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Chapter 3 (light novel 7)

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Eve Coen, Lynn Ambrose, Sandra, Beth and Vinny are Jessica’s schoolmates. They appear in The Girls’ Long Night story.


They study at the Cadfael School. As most students there, they come from prestigious families. One month before the main events of The Girls’ Long Night, Eve climbed to the podium during a swimming competition. She’s from the first class of the secondary education. Lynn, Sandra, Beth and Vinny are Jessica’s classmates. They are from the fifth grade. Sandra and Beth are from the equestrian club, while Lynn is from the cricket club.[1]


Eve is admired and trusted by schoolmates and teachers. She’s a mature girl that has excellent grades. She practices swimming. She receives love letters from other girls, although she politely refuses their feelings. Jessica’s classmates love Dalian’s doll-like appearance. They don’t hesitate to touch and squeeze the Biblioprincess.[1]


Eve is a tall seventeen-years-old girl. She wears her favorite nightdress during the main events of The Girls’ Long Night. Dalian rudely points out how small Sandra’s bust is. Lynn is a tanned short-haired girl.[1]


Eve is a mature student from Cadfael School. She’s respected and admired by her schoolmates and teachers. She is resting and having sweet dreams. However, around midnight, something terrible happens. She jumps out of the bed, feeling uncomfortable. Her nightdress is soaked, and there’s a wet spot on her bed sheet. Eve is almost crying. For her despair, her roommate wakes up. The latter loves to chat and gossip. Eve tells her not to turn on the lights, but it’s too late. The roommate stares at Eve, noticing the wet fabrics. Eve screams, telling her not to look.

Jessica and Dalian

Lynn, Sandra, Beth and Vinny find Jessica and Dalian in the library.

Jessica finds Dalian in the library. Soon after, four girls approach them. They weren’t expecting to see Jessica in the library. Jessica’s classmates stare at Dalian. The four can’t contain their enthusiasm. They love Dalian’s hair, skin and doll-like appearance. They touch and squeeze the Biblioprincess, who hates interaction with strangers, especially contact. Jessica tries to stop her schoolmates. Jessica explains that Dalian is Miss Roedean’s acquaintance. The girls wonder if Dalian is the principal’s illegitimate daughter. Their exchange attracts the attention of other students. Dalian manages to break out from their grip, but she runs into a book cart. The librarian tells everyone to be silent. Jessica’s classmates walk away, pretending to be innocent.

One of Dalian’s Phantom Books disappears. Jessica and Dalian go after the four girls to search for it. They must find the Pioneer Book as soon as possible, or a tragedy will occur. First, they find Sandra and Beth at the stable used by the equestrian club. They were cleaning the stalls. Jessica screams their names and surprises them. Sandra refers to Dalian as little one. In turn, Dalian refers to Sandra as chopping board due to her small bust. Beth bursts out laughing. Sandra gives her an angry look. The Biblioprincess asks about the book. Beth points to the bags hanging on a hook. Sandra and Beth watch in shock as Jessica pours the contents of the bags onto the floor. They had only common books with them. One of the horses bites Jessica’s hair. Dalian and Jessica leave the stable. Sandra and Beth wave goodbye, perplexed.

The door to the cricket club swings open from Dalian’s powerful kick. The Biblioprincess loudly calls for a girl called Lynn Ambrose in the locker room. Lynn responds, noticing Jessica’s slobbery hair right away. Lynn shows her locker. Jessica, having no time to explain, immediately removes Lynn’s belongings from the locker, including her underwear. Lynn and her clubmates are perplexed. Lynn explains that she has no book. Jessica and Dalian run to the exit. Furious, Lynn hits Jessica’s head with a cricket ball.

Dalian and Jessica were about to see Vinny at the dormitory, but they learn that the Pioneer Book was taken by Morgridge. Later that night, Jessica used the Collection of Visions to open small portals inside her schoolmates’ rooms. Then, she used the Atargatis Scripture to throw water at them. That way, the girls would wake up, and the lights from their rooms would form a message for Hugh, telling him about Jessica and Dalian’s location. Jessica’s plan was successful, although it caused a confusion in the school. The girls believed that they had wet themselves. They would become the laughing stock of the school. One of the girls even tried to jump from the roof. Fortunately, her friends held her.[1]




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