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Iris Throstur Datel Orlik

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Īrisu Surosutourudeitoru Orurikku




Chapter 2 (light novel 6)

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Iris Throstur Datel Orlik was the fragile daughter of architect Throstur Orlik. Erna was born from the relationship between Iris and Kessler. Iris is part of the Book of Coffin story.


Iris, the daughter of architect Throstur Orlik, always suffered from a debilitated health state. More than twenty years before the main events of Book of Coffin, Iris was in a relationship with Kessler, Throstur’s apprentice. However, the architect didn’t accept their marriage, so the couple ran away. Unbeknownst to Kessler, Iris got pregnant. She left Kessler, because she knew that the delivery would be too much for her own body. Erna grew up as an orphan. The architect never learned about his granddaughter. Iris’ death would make Throstur hate Erna. Later, Erna read about her mother by reading her diary.

Iris returned to her father after Erna's birth. Throstur used the knowledge from the Book of the King's Coffin to preserve Iris’ body inside an icy sarcophagus, in a self-sustained house. That way, when science develops enough, Iris can be resurrected.[1]


Iris didn’t want to get inside the sarcophagus, but she respected her father’s wishes. She loved Kessler, so she left him when she learned about her pregnancy, since the delivery would be too much for her own debilitated body. Iris’ soul wanders around Throstur’s house, warning visitors to leave the dangerous place.[1]


Iris is in her late teens, between seventeen and eighteen years old, looking too young to be called a woman. Before entering the sarcophagus, her naked body was covered from the neck down with narrow strips of white fabric, wet with some kind of medicine. She’s depicted as a beautiful, thin woman with short, light hair. Erna looks like her mother.[1]


Iris lays inside the sarcophagus, in a room with many complex mechanisms. Her body is covered with white fabric, as if she’s a mummy. She tries to convince her father to stop, looking at him sadly. However, Throstur would never accept her death. He operates a machine, which places the lid of the sarcophagus into place. Iris extends her arm, trying to touch something dear to her.

Years later, Hugh and Dalian search for Throstur’s house. They are after the Book of the King's Coffin. They meet Magnuson, Erna, Shura and Kessler, who also enter the house to explore. Kessler, an investor who bought the house, affirms that Throstur moved to the house after his daughter’s death, to live in peace and quiet. The place looks like a crypt.

The group splits into two. Hugh, Dalian and Shura find what appears to be the room of Throstur’s daughter. Hugh examines the dark bedroom. He hears an unfamiliar voice behind him. He turns his head, but finds no one. He looks at a mirror and notices someone behind him. Hugh spins around and sees a young woman covered in bandages. He doesn’t feel threatened by her. She tells him to leave the house. The woman disappears.

The visitors reunite at the house’s library. Erna stares at a photo of Throstur’s family. Magnuson reveals that Erna grew up as an orphan. She doesn’t know her father. Her mother died after the delivery. When Shura finds the Book of the King's Coffin, a giant made of steam attacks the visitors. The creature rumbles about protecting Iris. Hugh and the others run to the adjacent room, where they find someone inside an icy sarcophagus. Kessler recognizes Iris.

Magnuson deduces that the giant and the house are made to protect the person inside the coffin. Kessler explains that he and Iris were a couple more than twenty years ago. They ran away because Throstur didn’t accept their marriage. However, Iris left Kessler and returned to her father due to her weak body. She knew that she wouldn’t live long. Magnuson affirms that, although the place was built to preserve her body, she can't be resurrected. Magnuson decides to destroy the coffin in order to stop the threat poised by the haunted house.

Hugh prepares to use a Phantom Book from the Labyrinth Library to destroy the coffin, but Kessler places a piece of glass against Dalian’s throat. If there’s a slight chance of Iris resurrecting, he will let the house kill everyone, including himself. Erna tells him to stop. She reveals to be Kessler and Iris’ daughter. Erna read about it in Iris’ diary. Iris knew that she wouldn’t survive the delivery. That’s why she left Kessler. She gave birth to Erna, who grew up as an orphan. Throstur didn’t know about Erna. He would hate Erna if he knew how Iris’ body suffered with the pregnancy. Erna places a bunch of dynamite over the coffin, as if placing a bouquet of flowers. In the light of the explosion, the soul of Iris appears for an instant. She smiles and vanishes.

Erna leaves with Magnuson to continue her geology fieldwork. She tells Kessler that they will meet again. Erna wants to know more about her mother.[1]




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