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Kairos’ Dynastic History
Dalian Final
Dalian holding the Kairos’ Dynastic History.

Original Name


Romanized Name

Kairosu no Dandaishi




Chapter 4 (light novel 7)


It moves people along and out of the flow of time.


Dead Book;


In Dalian’s possession

Kairos’ Dynastic History is a Phantom Book which became the true form of a bibliomaniac witch. She used her Phantom Book powers to go back in time in search of the key to the Labyrinth Library. Dalian also used a copy of the Phantom Book to chase after the witch ten years into the past. The Phantom Book is present in The Key-Keeper story.

It’s a scary old book with a black leather cover, rusty clasps and a fading binding, so damaged that it’s about to collapse. It’s written in an unknown language.[1]


The witch loved books so much that she got carried away by forbidden knowledge and became a Phantom Book, specifically the Kairos’ Dynastic History. She used the powers of the Phantom Book to go ten years into the past in search of the key to the Labyrinth Library. Dalian also has an exemplar of the Kairos’ Dynastic History.[1]

Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment. Kairos is also an alternate spelling of the minor Greek deity Caerus, the god of luck and opportunity.[2]


The Phantom Book allows the reader to get out of the flow of time to control it. The reader can remove people from the flow of time. For those affected, everything else looks completely still. The user’s movement while using the Kairos’ Dynastic History may seem instantaneous for other people. The Phantom Book can be used to go back to the past, to slow down a bullet, to freeze a target or to increase the duration of someone’s pain as a method of torture, without allowing the victim to lose consciousness or sanity. The Phantom Book will lose its power to manipulate time if there's another exemplar active.

For humans, time perception isn’t always the same. Happy moments fly by, while boring ones seem to last forever. Time also seems to go back, causing the feeling of déjà vu. The Kairos’ Dynastic History can be used to manipulate time and rewrite reality, based on the reader’s time perception. It can accelerate time inside the reader’s mind and, as consequence, slow down time for everyone else. Since its powers are based on subjective experience of time, humans can’t withstand long jumps in time. For instance, Dalian went ten years into the past, although she couldn’t take Hugh with her.[1]


The witch used the Kairos’ Dynastic History to go ten years into the past. Using Dalian’s appearance, she searches for Hugh in order to obtain the key to the Labyrinth Library and become the new Biblioprincess. She finds Wesley’s house. The servants serve her some food. Hugh was dressed like a girl. When Hugh reveals himself in Wesley’s basement, an unusual book appears in the witch’s hands. She uses the Phantom Book to remove Hugh and herself from the flow of time. Everything else seems frozen, the world becomes strangely silent. Kamilla stops like a statue, her voice is interrupted unnaturally, as if a gramophone had been broken. The witch walks slowly towards Hugh while flipping through the pages. She explains that, thanks to the Kairos’ Dynastic History, only them are alive in this world of still time. It will be useless to call for help. The witch wants the key to the Labyrinth Library from Hugh.

The boy runs upstairs, where he sees servants frozen in unnatural poses, without touching their feet on the floor. There’s no wind, nor movements from the nature outside. Hugh deduces that the witch can't affect him if he’s out of sight. However, he’s mistaken. She magically appears in front of him after manipulating time. Blood trickles down her face. She uses Wesley’s revolver to shoot at him. The spinning bullet slowly approaches his head. The boy is unable to move or look away. The projectile will pierce his skull only after a few hours. However, the witch threatens to prolong the period of fear and pain forever, without allowing him to lose consciousness or sanity. Blood pours from the cracks of her skin. Hugh laughs, realizing that she’s in a hurry because she’s not the reader chosen by the Phantom Book. She was hurting herself while using the Kairos’ Dynastic History.

The flow of time is back on track. The real Dalian pushes Hugh aside, saving him. She had traveled back in time to follow the witch. There’s some sugar on her lips. The Biblioprincess reveals that the impostor is a bibliomaniac who became a living Phantom Book which imitates people. The witch turns the page of the Kairos’ Dynastic History and reads a paragraph, planning to manipulate time once again. However, nothing happens. Dalian pulls out an exemplar of the Kairos’ Dynastic History from under her arm. The Phantom Books neutralize each other. The witch still feels like she has the upper hand. After all, a human can't survive a ten-year time travel. Dalian has no key-keeper to open the Labyrinth Library. The witch threatens Dalian with the revolver. A bullet scratches Hugh’s cheek. The Biblioprincess grants the boy access to the Labyrinth Library.

Inside the Labyrinth Library, little Hugh finds a book with black leather cover and rusty clasps. It looks like the witch. The girl in white reveals that the witch will sleep in that world until a worthy reader is found. When Hugh wakes up, he finds himself on the sofa of the guest room. He’s dressed like a girl once again. There’s no scratch on his cheek. The plates served for the witch are gone. Kamilla has no memories about Dalian and the impostor. Dalian had used her command over time provided by the Kairos’ Dynastic History to rewrite history. Natalia shows up, informing that the fried breads had disappeared. Hugh deduces that Dalian didn’t move the fried breads along the flow of time. She would never leave the fried breads uneaten. Dalian’s exemplar of the Kairos’ Dynastic History was probably sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


  • When the Kairos' Dynastic History is used, sound stops as if a gramophone had been broken.[1] Gramophone is a device for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound, invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison.[3]
  • Time perception is a field of study within psychology, cognitive linguistics and neuroscience that refers to the subjective experience, or sense, of time, which is measured by someone's own perception of the duration of the indefinite and unfolding of events. It's suggested that one's temporal perception would slow down when experiencing the feeling of awe, excitement or fear. In general, animals of smaller size, which have a fast metabolic rate, experience time more slowly than animals of larger size, which have a slow metabolic rate.[4]


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