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Chapter 2 (light novel 4);
Episode 10

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Unshō Ishizuka



Kendrick was the manager who funded Dallaglio’s project to develop Christabel, a musical automaton capable of playing the Phantom Scores. He is present in the Phantom Score story.


Kendrick's plan

Kendrick's plan to control the audience by having Christabel play the Utopia.

Dallaglio’s plan was to use Kendrick in order to obtain necessary funds to build a musical automaton capable of playing the Phantom Scores and consequently honor the memory of his father as a craftsman. Kendrick became Christabel’s manager and invested heavily in her development and even in the construction of her own concert hall. The greedy businessman has at least one henchman, besides hiring assistants for Dallaglio. Kendrick’s ambition is having Christabel play the Utopia and turn the audience into slaves. Using the addictive composition, he wishes to lead a revolution by controlling the entire population. He knows about the Disward family and the Dantalian's Bookshelf.[1]


Kendrick can order his henchman to kill if that’s necessary to achieve his goal to control the kingdom. He’s a cold and calculating man who ignores other’s feelings. He sees Christabel as a machine, refusing to believe that she has her own will.[1]


He’s a middle-aged businessman with an ardent and intimidating atmosphere.[1] In the anime, he’s shown wearing a gray three-piece suit and a violet ascot tie. Kendrick also uses rings in his left hand and a walking stick. Kendrick has brown eyes and short hair with large sideburns in the adaptation.[2]


Kendrick attack

Hugh runs to protect Dalian from Kendrick's henchman.

Hugh and Dalian follow Dallaglio to the basement of the Sistine Hall. Hugh protects Dalian when one of Kendrick’s man tries to attack her with a black baton. When Hugh regained consciousness after being hit in the head, they were already tied to a chair. Kendrick shows up when Dallaglio is about to release Hugh and Dalian. Kendrick's henchman is holding a black baton and a small automatic pistol, aiming it at Dallaglio. Kendrick ensures that he won't hurt Hugh and Dalian. Instead, Kendrick will make them part of the audience that will listen to Christabel’s performance. Hugh, as member of a noble family, is more than qualified to be a guest. Kendrick had paid for the construction of the Sistine Hall in order to attract a large number of people. Using the Utopia, he will control the kingdom. He also reveals that Christabel is an automaton built with the sole purpose of playing the Phantom Score.


Kendrick discovers Dallaglio trying to release Hugh and Dalian.

Dallaglio tries to protect Christabel. He believes that she has her own will, being more than a simple doll. He doesn’t want Christabel as part of Kendrick’s plan. Dallaglio threatens to publish her blueprints. Kendrick gestures with his right hand, ordering his employee to shoot Dallaglio. The manager is punishing Dallaglio for trying to take Christabel away and interfering in his plan. From now on, Kendrick will use Dallaglio’s assistants to tune the violinist automaton. Kendrick is prepared for the inauguration ceremony. He will wait inside a soundproof room with his henchman, where they won't be affected by the Utopia. However, during the performance, Christabel uses her violin to send a message telling the audience to run away. Then, she plays the Twilight, a Phantom Score that brings destruction. Kendrick and his man are the only fatalities from the collapse of the Sistine Hall.[1]




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