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Kamilla Sauer Keynes
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Kamira Zauā Keinzu


KK or K2 (ケイ・ツー Kei Tsū)

Unmarried Old Woman (嫁き遅れ Ikiokure)

Blonde (金髪 Kinpatsu)


Chapter 3 (light novel 1);
Chapter 2 (manga);
Episode 3

Voice actor

Mamiko Noto



Kamilla Sauer Keynes, also known as KK, is Hugh’s childhood friend and Leon’s younger half-sister. She frequently visits the Disward estate.


Kamilla is from a wealth family who runs many companies. She’s the only daughter of a successful merchant, the richest man in town, the head of a large company, and a friend of the Disward family. Wesley was a frequent client of his. Consequently, Kamilla often visited Wesley’s house.[1] She’s Hugh’s childhood friend. Hugh and Kamilla used to explore the mansion, so they learned the location of all secret entrances.[2] As a child, Kamilla admired Hugh’s mother and tried to imitate her mannerisms. Both Kamilla and Hugh used to be chosen as models for the dresses designed by the woman.[3] Kamilla suspects that Wesley was the owner of the mysterious Dantalian’s Bookshelf. She knows a little bit about Phantom Books.

Kamilla eventually went to America, since her father had to work there. Western culture clearly influenced her style and behavior. She returned to Britain after the end of the Great War.[1] After she learned that Hugh returned from the war, she started to visit the Disward estate once again.[2]

Leon is her half-brother, five years older than her. He was born before his father married Kamilla’s mother. As an illegitimate son, Leon has family issues, so he tends to keep his distance from relatives.[4]

Kamilla's Mother

A portrait of Kamilla's mother, as shown in the manga.

Kamilla’s parents used to quarrel a lot. Twelve years before the main events of Timetable, after one of the quarrels, Kamilla and her mother took a train at the capital, bound to the West Highland. Kamilla was seven or eight years old, and she didn’t know Hugh at the time. Kamilla and her mother would live at the villa of Kamilla’s aunt. Unfortunately, the train was sabotaged by escaped prisoner Gloucester Jiryis. The vehicle derailed, and Kamilla’s mother died in the tragedy.[2] In the manga, Kamilla’s right arm was scarred.[5] However, the storyline was changed when Heizer Hayling, Hugh and Dalian prevented the derailment by using the Timetable. In the new reality, Kamilla’s mother is alive, although she still quarrels with her husband.[2]

Kamilla opened a private school. She volunteers to teach the children from poor families who wish to get higher education. Mildred, who always competes with Kamilla, also opened her own private school.

Kamilla prefers to live in a summer house at the capital, a nice little building with a small but beautiful garden. A large river flows nearby, visible from the glassed-in veranda, part of a tea room. Mildred lives opposite to Kamilla’s summer house, at the other side of the river.[1] Kamilla also lives in one of her family’s villas, which also serves as the busy local office of her father’s company. She has many servants at her disposal.[6]

In Dalian Days, Kamilla is a nurse at the Road Windal Academy.[7]


Kamilla likes to tease Hugh and Dalian. She’s a simple-minded woman, spontaneous, gentle and easily excited.[1][8] Her cheerful attitude is influenced by Hugh’s mother, who Kamilla admires.[3] Kamilla frequently gives a thumbs-up signal. She’s an enthusiast of American culture. Hugh and Dalian see Kamilla as a strange woman. She’s proud of being a teacher and helping poor children to receive a proper education. Everything she does bothers her rival Mildred. Kamilla refers to Wesley as her grandfather.[1]

Kamilla loves her brother Leon, although he barely visits her due to family issues.[4] Kamilla often embarrasses her servants due to her immature behavior, inappropriate for a lady.[6] She’s always worrying her father and his employees due to her energetic attitude. She often visits the Disward estate, entering without knocking.[2] Although Dalian is rude to her, Kamilla likes to present her with sweets and see her smile. Kamilla can be manipulative, as she uses Dalian's inability to resist sweets as a way to take advantage of her.[6] Kamilla was an extroverted and brave child with a taste for detective novels.[2] Dalian affirms that Kamilla's only quality is her taste for souvenirs. Kamilla is hopeless in the kitchen.[9]


Kamilla is nineteen years old. She’s short, although higher than Dalian by a head. She’s a pretty woman with a pretty face, shiny blonde hair, slightly curled, reaching her shoulders, and an impressive smile, innocent like a child’s. Her eccentric fashion is clearly influenced by American culture. She wears a snow-white blouse and a lace-up corset over it. She uses a red tie, a black felt hat and high boots with laces along the entire length.[1] She’s seen holding a parasol sometimes.[6] Her unadorned skirt is held in place by a thick leather belt which contains a gun holster.[1]

As a seven or eight-years-old child, she’s described as a pretty girl with an expensive light green dress, wearing leather shoes. Her thick golden hair was combed into two long braids with laces at the end.[2] A couple of years later, she wears a beautiful dress with a floral pattern.[3]

In the manga, Kamilla has green eyes. She also has a more discreet attire which includes a dark skirt reaching her knees, with a lace at the back, and a short coat.[5] In the anime, Kamilla has greenish-blue eyes. Her main attire is a sky blue Chanel suit and a cloche hat of the same color, which includes a white ribbon.[10] Kamilla also has a blush-colored version of this attire. She ties a fringe of her hair to the side. In Book of Equivalence, she wears a typical gentleman suit, including white gloves, a red bow tie, a black top hat and fake blond mustache.[11] As a child, she appears wearing a sky blue dress, with a white lace behind her back.[12] In Dalian Days, Kamilla wears a doctor's white coat over her Western clothing.[7]


Book of Wisdom[]

Camilla stops the fight

Kamilla interrupts Hugh and Dalian's fight.

Dalian is angry because Hugh refuses to buy a large quantity of books for her. Kamilla interrupts the couple’s quarrel at the bookstore. She offers a loan, as if to tease Hugh. He’s surprised to see Kamilla, his childhood friend. They haven’t seen each other in a long time. Hugh never sent her a message after returning from the war. The shy Dalian hides behind Hugh. She rudely asks about Kamilla. Dalian trembles with anger when Kamilla mistakes Dalian for Hugh’s daughter. However, Kamilla is just joking. She knows that Hugh is taking care of Wesley’s adoptive daughter. Kamilla invites the couple for some tea. Dalian looks at Kamilla with displeasure. Dalian is convinced to go when Kamilla shows her a small bundle with pastries.

Kamilla brings them to her summer house. She used to visit the Disward estate, since Wesley was a frequent client of her father. Everything changed when her father had to move to America. She spent some time in the New World. Dalian now understands why Kamilla looks so strange. Kamilla examines her own clothes, failing to notice anything unusual. Kamilla explains that she was at the bookstore to find some textbooks for her students. Kamilla had opened a private school, volunteering to teach children from poor families.

Tea at Camilla's

Kamilla invites Hugh and Dalian for some tea.

Kamilla asks if Hugh found the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. As a child, Hugh was always looking for it. Kamilla suspects that Wesley was the owner of the mysterious library. Hugh feigns confusion. Kamilla asks if there’s a book which gives wisdom to the reader. After all, Mildred, Kamilla’s rival, apparently got a Phantom Book which gives absolute wisdom to the students. However, Mildred is in trouble. She started to behave strangely. She locked herself in her house. Apparently, she can't handle her wise students. Dalian reveals that Kamilla is probably referring to the Book of Wisdom.

Hugh and Dalian go to Mildred’s house. Mildred was hoping to raise above Kamilla. That’s why Mildred gave the Book of Wisdom to the children. However, now the wise children can't be controlled. Hugh meet the wise children, who easily hand over the Book of Wisdom. Dalian is ready to return to Kamilla’s house. After all, Dalian had not tasted the wheat cakes yet.[1]

In the anime, Kamilla accompanies Hugh and Dalian to Mildred’s house. Kamilla is shocked to hear Mildred referring to her students as monsters. Kamilla touches Mildred’s shoulder to console her. After retrieving the Book of Wisdom from the wise children, Hugh leaves Mildred’s house with Dalian and Kamilla. Dalian reminds Kamilla about the sweets she promised. Hugh offers the Book of Wisdom to Kamilla. She refuses it, having realized that less talented children are cuter. Kamilla suggests a dinner, but Dalian is decided to eat some pastries.[10]

Queen of the Night[]

Hugh finds Dalian watering The Queen of the Night, a giant cactus with an unusual flower which is about to bloom. Dalian knows that Kamilla passed by. According to Hugh, Kamilla had traveled with her father on business. She visited the Disward estate to give them some Swiss chocolate. Dalian tells Hugh to prepare the tea immediately.

Some robbers invade the Disward estate looking for The Queen of the Night, without knowing that such title is given to a giant carnivorous cactus. The robbers hurt Hugh while searching the mansion. The robbers eventually are eaten alive by the plant.[13]

In the anime, Hugh and Dalian tell Kamilla about the incident. Dalian wants Kamilla out of the mansion. Dalian changes her mind when Kamilla shows a box of butter biscuits. Hugh lies by saying that the robbers gave up and ran away after finding nothing valuable. Hugh affirms that he also hurt the robbers. Dalian affirms that the robbers deserved their fate, having hurt an item she likes. Hugh thinks Dalian is referring to a book, but Kamilla knows that Dalian is referring to Hugh.[10]

Book of Equivalence[]

Camilla Dalian

Dalian shows no enthusiasm for Kamilla's visit.

Kamilla leaves the coach, opens the parasol and runs to the front door of the Disward estate. The servant shakes her head, disapproving her behavior. Kamilla jerks the bell and, without waiting for an answer, opens the door. She waves her hand to Hugh, who is surprised to see his childhood friend. She pouts her lips, noticing that he’s not as excited as her. Kamilla came to visit Dalian this time. She presses a large bag to her chest, hiding the contents. Kamilla finds Dalian reading on the couch, surrounded by books. Annoyed, Dalian is rude to Kamilla.

Kamilla has brought a gift for Dalian. Kamilla removes some Berliners from her bag. She watches Dalian eating the pastries, satisfied. Kamilla remembers that she has something else for Dalian. Kamilla fumbles in her bag but she stops when she notices the book in Dalian’s lap. Kamilla examines the old catalogue of an auction mainly dedicated to teddy bears. Dalian points to the teddy bear she likes the most. Kamilla laughs when Dalian seems embarrassed. Kamilla knows that such teddy bears are quite rare and expensive. But she knows the collector who bought the teddy bear Dalian wants. Kamilla thinks for a moment. She requests an object from Hugh. He reluctantly gives her a small paper clip. Kamilla runs out of the mansion, leaving the puzzled Hugh and Dalian behind.

Hugh and Dalian go to bookstore. The old shopkeeper had a Phantom Book to give to the couple, but he accidentally sold it to someone else, a blonde girl in Western clothes. Hugh and Dalian are certain that the old man is referring to Kamilla. The latter probably thought about giving the Phantom Book to Dalian, but she changed her mind at the last moment. Hugh and Dalian leave the bookstore to find Kamilla and prevent a tragedy. After all, Kamilla may lose her life while using the Book of Equivalence.

Hugh and Dalian visit Kamilla’s house. A servant reveals that Kamilla indeed returned to the mansion, but she quickly left once again. Dalian notices a paper clip holding the servant’s documents together. It’s the same paper clip Hugh gave to Kamilla. The servant reveals that he traded the paper clip for his pocket watch. Kamilla probably went to the city to make the next trade. Hugh and Dalian try to track her. They learn that she traded the pocket watch for a fountain pen, a fountain pen for a cart of oranges and a cart of oranges for a crystal figurine.

Hugh and Dalian return to the Disward estate, failing to find her. Dalian doesn’t admit, but she’s clearly worried about Kamilla. The latter suddenly appears, walking through the garden. She was sleeping in the garden while waiting for the couple. Kamilla gives a teddy bear to Dalian, the same one that the Biblioprincess saw in the auction catalogue. It’s revealed that Kamilla was experimenting with the Book of Equivalence, but eventually she got bored and went straight to Mr. Fieron’s house. He explained the principles of doing business to her. Then, he traded his teddy bear for the Book of Equivalence. Dalian stares at Kamilla in amazement. Hugh is happy to see Kamilla safe and sound. After using the Book of Equivalence the whole day, Kamilla finally obtained what she desired. Kamilla is satisfied to see Dalian happily hugging the teddy bear. Kamilla will always remember the innocent image of Dalian smiling.[6]

Meeting Fielo

Kamilla negotiates with Mr. Fieron.

The House-Elf's Rough Time[]

After working day after day organizing the books at the Disward estate, the house-elf tries to find a less demanding owner. Kamilla becomes one of the owners. She opens the Book of the House-Elf and asks the house-elf to clean and tidy her room, otherwise the housekeeper will complain once again. The house-elf finishes his work but, on the evening of the next day, the room was filled with dirt and destruction. Kamilla had invited the neighbor’s children to play. The house-elf worked until dawn to clean everything. Then, Kamilla brought some stray dogs to play, and the place became a mess once again. Later, Kamilla herself had fun and took her father’s motorcycle to turn the room upside down. The house-elf spent days and nights cleaning and tidying, until he got extremely tired. He finally asks permission to find another owner. Kamilla looks at him in disappointment. She proposes a goodbye party. She will invite as many people and animals as possible. She asks him to clean everything one last time after that.[14]

In the manga, Kamilla doesn't interact with the Book of the House-Elf. Instead, she and Dalian go to the capital. When they return to the Disward estate, Kamilla gives some chocolates to Hugh.[15]


Kamilla pulls Hugh’s covers, waking him up with her loud voice. He’s surprised to see his childhood friend. Kamilla easily entered the Disward mansion unannounced through a secret entrance. Hugh and Kamilla used to explore the mansion together in the past. Dalian, still sleepy, expresses her displeasure to see Kamilla so soon in morning. Dalian wonders if Kamilla came to eat their breakfast. However, Kamilla has brought breakfast to everyone. She’s also carrying a travel bag. She plans to go together to the capital, then to the station where, as rumors say, a ghost train appeared.

Dalian suggests that the ghost train is in fact Kamilla’s ghost, who runs along the tracks looking for a husband. Kamilla dismisses her offense, affirming that she’s a beauty desired by all men. Kamilla reveals that the ghost train is a vehicle that derailed twelve years ago. She had already bought tickets to take Hugh and Dalian with her. Kamilla is decided to solve the ghost train mystery. However, three maids suddenly appear to catch her. Kamilla was worrying her servants and her father. Kamilla laughs and playfully shows her tongue. She gives up and returns to her house, escorted by the maids. Nonetheless, Dalian becomes interested in the ghost train.

Hugh and Dalian decide to investigate the deserted Granholm Station. That night, Hugh reveals that Kamilla’s father wants to protect his daughter from railways as much as possible. After all, Kamilla’s mother died in a train crash. The couple hears the ghost train approaching. A man with a Phantom Book boards the train. Hugh and Dalian jump to the back of the last carriage. When the door suddenly opens, the couple tumbles into the carriage. They see a little girl with golden hair. She asks who they are. Hugh notices that she’s a brave little girl. She wonders if it’s fun to hang outside the train like Hugh and Dalian. The Biblioprincess is in a bad mood. She refers to the child as a small thing. The blonde girl laughs, noticing that Dalian is also short. The little girl stands on tiptoes to look taller than Dalian. The little girl introduces herself as KK. She gives only her initials, since her mother told her to never introduce herself to strangers.

KK reveals that she and her mother boarded the train last night, at the capital. They will reach West Highland tomorrow morning. KK’s parents quarreled again, so now KK is going to live at her aunt’s villa for a while with her mother. KK slept during the day, so now she doesn’t want to sleep, and she’s bored. She hopes to see something exciting, like a murder. KK is ready for an investigation. In fact, KK heard that a criminal may be hidden in the train. There’s a detective looking for Gloucester Jiryis, an escaped prisoner who boarded the train at the capital. Hugh wonders if KK is telling the truth. She and the train don’t look like ghosts. KK’s eyes flash with excitement when Hugh mentions the ghost train. The train suddenly jerks, making the girls roll together against the wall. They hear someone screaming. KK runs, followed by Hugh and Dalian.

They see the detective restraining the man who boarded the train holding a Phantom Book. The latter had tried to stop the train. He’s Heizer Hayling, a railroad engineer who is trying to prevent a derailment. KK confirms that Heizer, Hugh and Dalian boarded the train at the Granholm Station, not at the capital. Now that the detective is restraining Hayling, KK decides to find Jiryis herself. At first, KK’s words are ignored, but she convinces everyone to look into the locomotive. If the criminal is not among the passengers, he may be disguised as the fireman or as an engineer. Hugh admires KK. The little girl quotes from detective novels. After listening to KK, the conductor carelessly uses a speaking tube to confirm the engineer’s identity. KK turns pale.

Now that his disguised is useless, Jiryis accelerates the train, planning to derail the vehicle. KK looks out the window, noticing that the train is going faster. The vehicle is destined to derail. Hugh follows Hayling to the exterior. Hayling sacrifices himself to detach the locomotive from the carriages. He had used the Timetable to travel to the past and prevent the derailment. Dalian and KK climb the carriage to follow Hugh. KK is sad to know about Hayling’s fate. KK notices that the train is still accelerating. Nonetheless, she remains calm. She sticks her thumb up, happy to be part of such exciting adventure. She compares herself to cowboys from the Wild West.

KK doesn’t want to waste Hayling’s sacrifice. She wonders how they can stop the train. Hugh uses the Timetable to place the train on a railway from the future. The train slows down as it climbs up the slope. KK falls when the train shakes. Hugh offers his hand. KK accepts his help and happily introduces herself as Kamilla Sauer Keynes. She decides to return to her compartment to see her mother. Kamilla asks if they will meet again. Dalian confirms that they will. Kamilla waves at them. Hugh and Dalian return to their correct place in time.

KK Identity

KK reveals her name.

A young woman shakes Hugh awake. Kamilla tells Hugh and Dalian to wake up. Kamilla gives the thumb sign. They were at the busy Granholm Station. Reality clearly changed after Hayling, Hugh and Dalian interfered with the past. Kamilla and her mother are going to her aunt’s villa. She asks if Hugh and Dalian want to join them. Hugh is confused. After all, Kamilla’s mother died twelve years ago. Kamilla confirms that her mother is alive and well. Kamilla’s parents quarreled again, so they decided to live separately. However, Kamilla’s mother indeed was involved in an accident twelve years ago. Hugh and Dalian realize that the fate of Kamilla’s mother has changed. Kamilla tries to remember a certain night when she met an interesting couple.[2]

In the manga, Kamilla has a portrait of her mother hidden at the fireplace. Kamilla boards a train, recalling the tragedy that took her mother's life. After the reality is changed, Kamilla cries when she sees her mother alive.[5]

The Template Book[]

Kamilla usually bursts into the Disward estate uninvited, but this time, she sent a car and a servant. Hugh and Dalian are not taken to the usual house by the river where Kamilla lives, but to a dilapidated estate. It’s revealed that Hugh and Dalian were not summoned by Kamilla, but by Leon. He’s Kamilla’s older half-brother. Although his relatives despise him, Leon is loved by Kamilla. Dalian finds the siblings equally irritating. Leon finds Dalian funny. Now he understands why Kamilla likes Dalian. Leon wants Hugh and Dalian’s help. Kamilla has told Leon that the couple knows a lot about Phantom Books. Leon is trying to protect Alunda. The owner of the Template Book is threatening Leon and Alunda. If Leon wasn’t in such dangerous situation, he would let Hugh massage Kamilla’s breasts as a reward. Dalian admires Leon’s kindness and notices how he resembles Kamilla.[4]

Disaster and Temptation[]

Natalia worked as Hugh’s nanny during his childhood, but she still shows up to check on him. She notices that Hugh looks sick. Natalia worries about him. She wants to see Hugh married. She even suggests a marriage with Kamilla. Hugh dismisses her comment.

Grosseteste visits the Disward estate to ask for Hugh’s help. The inspector gives an old book to Hugh. The book, said to be written by aliens, is causing a lot of trouble. Even Dalian suspects that the book is cursed. After checking the book, Dalian becomes unnaturally kind. She even prepares a soup to heal Hugh, although it’s an inedible concoction.

Dalian and Camila

Kamilla is infatuated with Dalian.

Sick in his bedroom, Hugh takes the volume in his hands to investigate while Dalian is asleep. Suddenly, footsteps are heard. The door swings open with a powerful push. Kamilla came to check on Hugh. Natalia told her that he got a cold and that he is deliriously calling Kamilla’s name. Natalia was clearly playing with Hugh’s feelings. She didn’t take into account that Kamilla is too loud to stay next to a sick person. Kamilla wonders if Hugh has found another Phantom Book. She grabs the book from Hugh’s hands. Although Hugh warns her about the possible dangers, Kamilla is curious to examine the volume. She sniffs the pages, noticing a pleasant smell. Dalian wakes up due to Kamilla’s noise.

Dalian brushes her long black hair away from her face. For no reason at all, Kamilla touches Dalian’s fingers. Kamilla blushes and blinks strangely several times. Kamilla touches Dalian’s hair. Kamilla also admires Dalian’s eyes, voice and smell. Dalian tries to back away, but she’s held by Kamilla. The latter presses her nose against Dalian’s neck. Hugh drags Kamilla away from Dalian. Kamilla wonders if Hugh is jealous. Kamilla now focuses on Hugh. She puts her arms around him and moves her lips towards his neck. Hugh never saw Kamilla acting like that. Dalian grabs a spoon and presses it against Kamilla’s lips. Kamilla is forced to eat the disgusting soup prepared by Dalian. Kamilla shakes, grimaces and coughs. She’s back to her senses. Hugh finally concludes that the book releases an aphrodisiac scent that makes people infatuated.[8]

The Key-Keeper[]

Antoinette follows Dalian into Wesley’s basement. Dalian is after the key to the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. A loud little girl rushes into the basement. Kamilla seems to have the same age as Antoinette. The latter removes her wig, revealing herself as Hugh. Kamilla informs that his mother is looking for him. Kamilla knows that Hugh doesn’t like to be photographed, but he looks very cute dressed as a girl. Hugh’s mother used to make her son and Kamilla the models for the dresses she designs. Kamilla clearly admires Hugh’s mother, imitating her gestures and manner of speech. Kamilla brought Hugh’s clothes. After all, Hugh’s mother arranged another model. He changes into boy’s clothes.

Dalian laughs, noticing that Hugh is the real identity of Antoinette. Dalian finally found the key-keeper. Hugh and Kamilla feel the danger when a book appears in Dalian’s hand. Kamilla mistakes Dalian for the new model of Hugh’s mother. Kamilla suddenly freezes like a statue. Dalian had used the Kairos’ Dynastic History to remove Hugh and herself from the flow of time. Hugh doesn’t want to expose Kamilla to danger, so he runs away. Dalian follows him. She will make the little boy suffer unless he reveals the location of the key which opens the Dantalian’s Bookshelf.

It’s revealed that the sinister Dalian is in fact the Dead Book. Fortunately, Hugh is saved by the real Dalian, who traveled to the past. After the confrontation, Hugh wakes up on the sofa of the guest room. Kamilla wonders why he’s lying there. She has no memories of the fake Dalian. The real Dalian probably rewrote Kamilla’s memories. Kamilla tells Hugh to wake up. The reporters are coming soon to photograph the dresses designed by Hugh’s mother. Hugh, pretending to be Antoinette, will be one of the models.[3]

The Last Book[]

Dalian Camilla Box

Kamila gives a box of cookies to Dalian.

Certain morning, Dalian finds Kamilla in the guest room. Kamilla giggles, noticing the shape of a book imprinted on Dalian’s cheek. The Biblioprincess clearly read until late in the night. As always, Dalian insults Kamilla. The latter reaches into her bag. She gives a small tin box to Dalian. It contains cookies which became quite popular recently. Dalian shows no enthusiasm, but she accepts the gift. Inside the box, Dalian finds not only cookies, but also a small book. According to Kamilla, it’s an advertising campaign. A volume, part of a series, is contained in each box of cookies. Kamilla reveals that there’s eight books to collect. Dalian thinks for a moment. Kamilla laughs cheerfully.

After much trouble, Dalian collects all the books. Certain morning, Dalian finds Kamilla in the guest room. Dalian wonders if Kamilla brought more trouble. Kamilla shows her a new box of cookies. Now there’s a new series of more than thirty books to collect. Dalian hides behind a chair, frightened.[16]

Turn-Up Book (adaptation)[]

In the anime, when Hugh is reading the Book of Fairy, there’s a flashback related to Hugh’s childhood. It shows him, dressed like a girl, playing with Kamilla. The scene relates to the events of The Key-Keeper.[12]

Kamilla Past

A flashback showing Kamilla and Antoinette.

In the manga, Kamilla wants to catch up with Hugh. He waits at a cafe, complaining that she’s late. Meanwhile, Kamilla is at the library. She wants to buy some books, but the shopkeeper informs that everything is sold out. Kamilla stares at the customer who bought everything. Kamilla admires the hair and the skin of the little girl. Kamilla is after a textbook for her students. She runs after the little girl, but she disappears.

Soon after, Kamilla meets Hugh at the cafe. Her fashion surprises him. They are happy to see each other after a long time. Kamilla affirms that Hugh looks like his grandfather. Kamilla tells Hugh about the little girl who bought the entire bookstore. They hear the same girl yelling to the owner, complaining about the lack of pastries. Hugh picks her up to stop her fit. The little girl, Dalian, immediately despises Kamilla for the way she dresses. Dalian becomes furious when Kamilla mistakes her for Hugh’s daughter. Kamilla tames Dalian by giving her a lollypop. Hugh and Kamilla discuss what has happened since the last time they met. Kamilla is happy to see Hugh with a nice expression. She asks Hugh if he found the Dantalian’s Bookshelf he has been searching since childhood. Hugh describes the first day he returned to London, the day he became a key-keeper.

Kamilla visits the Disward estate. She brought some sweets from the store Dalian likes. Kamilla notices that Dalian is uncharacteristically quiet. Kamilla finds part of Dalian’s skirt stuck in a bookshelf. Dalian had ripped her skirt while trying to reach a book. Kamilla places Dalian on her lap to mend her skirt. Kamilla feels like Dalian is her younger sister. Later, Hugh sees the girls calmly sitting together. When Dalian gets up, Hugh notices the image of a cat sewn into her dress. Kamilla apologizes for that. Dalian affirms that the cat symbolizes their friendship.[17]

Book of Wisdom II (manga-only)[]

Kamilla is done with the baking. After making the fried breads for Hugh and Dalian, she leaves the Disward estate to meet her mother. She left the fried breads inside a basket. She won't be back for a while, so she wants them to promise not to eat everything in one go. Dalian just ignores her, apparently in a bad mood. After Kamilla is driven away, Dalian fixes sheets of papers with offenses around the staircase. Dalian may be upset because Kamilla left them. During the events of Book of Wisdom II, Dalian carries the basket of fried breads with her. Dalian becomes furious when the basket is shot by a soldier. After the events of Book of Wisdom II, Hugh and Dalian return to the mansion to eat Kamilla’s fried breads.[18]

Epilogue (manga-only)[]

Dalian uses the Timetable to meet Wesley. He asks what Dalian feels about the world. Dalian affirms that she loves the sweets baked by Kamilla. Wesley is satisfied to see Dalian happy.[19]

Book of Relationship (anime-only)[]

Kamilla gives a teddy bear to Dalian after the events of Book of Equivalence. Without warning, Armand appears, cursed by the Book of Relationship. The Branches of Relationship almost pierce Dalian and Kamilla. Armand reveals his predicament. He was about to marry Lianna, the two united thanks to the Book of Relationship. However, he was cursed by the Phantom Book when the jealous woman suspected that he was cheating on her. Kamilla and the others stare at Armand, expressing their suspicion. However, Armand affirms that he never cheated on Lianna.

Lianna tracks Armand to the Disward estate. Lianna is not happy to see Armand next to Dalian and Kamilla. Lianna’s suspicion powers the curse from the Book of Relationship. Armand is killed by the Branches of Relationship. Later, Hugh uses the Book of the Eleusis Ritual to resurrect him. Armand feels unwell, but he doesn’t lose the opportunity to hit on Kamilla. She promptly refuses to go out with him. She even calls him a pervert when he stares at her chest.[11]

Song of the Unseen Tomorrow (anime-only)[]

Hugh is shot by the Professor. He falls unconscious, but he’s saved by Hal. Hugh wakes up, only to see Kamilla and Armand staring at him. They were worried. Kamilla is happy to see Hugh awake. She had called the best doctors to care for him. She tells him to be grateful. Later, she appears wearing a traditional Japanese clothing. As always, she’s causing trouble to her servants.[20]

Dalian and Kamilla's Secret Recipe (drama CD)[]

Kamilla visits the Disward estate and gives some pastries to Dalian. Kamilla is glad to see Dalian happy. According to the Biblioprincess, Kamilla’s only quality is her taste for souvenirs. Kamilla decides to prepare the dinner. She had learned some healthy recipes in America. Dalian doesn’t trust Kamilla, so she decides to supervise the cooking.

The girls go to the kitchen. Kamilla complains about the lack of ingredients and utensils. She admits that she never cooked before. Her servants get mad when Kamilla tries to cook. However, Kamilla is confident that she can follow the recipe book. Dalian becomes irritated, unable to trust Kamilla with the dinner. Dalian also decides to cook. Kamilla cries while peeling the onions. The cooking doesn’t look like it’s going well.

From the other side of the door, they hear Hugh asking if they need help. The girls affirm that everything is working out. They sigh in relief when he walks away. Hugh had been injured while protecting Dalian, so the girls don’t want to give him trouble. Kamilla is certain that Hugh is having fun in Dalian’s company. The Biblioprincess doesn’t know what goes on inside his head. Kamilla believes that Hugh should open up more and express his feelings.

Kamilla has trouble to peel the onions. She concludes that it will be more effective to use unpeeled onions. The girls serve the dishes to Hugh. Kamilla’s dish seems inedible, while Dalian’s soup has an otherworldly smell. Kamilla tells Hugh that her boiled onion has no seasoning, so he should use salt and pepper. Hugh says that he has something to do, but the girls forbid him from leaving. He reluctantly tries the dishes. He says that the dinner is delicious, but he doesn’t sound too convincing. The girls feel happy. They decide to also cook the next day.[21]

Dalian Days[]

Body Measurement

Kamilla conducting the body measurements.

Kamilla is a nurse at the Road Windal Academy. In Dantalian’s Body Measurement, she conducts the body measurements of the schoolgirls. She asks for the girls to enter the school's infirmary in order of student number. After the measurements, she counsels the students. Kamilla affirms that Dalian's proportions are ideal. The nurse recommends a well-balanced diet for Dalian's growth.[7]

In Dantalian’s Uneasy Feeling? After School, Kamilla witnesses Dalian falling and hitting her forehead against the wall at the library. Kamilla bandages Dalian’s forehead in the infirmary. She wonders if Dalian was romantically waiting for someone in the library. Dalian affirms that she only wanted to read a book. Kamilla has a new detective novel to read. She also brought many breads from the cafeteria. Dalian never read that book, and she also loves breads, so she decides to stay in the infirmary with Kamilla.

Kamilla fantasizes about the school life. When she was a student, people would wait for each other in the library, pretending to be a coincidence when they met. Students would also wait at the school gate. Kamilla advises Dalian to join a club. Kamilla imagines Dalian playing basketball and practicing rhythmic gymnastics. Kamilla can’t see Dalian going well in these sports. Dalian finds Kamilla's remarks very rude.

Hugh finds Dalian in the infirmary. Kamilla tells Dalian to change the bandage before going to bed. Hugh and Dalian leave the school. Dalian wonders how Hugh knew that Dalian was in the infirmary. It’s revealed that Kamilla posted a message for Hugh at the library’s door, revealing Dalian’s whereabouts. At the infirmary, Kamilla continues to read her detective novel. Surprisingly, Dalian wrote the criminal’s name in the bookmark, spoiling Kamilla’s experience with the novel.[22]

Dalian-chan's Bookshelf[]

In Chapter 1, Kamilla visits Hugh and Dalian. Kamilla wonders why Hugh is collapsed on the floor. Dalian proceeds to tell her about how Hugh was trying to fool he. Since the story is too long, Kamilla eats Dalian’s fried bread. The Biblioprincess shakes in sadness. Kamilla apologizes. In order to soothe Dalian, Kamilla decides to make a fried bread with Hugh. He’s not confident, since he never made a fried bread before. Furthermore, they don’t have the ingredients.

Kamilla dumps the contents of her bag on the floor. They have to work with inadequate ingredients, such as candies, mushrooms and soy sauce. While they make the fried bread, Dalian decides to read. The cooking is troublesome and noisy. Dalian listens to Hugh and Kamilla and wonders if they are having fun. Hugh serves the bread to Dalian. She admits that their dish is surprisingly good. Hugh and Kamilla seem relieved.[23]

In Chapter 6, it's revealed that Kamilla sent a New Year card to Hugh and Dalian. It's a big letter. Most of it is complaints, since she was not invited for the Christmas party.[24]


Hugh and Dalian read the New Year letters.

Strange gift

Hugh and the Professor think about a strange gift for Dalian.

In Chapter 8, Hugh goes out to find a White Day gift for Dalian. He finds the Professor working part-time. Kamilla shows up, weirdly dressed as always. She suggests a stuffed animal as a gift for Dalian. Hugh and the Professor seem excited for a plushie in the shape of a bizarre head. Kamilla dissuades Hugh from buying that. She suggests other items, but Hugh keeps choosing strange things, such as ugly earrings and socks. Finally, Kamilla agrees with Hugh’s idea. He decides to give a knee blanket to Dalian. However, Kamilla thinks that the gift is too boring. Hugh also needs to give something handmade.

Hugh returns to the Disward estate. Hugh gives her the knee blanket. Surprisingly, he has a second gift. He gives her a fried bread. It’s one-of-a-kind, since he made with his own hands. It was difficult to made. Kamilla had to taste a few bad fried breads.[25]

In Chapter 9, Hugh turns into a little boy. Dalian notices that Hugh’s clothes are oversized, so she tells him to change. Dalian offers him some clothes that Kamilla brought to her the other day. Although he’s embarrassed, Hugh has no choice but to wear girls’ clothing.[26]

Kamilla taste

Kamilla tastes some bad fried breads.


  • Kamilla appears in the back cover of the manga volume 2.[28]
  • Kamilla explains that her clothes were designed by a French. She's probably referring to fashion designer Coco Chanel. She was credited in the post-World War I era with liberating women from the constraints of the "corseted silhouette" and popularizing a sporty, casual chic as the feminine standard of style. She wished to find a way to free women from the restrictive corsets and long skirts popular in the pre-WW1 era.[29][30]
  • In Dalian Days, Dalian mentions Kamilla when she notices Priscilla's large breasts.[31]
    • There's two sketches of Kamilla in Dalian Days, including one showing her as a schoolgirl.[32]


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