antoinette’s father ever told his daughter about the secret place. Antoinette explains that her father doesn’t visit the Disward estate. Her parents barely see each other. Antoinette’s father stays away, blaming himself for not protecting his wife from the intrigues of the Disward family. Antoinette affirms that her father changed. She doesn’t hate him, but she also doesn’t respect him. Antoinette’s father doesn’t like the Disward estate, since the place brings many memories from his childhood, when he used to play with his future wife. Antoinette’s father wanted to build his own airplane and fly into the sky. Antoinette loved to examine his drawings and models. Antoinette is certain that the good days will never return. Dalian asks about Antoinette’s siblings. Antoinette affirms that she has no brothers or sisters, unless her father had an affair.

Antoinette wants to know the truth about Dalian. The latter had said “there are things in the world that shouldn’t be known”, a phrase Antoinette’s father took from Wesley. Soon after, it’s revealed that Antoinette is Hugh dressed like a girl, while Dalian is in fact the Dead Book in disguise.[1]

Turn-Up Book (anime-only)[]

When Hugh is reading the Book of Fairy, a flashback shows a photograph of little Hugh and his parents. Then, a scene of Hugh’s father leaving the house is shown.[3]




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