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Hugh’s mother is a character mentioned a couple of times throughout the series. She finally appears in The Key-Keeper story.


Hugh’s mother is Davi Hillenbrand’s older sister.[1] As a child, she lived in America, where she learned how to throw a lasso. She was born in the family of a rich merchant. Her family runs a large, successful company. Hugh’s parents were childhood friends who used to play at the Disward estate. Although her family is much richer than the Disward family, she never cared about reputation. That’s why, when she married Hugh’s father, she was rejected by the failed aristocrats from the Disward family. They sent her to live far from the capital, in Wesley’s house. She lived there for a long time and discovered all secret passages. She had a few servants at her disposal, including Natalia, Hugh’s nanny. Hugh’s father stop seeing her. After all, he blamed himself for not protecting Hugh’s mother from the intrigues of Hugh’s grandmother and other relatives from the Disward family.

As a hobby, she was a fashion designer. Newspapers and magazines published about her works from time to time. She loved dresses with all sorts of ruffles and frills. She used children like Kamilla and Hugh as models for her dresses. Kamilla admired her and tried to imitate her mannerisms. Kamilla referred to her as aunt. When reporters came to see her works, Hugh was forced to pretend to be a girl named Antoinette.[2] Hugh’s mother fell sick and died six years before the main events of Book of Oblivion.[1]


Hugh’s mother was not arrogant nor condescending. She had a strong personality, so Hugh never opposed her. According to Hugh, she was scary when angered, although she would never hurt or punish him. The servants were used to her unusual decisions. She always got agitated when the reporters wanted to photograph her dresses. Although she’s from a rich family, she never cared about reputation. That’s why she didn’t get along with the relatives of Hugh’s father. She was cheerful and kind, characteristics which influenced Kamilla’s personality.[2] Hugh’s mother used to tease her brother and make him cry.[1]


In The Key-Keeper, she was already over thirty years old, although she looked much younger due to her childish smile and laugh. She was a beautiful, large-breasted blonde woman.[2]


Book of Oblivion[]

Hugh visits his uncle Davi. Hugh mentions that the last time they met was six years ago, at the funeral of Hugh’s mother. Yolanda learned from Hugh's mother that he has vast knowledge about books. Later, Hugh tells Dalian that his mother used to tease Davi and make him cry.[1]

Disaster and Temptation[]

Natalia worked as Hugh’s nanny when his mother was still alive. She still visits the Disward estate to check on him. Natalia worries about Hugh. According to her, Hugh never watches his health. She wonders what his mother would say if she saw him now.[3]

The Key-Keeper[]

The little girl Antoinette finds a wounded black-haired girl named Dalian. Antoinette’s mother appears soon after. The blonde woman grabs her daughter by the collar. As always, Antoinette is unable to run away from her mother. The woman speaks menacingly, but Antoinette knows that she's only pretending. The blonde woman asks about Dalian. Antoinette’s mother grabs Dalian in her arms, examining the little girl. Dalian tries to fight her. The woman tucks Dalian under her arm. The woman plans to feed Dalian. Antoinette tells Dalian that it’s better to accept her fate.

Singing a cheerful tune, the woman returns to the Disward estate, carrying Dalian and followed by Antoinette. At the guest room, the blonde woman tells the servants to prepare something hot for Dalian. The latter should also have a bath and clean clothes. The woman believes that Antoinette’s clothes will suit Dalian. The housekeeper reminds Antoinette’s mother that the reporters will come in the evening. The busy blonde woman tells Antoinette to entertain Dalian. Antoinette’s mother leaves the guest room, followed by the servants.

Antoinette reveals that her mother is a fashion designer. The blonde woman always seems busy when reporters come to photograph her dresses. She has an ordinary job, although she comes from a rich family. That’s why she doesn’t get along with the envious Disward family.

After the table is served for Dalian, it’s revealed that Antoinette’s mother plans to use Dalian as a model for her dresses since other children couldn’t come. Antoinette apologizes for her mother. Antoinette affirms that Dalian won’t be able to run away. Antoinette’s mother is scary when angry. She lived in America, so she knows how to throw a lasso.

Inside Wesley’s secret room, Dalian keeps asking questions about Antoinette’s family. Antoinette reveals that her parents barely see each other. Antoinette’s father stays away, blaming himself for not protecting his wife from the intrigues of the Disward family. Antoinette’s mother lives in the Disward estate with a few servants, including Natalia.

Kamilla interrupts their conversation. She’s a little girl who clearly imitates the mannerisms of Antoinette’s mother. Kamilla affirms that Antoinette should be with her mother to be photographed. Kamilla didn’t want to come at first, so Antoinette had to replace her as a model. Antoinette angrily removes her clothes, revealing herself as Hugh.

It’s revealed that Dalian is in fact the Dead Book, a witch who is looking for the key to the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Hugh is threatened by the Dead Book, but he’s saved by the real Dalian. After the confrontation, Hugh wakes up at the guest room. Kamilla tells Hugh to get up or his mother will get angry.[2]

Turn-Up Book (anime-only)[]

When Hugh is reading the Book of Fairy, a flashback shows a photograph of little Hugh and his parents. Soon after, an adolescent Hugh is shown at the deathbed of his mother.[4]




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