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John Wilkes Booth’s Diary
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John Wilkes Booth


Episode 12


It transforms into a handgun.





The real title of this Phantom Book was never revealed in the series. It’s an anime-only Phantom Book used by the Professor to shoot Hugh. It’s present in the Song of the Unseen Tomorrow story.

It’s a brown diary which can be closed with a string. The cover has beige winged-themed symbols.[1]


The Professor has the personal diary of a fugitive who escaped after assassinating a president of the New World. According to the Professor, it’s a Phantom Book that even Dalian and Hugh don’t know.[1]


At the reader’s will, the Phantom Book gives off a golden light and turns into a handgun made of wood and golden metallic parts. Its shot can seriously injury a target. It can return to its original diary form after use.[1]


Hugh and Dalian find the printing shop where newspapers with text from the Book of Atonement are being produced. The Professor shows up and invites them for tea. He has a diary in his hands. Suddenly, the diary gives off a golden light. The diary turns into a handgun. He shoots Hugh’s abdomen. According to the Professor, the Phantom Book is a diary written by a man who killed a president of the New World. The Phantom Book returns to its original form. The Professor doesn’t want Dalian sealing more Phantom Books inside the Labyrinth Library. He points the handgun once again, this time threatening Dalian. The Professor is about to pull the trigger. However, Hugh uses his own revolver to shoot at the Professor’s hand. The Phantom Book flies away.[1]


  • The John Wilkes Booth's Diary and the Crastinus Dies Nunquam Sciat are the only Phantom Books exclusive to the anime adaptation.[1]
  • Four sitting presidents of the United States have been killed.[2] The Professor refers to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Stage actor John Wilkes Booth killed him in 1865.[3]
    • The gun used in the assassination was a .44-caliber, single-shot pistol made by Henry Deringer of Philadelphia. Because of their small size and easy availability, Deringers sometimes had the dubious reputation of being a favored tool of assassins. The hardware was commonly made of a copper-nickel alloy and the stock of walnut.[4]
    • Booth was killed more than 80 miles away from the crime scene, twelve days after the assassination. His diary was found in his pockets. He wrote during the escape.[5]


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