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Chapter 3 (light novel 6)

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John McGuigan is a former fighter instructor. He is Hugh’s acquaintance and Lecia’s adoptive father. He’s part of the Book of Humanization story.


Sea creature

Lecia, a sea devil adopted by McGuigan.

John McGuigan grew up in a tiny village on Latham Archipelago (レイサム群島 Reisamu Guntō). He became an army instructor who taught Hugh and other fighter pilots how to fly and shoot for the Great War. When McGuigan's father died, he resigned. He returned to his home and noticed many corpses of sea devils on the beach. He found Lecia, the only survivor, embraced by her dead mother. He adopted the little girl, acting as if she’s a niece who had lost her parents. McGuigan eventually obtained a copy of the Book of Humanization and gave it to Lecia, so she can live disguised as a human.

The local sea devils died because Smythe, Vernon, Bentley, Haycroft and McGuigan’s father accepted the military’s money in exchange for allowing them to bury metal tanks of poison gas on the island. One night, the tanks leaked chemical weapons into the water. The sea devils, who used to visit the island every few years to have children, were decimated. After the payment, fifteen years before the main events of Book of Humanization, the five men turned the island into a resort, contributing towards the development of a place where before there were only fishermen, although not every local managed to keep up with the changes. Rumors say that the five men became rich by stealing the sea devils’ treasure.

Years later, McGuigan learned that Smythe and the others were about to accept another payment from the military so that they can dispose chemical weapons on the island once again. McGuigan doesn’t want history to repeat itself, so he decides to stop the partners of his late father. Bentley, who went fishing with his friends on his personal yacht, is killed by McGuigan when no one was looking. McGuigan used a powerful anti-tank rifle to shoot his target, about two kilometers away, from his room facing the sea. A huge hole was opened in Bentley’s stomach, making the locals believe that the man was attacked by the vengeful sea devils, monsters rumored to live among the underwater rocks scattered around the island. The fact that ships drift slowly along well-defined routes to avoid the rocks makes the aiming easier. Smythe was killed with a headshot in the same fashion. McGuigan sent a telegram to Hugh so that Lecia can be taken care of in case something happens with McGuigan while he tries to kill the other men. McGuigan heard about Wesley adopting a bibliomaniac girl.

McGuigan owns a vast territory in the northwest part of the Latham Archipelago. The islands occupy an area less than half the size of the capital. The largest island is surrounded by uninhabited rocky islands.[1] One of those islands is the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. The Latham Archipelago is located southwest of the kingdom.[2] The beautiful main island has beaches of white sand, high white cliffs rising above the sea and summer houses built amidst lush greenery along the coast. The place is a resort which gained tremendous popularity over the past ten years. A ship takes only one hour from the capital to reach it.[1]

Development didn't reach the entire island. There are still poor neighborhoods in the Latham Archipelago. When the place became a resort, demand for fish disappeared, so many fishermen lost their jobs. Some were forced to work under Haycroft, pleasing the tourists. Some started consuming Paradise Pieces to live in the past. Dean tried to get the sea devils' treasure to buy his own ship, but found only a cave filled with poison gas. The cave was walled up by the military.[2]

McGuigan’s father bought a military fort on the Latham Archipelago, active from the twelfth to the thirteenth century, and turned into his home. McGuigan lives there, in a huge castle surrounded by a fortress. It stands on the edge of a high cliff projecting into the sea. Below it there’s a natural cave leading to the sea, used as Lecia’s room and as a hangar for a seaplane. McGuigan drives a brand-new Rolls-Royce and hangs many revolvers and rifles on the walls of his room, like trophies of his military career. His office has books about navigation and machinery.[1]


Publicly, McGuigan affirms that he doesn’t believe in the existence of sea devils. However, he sees them as kind creatures. He cares for Lecia’s well-being and happiness. Seeing her going away to live in the sea makes him sad. He doesn’t want Lecia living her entire live alone and hidden as an undesirable monster. McGuigan acts as if Lecia is his niece. He feels bad for the tragedy that has befallen the sea devils, to the point of killing to stop history from repeat itself. However, after his targets are dead, he’s ready to surrender himself. It was a big blow for McGuigan to learn that the deaths were caused by the military he served for many years, and by his own father.

He admits that he doesn’t know how to handle children. He resigned from the army after his father’s death, maintaining a narrow circle of contacts. As a former soldier, he’s a practical man who doesn’t like to depend on others, so he has few servants. He has the habit of lubricating his collection of guns every night. As the son of one of the men who developed the local economy, McGuigan is a sort of celebrity. The inhabitants and policemen of the island consult with him when something is wrong. He’s a skillful shooter and airplane pilot. [1]


He’s a fit, broad-shouldered, black-haired, tan-skinned, middle-aged man. His mustache and beard give him a stern look, while the shine of his eyes reveal him as a kind and intellectual man. He’s forty years old.[1]


It was evening when McGuigan landed his plane on a sandy beach. At the shore, he sees the bodies of the sea devils. No one answers to the calls of the despaired man. He hears a quiet cry. He runs to a small creature embraced by its dead mother.

Several years passed. As soon as they step on the island, Hugh and Dalian saw policemen carrying the headless body of Mr. Smythe out of his ship. It’s rumored that the man was killed by sea devils. McGuigan shows up amidst the crowd, calling for Hugh. The middle-aged man was Hugh’s flight instructor during the Great War. McGuigan had sent a telegram, requesting Hugh’s presence, without explaining the reason. McGuigan drives Hugh and Dalian to his castle in his Rolls-Royce. McGuigan affirms that he doesn’t believe in sea devils. McGuigan explains that he sent a telegram because he needs something from Dalian, the bibliomaniac girl adopted by Wesley. At his study, McGuigan introduces a little girl to the couple. According to McGuigan, he adopted his niece Lecia after her parents died. Lecia loves books, so McGuigan hopes that she will make friends with Dalian.

Lecia spends some time with Dalian. Lecia’s joy makes McGuigan satisfied. He reveals that he grew up in a tiny village on the island. Years ago, there were only fishermen around. However, his late father and other rich men turned the place into a popular resort. Not all locals managed to keep up with the changes. An old butler interrupts the conversation to inform that policemen wish to see McGuigan. The latter was a local celebrity, so the authorities want to ask him about Smythe’s death. McGuigan excuses himself from the study. Hugh examines the books owned by McGuigan. There are many manuals about navigation and machinery. Hugh reaches for an old book which catches his attention, but Lecia grabs it first and runs away.

Later, McGuigan reveals that another rich man of the archipelago was killed a few days ago. Bentley went fishing with his friend but, when no one was looking, a huge hole was opened in his stomach. It happened in the same region where the sea devils supposedly live. Hugh drives McGuigan’s car close to the port to investigate. He finds Lucrece, who heard about the island’s rumors. It’s said that Smythe, Bentley, Vernon, Haycroft and McGuigan’s father were five rich men who drove the local development. Apparently, they became rich after killing the sea devils and stealing their treasure. It seems like the creatures used to attack the ships in the region to take their valuables. Perhaps the sea devils were after revenge. McGuigan may be the next victim. Lecia worries about him. Suddenly, a lifeboat reaches the beach. There’s only a sailor aboard, his clothes stained with blood. According to a fisherman, Mr. Vernon was trying to escape the island, but his ship sunk.

Hugh returns to the castle. McGuigan takes him to his room. The walls are covered with guns, trophies of his military career. McGuigan looks tired. The islanders, panicked due to the deaths, have been consulting with him in the morning. McGuigan reveals that something bad may befall him. That’s why he sent for Hugh and Dalian. The couple should take care of Lecia if something bad happens. An explosion interrupts their conversation. The fortress collapses. Men hired by Haycroft are attacking the castle. McGuigan asks Hugh to run away with Lecia. McGuigan picks up a large rifle, prepared to fight.

The attackers kidnap Lecia. After the confrontation, Hugh and Dalian return to the castle, accompanied by Lucrece. McGuigan aims at them, mistaking them for enemies, but he soon lowers the gun. McGuigan has a wound on his shoulder. According to McGuigan, Haycroft wants to publicly announce that Smythe and the others were killed by sea devils. It’s revealed that Lecia is a sea devil who was using the Book of Humanization to live among humans. However, the Phantom Book was destroyed during the attack. Hugh and the others follow McGuigan to a natural cave connecting to the sea under the castle. It serves as Lecia’s room.

McGuigan explains that, fifteen years ago, his own father partnered with other four men to make business with the military. They allowed the military to bury tanks containing chemical weapons on the island. The payment contributed for the island’s development. However, the tanks eventually leaked poison gas into the water, killing the kind sea devils who used to visit the island to make children every few years. On that occasion, Lecia was the only survivor.

Hugh surprisingly asks why McGuigan had killed Smythe and the others. The young man deduced that after seeing McGuigan’s anti-tank rifle. McGuigan is a great shooter and his room faces the sea, so he was able to kill from a long distance. The ships drift slowly along well-defined routes because of the rocks around the island, making them an easy target. McGuigan’s silence is a sign of guilty. McGuigan affirms that he won't let history repeat itself. He runs to rescue Lecia, closing a heavy wooden door behind him. Hugh and the others won't be able to stop him. McGuigan flies off in his seaplane, the same vehicle that had been used to sink Vernon’s ship.

When Hugh, Dalian and Lucrece reached Haycroft’s house, McGuigan had already destroyed the place. His plane is in ruins in the yard. Inside the house, Hugh and Dalian find McGuigan bleeding on the floor. Haycroft uses Lecia as hostage. It’s revealed that McGuigan was trying to prevent Haycroft and the others from working with the military once again. More chemical weapons will be buried in the island. Hugh threatens to publish documents about the last deal. Lucrece will make sure that the proof reaches a friend journalist in Jutland. Hugh and Dalian are surrounded by veteran soldiers. Haycroft shoots McGuigan’s foot, forcing Hugh to forget about going public. They hear high-frequency sounds. Lucrece and other sea devils storm the room and restrain Haycroft and his men.

At the beach, McGuigan bids farewell to Lecia. He entrusts Lucrece with the little girl. Lecia's Book of Humanization had been destroyed during the attack to McGuigan's castle, so the little girl can't live as a human anymore. He wouldn’t like to see Lecia living inside a cave her whole life, hidden from people. Lucrece tells him to blame the sea devils for the deaths, but McGuigan is decided to surrender himself and reveal the truth. McGuigan asks why the sea devils are not seeking revenge against humans. Lucrece explains that the sea devils are only sharing the humans’ fate. One day, humans will also be killed, by their own weapons. Lecia and Lucrece swim away. McGuigan returns to the town.[1]


  • Since McGuigan's car is a brand-new Rolls-Royce with a six-cylinder engine[1], it might as well be the Silver Ghost model, produced between 1906 and 1926.[3]
  • McGuigan uses an anti-tank rifle with a 13 mm cartridge.[1] The Mauser 13 mm anti-tank rifle is the first rifle designed for the sole purpose of destroying armored targets, and the only anti-tank rifle to see service in World War I, being used by the German Empire.[4]
  • England's Isles of Scilly may be the real-life counterpart of the Latham Archipelago. It's also located southwest of the kingdom and its economy is highly dependent on tourism.[5] McGuigan's castle may be a reference to the Ennor Castle, the only medieval castle on the Isles of Scilly. The earliest reference to castle is in a deed of 1244.[6]


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