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Heru no Sanka




Chapter 3 (light novel 7)


It freezes its target.


Hugh Anthony Disward


Inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf

Hymn of Hel is a Phantom Book used by Hugh to freeze the gigantic plant released by the Pioneer Book. The Phantom Book is present in The Girls’ Long Night story.

It’s an old book written on faded parchment.[1]


The Phantom Book is sealed inside the Labyrinth Library. The Hymn of Hel is a myth from the lost Edda[1], a collection of Old Norse anonymous poems. It's an important source about Norse mythology.[2] Hel is a legendary being in Norse mythology who is said to preside over a realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead.[3]


The Phantom Book uses the power of the Queen of the Underworld, who governs the ice kingdom of Niflheim, to freeze the target. The temperature is below minus 70 degrees Celsius. The surroundings are enveloped in white fog. The victim becomes fragile, shattering into tiny pieces from the slightest stimulus, including a gust of wind. People nearby may be affected with frostbite. The Hymn of Hel is effective to stop the dangerous plant released by the Pioneer Book.[1]


Dalian and Jessica are surrounded by the vines of the dangerous, gigantic plant released by the Pioneer Book. Hugh finds them. He removes a Phantom Book from the Labyrinth Library. A white fog envelopes the town as he reads it. Later, Jessica wakes up, sneezing loudly. She's cold, steam bursting from her mouth. The entire town is white, as if winter had arrived. The huge plant covering the town is frozen. Its vines became fragile, shattering into small pieces from the slightest touch. Dalian explains that Hugh used the Hymn of Hel, a Phantom Book that invokes the power of a legendary being that rules the realm of the dead, where there’s eternal cold. There’s no plant, even from another dimensional, that can survive temperatures below 70 degrees Celsius. Jessica is intimidated by the power of the Phantom Books. Hugh tells her that the people swallowed by the plant got off with only a frostbite.[1]


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