Ilas Alcock
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Airasu Orukokku


Faceless Ghost (無貌の亡霊 Mubo no Bōrei)

Faceless Phantom (フェイスレス·ファントム Feisuresu Fantomu)

Second Lieutenant (少尉 Shōi)

Captain (大尉 Taii or 大尉殿 Taii-dono)


Chapter 5 (light novel 2);
Episode 11

Voice actor

Shō Hayami



Ilas Alcock was a Second Lieutenant and Hugh’s superior during the Great War. Later, he became known as the Faceless Ghost, a significant enemy of the Allies in aerial combat. His poetry collection turned into a Phantom Egg, attracting the attention of Rasiel and the Professor. He is present in The Mystic Archives of Rasiel story.


As seen in the anime, it was normal for children to be forced into mines in Ilas’ hometown. He spent part of his childhood crawling through narrow shafts, under fragile ceilings, into stuffy mountains. One winter he found an article about the first successful flight, feat achieved by the Wright brothers. Although he couldn’t read, his intuition told him what the text was describing. He used a dictionary to fully understand the report.[1]

Ilas was a Second Lieutenant during the Great War, fighting for the Allies. Influenced by the strong emotions caused by the battles, the poetry book where he writes became a Phantom Egg, granting him the power to read his enemies’ mind and heart. He was recognized as a flying ace, setting a record of the highest number of shootdowns in his base. Hugh eventually received the compilation of poems from his superior.

During a vacation, the officer returned to his hometown and died when the place was attacked by a railway gun of the Central Powers.[2] In the anime, the catastrophe happened in Paris and it’s revealed that his beloved also became a fatality.[1] However, since Rasiel and the Professor were interested in Ilas’ aptitude to nurture a Phantom Egg, they resurrected him using a Phantom Book.

He started his new life as a Captain of the Central Powers, with no memories from when he served in the opposite faction. Showing formidable skills, Ilas assumed the status of a legend, being called “Faceless Ghost”, feared by his foes and respected by the few colleagues who knew his identity as an ace.[2] The anime uses a giant, humanoid ghost with no face to represent his power.[1] He pilots a gray Fokker Dr.I, a triplane of unique design that ensures excellent aerodynamic lift and manoeuvrability. Rasiel and the Professor, the latter disguised as a barkeeper of a military air base, monitor Ilas as he writes a second poetry book, a potential Phantom Book for The Mystic Archives of Rasiel.[2]


Ilas (light novel)

Ilas (left), as seen in the light novel.

Ilas sees himself as an airplane pilot, not a man made for war. He has no interest in counting the number of enemies he killed, although, after resurrected, the imminent end of the war makes him upset, since the battles allow him to fly and the emotions of his targets inspire him to write poetry. During a dogfight, the pilot smiles and recites poems. As an aviation enthusiast, Ilas knows a lot about airplanes. His skills made him a living legend, the only hope for his colleagues during a desperate situation. He believes that writing is a kind of ritual that puts him into a state where he can hear the voice of the enemy’s heart. Ilas is fearless, since he can predict the movements of his foes. The easygoing Second Lieutenant ignored Hugh’s arrogant behavior during their first meeting, soon becoming a dear acquaintance to the rookie. Ilas consumes alcohol and, in the anime, is shown smoking a pipe.[1][2]


He’s a man with lonely eyes and similar build and hairstyle to Hugh.[2] In the adaptation, he first appears wearing a blue Second Lieutenant uniform, including a cap with the badge of the Royal Naval Air Service. Inside the Fokker Dr.I, he uses dark gloves and aviator’s hat, goggles and jacket. After resurrected, he appears in the uniform a German officer would use, with the Pour le Mérite displayed around his neck. Ilas has short, spiky blonde hair and blue eyes that sometimes look purple.[1]


Episode 11 intro (2)

Ilas greets Hugh.

The Second Lieutenant is informed about the simulated fight between Lieutenant Charing and a rookie. He didn’t expect the new recruit to overwhelm his superior. After landing, Ilas tries to start a conversation with Hugh, but the newcomer answers with arrogance, saying he would beat his score in three months. However, Ilas has no interest in the number of kills, seeing himself as an airplane pilot rather than a man made for war. He walks to the dormitory holding a compilation of poems, leaving a stunned Hugh behind.

Faceless Phantom (2)

The Faceless Ghost attacks the Allies.

The Faceless Ghost recites poems while chasing an Allied plane. Inside a Fokker Dr.I, he can hear the desperate voice of his enemy. After shooting him down, he notices a black Camel F.1 attacking his colleagues. The rival pilot is familiar and seems to know Ilas. They engage in a dogfight where the latter has the upper hand, using his power to predict the opponent’s movements. When Hugh is about to be defeated, he for some reason releases the control stick, making the airplane unexpectedly turn to the right and avoid the bullets.

A barkeeper of a military base informs Ilas about the situation of the war. The aviator wants to keep fighting in order to hear the broken hearts of his enemies and have a reason to fly. Before returning to the barracks, he feels the presence of a girl outside. Later, inside his room, a drunk Ilas feels that he should be piloting for the Allies. His intuition tells that the man inside the Camel can explain such thought. The familiar girl who was watching him earlier shows up. For a moment, Ilas sees himself in the middle of a destroyed town. Rasiel explains that the power to read other people’s mind is granted by his poetry collection, a Phantom Egg. Ilas must use the war as inspiration for his writings to create a Phantom Book for The Mystic Archives of Rasiel. He can tell that she isn’t lying. Rasiel wonders if he shared his poems with someone.

Ilas' final (2)

Hugh shoots Ilas down.

A few days later, Ilas woke up to an alarm announcing that the base was under attack. After changing into his uniform, he leaves the barracks, walking swiftly towards the hangar, avoiding the enemies’ shells. He’s curious to know if the madness from his colleagues were nurturing the Phantom Egg. Although the mechanics expect him to counterattack immediately, Ilas waits inside the Fokker. If he had taken off immediately, his plane would be hit by a bomb. The pilot overwhelms the Allies, changing the balance of the battle at the same time that he recites his poems. The man in the Camel appears to oppose him. Hugh reveals that Ilas died when a railway gun destroyed his hometown. The incredulous ghost pilot has the advantage, even when the rival reads his mind using a Phantom Egg, the first poetry collection which Ilas wrote as an Ally. The Camel dives, getting dangerously close to the base, chased by the Fokker. Ilas is ready to press the trigger and end the battle, when his triplane is hit by friendly fire from an anti-aircraft gun. Nevertheless, he doesn’t give up. Hugh, at a higher altitude, shoots him down.

Ilas' final (1)

Ilas' last moments.

The Faceless Ghost drags himself out of his ruined aircraft. He promises to win next time, but Rasiel and the Professor will not give him a second chance. Ilas failed in bringing forth a new Phantom Book. Desperate, he tries to reach the little girl, but power leaves his body, which dries and crumples into a corpse appearance. The pilot accepts that he once died as an Ally and that he was being used to develop a Phantom Egg. The Professor removes a bookmark from between the pages of a Phantom Book, making the legendary ace and his poetry collection disappear.

Hugh burns Ilas’ first compilation of poems. A mechanic congratulates him for defeating the Faceless Ghost and beating the former record of the highest number of shootdowns. However, Hugh has no interest in battle anymore. After the war, there were no official records left about the ghost pilot and his gray triplane.[2]

In the anime, Ilas tells Hugh about his ability to read people’s mind when they first meet. They become friends from that moment on. It’s also revealed that Hugh released the control stick of his airplane to reach for his golden key. He avoided Ilas’ shots by luck because the Camel tends to turn to the right. As a Captain of the Central Powers, Ilas is shown to revere Rasiel and her library. A flashback develops his childhood, when he worked in the mines and found the inspiring article about the first successful flight. A scene also presents Hugh and Ilas playing basketball one-on-one while testing each other with questions about aviation. His eyes turned red for a moment during his last dogfight. In the adaptation, he’s never hit by friendly fire, nor his body rots before he disappears. Hugh accidentally burns the photo of the two of them along with the first compilation of poems.[1]

  • Hugh and Ilas play basketball.
  • Hugh and Ilas have a friendly conversation.
  • Ilas kisses Rasiel's hand.
  • Ilas' crimson eyes.
  • The photo of Hugh and Ilas.

Trivia Edit

  • Ilas pilots a grey Fokker Dr.I.[2] The triplane, used by the German Empire during the World War I, is famous as the aircraft in which Manfred von Richthofen gained his last victories and in which he was killed. It was designed in 1917, as response to superiority of the Sopwith Triplane used by the Allies. The first products were defective due to poor construction and lack of waterproofing that allowed moisture to damage the wing structure.[3]
    • As described in the light novel, the model is equipped with three vertical wings. The Fokker had good maneuverability and rate of climb. Its agility outweighs the Camel's speed and visibility.[2][4]
  • In the anime, Ilas was awarded with the Pour le Mérite, an honour conferred as recognition of extraordinary achievement. Recipients were required to wear it. By early 1917, a fighter pilot was required to destroy 16 enemy airplanes to receive the award.[5]
  • Ilas is possibly based on Manfred von Richthofen, a fighter pilot of the German Air Force during World War I. Also known as the Red Baron, he is considered the ace-of-aces of the war, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories.
    • Both were notable aces who achieved top scores and were awarded with the Pour le Mérite.
    • Richthofen earned his nickname in January 1917, when he started flying on red-painted airplanes. The Faceless Ghost is recognized for his grey triplane.
    • German propaganda circulated the rumor that the British was offering an automatic Victoria Cross to any Allied pilot who shot Richthofen down. In the anime, Hugh appears with the award after defeating Ilas.
    • They piloted a Fokker Dr.I in dogfights, including their last, when they made the bad judgement of flying too low, taking an unnecessary risk, perhaps while suffering target fixation.
    • The Red Baron was pursuing a Sopwith Camel until he was fatally shot. Hugh used a Camel to defeat Ilas.
    • It's generally agreed that the bullet which killed Richthofen was fired from the ground. Many sources have suggested that an enemy anti-aircraft gunner was responsible for his death.[1][2][6]
  • Shō Hayami worked in the anime Aura Battler Dunbine voicing Burne Bannings, another pilot who is the former superior of a protagonist until he changed sides and became a rival.[7] He voices other pilots in Aldnoah.Zero, Hades Project Zeorymer, Macross and Gundam.[8]


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