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Judy Gainer
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Judi Geinā


Glasses (眼鏡 Megane)


Chapter 2 (light novel 8)

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Judy Gainer is a schoolgirl who, like Dalian, was looking forward to complete a book collection. She appears in The Last Book story.


A company created a popular advertisement campaign, where their tin box of cookies came with a cute pocket-sized book inside, wrapped in wax paper. There are eight volumes to collect. As many others, Judy started to look for all the books. The schoolgirl eventually found all volumes, except for the fourth one. [1]


Like Dalian, the schoolgirl became obsessed with finishing a collection of books. She’s shy, but determined.[1]


Judy is a girl of sixteen or seventeen years old. She wears a school uniform and large glasses. She ties her auburn hair into two pigtails. The schoolgirl carries her books inside a large bag.[1]


Early in the morning, Judy lays on the sidewalk. Her uniform is dirty, her glasses tilted, her hair disheveled. It seems like she was beaten and trampled on. She weakly raises her head to examine her bag. She has seven books with colorful covers. She’s relieved, because there’s only one left. She gets up and disappears into the mist.

Accompanied by Hugh, Dalian is looking for boxes of cookies. After all, inside the boxes, one can find a pocket-sized book. It’s part of a popular advertisement campaign. Dalian gets the last box of a shop run by an old woman. The Biblioprincess hurries to the exit and almost collides with a schoolgirl. The schoolgirl looks at the box of cookies that Dalian is hugging. The schoolgirl runs to the old woman and yells in disappointment, learning that the product is out of stock. Dalian looks satisfied.

The next morning, Dalian goes to a shop by herself, wishing to buy more boxes. She’s only missing the first volume. At the shop, she’s pushed and trampled by the crowd. The product quickly sells out. Dalian sees a girl falling to her knees in frustration. She’s the same schoolgirl from the day before. Like Dalian, the schoolgirl is collecting the books, and she’s only missing one volume. On the floor, Dalian finds a homemade map showing where the boxes are sold, drawn by Judy Gainer. The Biblioprincess hides the map into her bosom. The schoolgirl asks her to return the map, but Dalian refuses. Judy follows her to the shop at the station.

The shop formed a line to distribute coupons for the clients. With the coupons, people have the opportunity to buy the boxes, without any trouble. Judy follows Dalian to the end of the line. The schoolgirl wants the map back. She slips her hand into Dalian’s bosom. The girls fall, rolling along the road. The line became larger while they were away. After a couple minutes, the distribution of coupons ends. The girls lost their opportunity to get a coupon. The girls fight, but they soon stop, deciding to join forces. They check the map to find another shop.

The girls reach another shop. They struggle among the crowd. They manage to get a coupon each. Judy freezes after reading the coupon. She realizes that the coupon has a lottery number, not a waiting number. Dalian and Judy get unlucky numbers. They lose the lottery. After a long day, the girls feel exhausted. They never got a single box. Judy laughs mournfully. She suddenly sees a shop with lots of familiar boxes inside. The girls run inside to buy the product. They finally grab a box each. The shopkeeper tells the girls that they will be allowed to buy more only if they ate all the cookies. The girls return to the street. Dalian and Judy get the wrong book. Judy imitates Dalian, eating the twenty-four cookies inside the box. They return to the shop to buy one more box.

After some time, Judy probably ate more than three hundred cookies. Yet, they still haven't obtained the last book. The schoolgirl can’t eat anymore. Hugh finds Dalian. He wonders if Judy is also a collector. She opens her bag to show the books. Dalian is shocked to see that Judy has the first volume. Dalian thought that the schoolgirl was looking for the first volume the whole time. It was a clear misunderstanding. Dalian has two copies of the fourth volume. Hugh affirms that Dalian will share one exemplar with Judy. The latter gives the first volume to Dalian. After all, Judy has three more of them.[1]




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