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Fragment 1 (light novel 4)

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Hypnotized Man is a troublesome character who puts himself into a state of trance by reading the Book of Hypnosis. He’s part of the Book of Hypnosis fragment.


He’s the owner of the Book of Hypnosis. He goes to a bar every night, where he reads the Phantom Book, putting himself into a state of trance. While hypnotized, the man believes he can control other customers. He tries to pick their purses sometimes.[1]


He’s a bothersome middle-aged man who frequently goes to a bar, annoying everyone. He believes that he has the power to hypnotize people by reading a Phantom Book. The violent man tries to explore the supposed power by making people kill for him. Then, the middle-aged man tries to pick the other customer’s purses. He laughs loudly, satisfied with the situation inside his mind.[1]


The brute-faced, middle-aged man wears dirty clothes and has a rude atmosphere. There's dried blood in one of his fingers, as if he had just punched someone.[1]


The middle-aged man is sat at the counter of a bar. He drinks his liquor. He notices a young man at his side reading a rare book. The middle-aged man asks if Hugh knows about Phantom Books. There seems to be a Phantom Book that contains knowledge about powerful hypnotism. The middle-aged man reveals an old book, laughing. Before Hugh can draw his weapon, the man finishes the spell. Hugh drops his revolver, hypnotized. The man is surprised. He didn’t expect Hugh to be armed. He gives the gun back to Hugh. The man points to the bartender and orders Hugh to kill him.

The middle-aged man is annoyed by the screams from the other four customers. He orders Hugh to murder them. The middle-aged man seems pleased after the shooting, laughing out loud and clapping his hands. Finally, he tells Hugh to kill himself in the count of three. Now only the middle-aged man remaine in the blood-bathed pub. He’s very happy with his Phantom Book. Before leaving, he decides to pick everyone’s purses.

However, it’s revealed that everything happened only inside the man’s head. The bartender sighs, looking at the drunken middle-aged man. The latter visits the bar every night with his old book, annoying everyone with his loud laugh. He even tries to steal the possessions of others. Everyone around is watching the middle-aged man with a bothered expression. According to Hugh, the middle-aged man seems to be having a nice dream after reading the Phantom Book which put its reader into trance.[1]




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