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Chapter 1 (light novel 7)

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Kempson’s maid is an astute woman who sold her master's book to Hobbes. She’s part of the Disaster and Temptation story.


She used to live in the capital. She was a maid at Kempson’s house. She witnessed Dunstan entering the house to request Kempson’s alien book. Dunstan affirmed that Kempson would be cursed if he kept the book written by the aliens. Her master Kempson used the book's exciting scent to make her infatuated with him. Their relationship was discovered by Kempson’s wife. The maid left the house, running away from her lady’s wrath. The maid took the alien book with her. She sold it to Hobbes and also told him everything about her affair with Kempson. Looking for a profit, the maid informed Dunstan where he could buy the alien book.[1]


The maid apparently is an ambitious and intelligent woman, since she took the alien book at the right moment and knew where to sell it. She made a profit and escaped the punishment from her lady at the same time.[1]


There’s no description about her appearance.[1]


Grosseteste tells Hugh that Kempson had been attacked and that his book was stolen. Apparently, the culprit is a monster associated with the Kasuruhau, a species of alien. Curiously, Dunstan had visited the house days before to request the book. Kempson would be cursed if he kept the book, according to Dunstan. After Kempson was attacked, the book appeared amidst Hobbes’ products.

After examining the book, Hugh discovers that its smell makes people infatuated. Grosseteste now has enough information to solve the case. It’s revealed that Kempson was attacked by his own wife, when she saw Kempson taking his own maid into his room. Kempson and the maid were influenced by the book of the Kasuruhau. The maid left the house, taking the book with her. She escaped her lady’s punishment and, at the same time, obtained a valuable item. She sold the book of the Kasuruhau to Hobbes, the owner of a used bookstore. She also told Hobbes about Kempson’s affair. The shopkeeper used the information to extort money from Kempson. Finally, looking for more payment, the maid told Dunstan where to find the alien book.[1]




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