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Kimbell Magnuson
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Kinberu Magunason


Professor (教授 Kyōju)

Fluffy Head (もじゃもじゃ頭 Mojamoja Atama)


Chapter 2 (light novel 6)

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Kimbell Magnuson is a geologist professor and scientist, and Erna’s mentor. He appears in the Book of Coffin story.


Magnuson teaches geology at a university in Jutland. Erna is his assistant. He recommended her for a scholarship and supported her financially, since she had no family. A few days before the main events of Book of Coffin, newspapers reported about cartographers dying while exploring the house of architect Throstur Orlik. Later, the house disappeared. Erna asked Magnuson if they could visit her grandfather’s house. Magnuson also became interested in Throstur’s house, since it seems self-sustainable, exploring the local geothermal resources.[1]


Magnuson is a very energetic and skillful old man. He readily prepares traps to hunt and way markers to guide him during his travels, since he’s always walking long distances. The professor is frequently focused on subjects related to geology, such as rocks, magma and plate tectonics, to the point of ignoring formalities and manners. His carefree attitude makes Dalian and Kessler furious. He gets along with his apprentice Erna, who he supported, helping her to become a geologist. Magnuson wishes to see Erna in a serious relationship.[1]


Magnuson is around sixty, but he has the energy of a young boy. He has curly hair, which is always disheveled. The small old man looks like an explorer, carrying a large backpack. His skin is tanned.[1]


Dalian falls on a trap. An old man and his assistant jump out of a dense bush. He notices that he won't be able to eat his catch, so he becomes frustrated. They introduce themselves as Magnuson, a geology professor, and his assistant Erna. They are conducting some sort of fieldwork. Hugh explains that he and Dalian are looking for the house of architect Throstur Orlik. Newspapers reported about cartographers dying inside the property. Later, the house had disappeared. Magnuson offers to take Hugh and Dalian to the house he found nearby. Magnuson and Erna are looking for food and shelter. After many protests from Dalian, Magnuson finally releases her from the trap.

The group finds Throstur’s house. As a geologist, Magnuson is interested in house made of basalt. Dalian falls when Erna steps on her foot. Distracted, Dalian had almost fall down a large crack encircling the house, but Erna prevented that from occurring. Magnuson and Erna examine the fault. They use their backpacks to collect rock samples. Dalian is stuck under them, furious. Soon after, the group meets Shura, a photojournalist, and Kessler, the investor who bought Throstur’s house. Kessler is unhappy with everyone’s presence. However, he allows them to take shelter inside the house, before the weather gets worse.

The group explores the house. They reach a dining room. Without permission, Magnuson and Erna leave to check the kitchen, making Kessler furious. They return with trays of food. The house has no host, but it has clean floors, burning lights and fresh food. Magnuson calmly eats a piece of bread. After the diner, the group splits into two. Shura goes with Hugh and Dalian. The photojournalist wonders about Magnuson and Erna’s purpose in the house.

Magnuson leaves way markers around the house. Dalian trips over one of them. After ending their exploration, Hugh, Dalian and Shura follow the arrow drawn by the professor. The visitors reunite in the house’s library. Kessler watches Magnuson and Erna as they unceremoniously check the numerous guides, diagrams and plans. Erna stares at a photo depicting Throstur’s family. Magnuson tells Hugh that Erna is an orphan. She doesn’t know her father, and her mother died after the delivery. Magnuson supports Erna so she can be a successful geologist. Worried about Erna’s future, Magnuson asks Hugh if he’s interested in a serious relationship with her. Dalian suddenly screams, affirming that someone is behind Hugh. Magnuson believes that the Biblioprincess is jealous. However, a giant made of superheated steam attacks the group. Magnuson and the others run to the adjacent room.

There’s an icy sarcophagus in the center of the room. The steam creature follows them. Once again, Magnuson finds another room. The group finds momentarily protection inside a generator room. Magnuson explains that the house uses the local geothermal resources to be self-sustainable. The house also moves by itself, explaining why it seems to disappear. Such system, including the steam monster, seems to have been developed to protect the person inside the icy sarcophagus. Kessler explains that the house was built to preserve the body of his lover Iris, Throstur's daughter. Magnuson tells Kessler that, although her body is preserved, Iris can't be resurrected. Magnuson wants to destroy the icy coffin in order to stop the threat posed by the haunted house.

The steam monster finally breaks into the room. Magnuson throws a bunch of dynamite at it. The explosion makes a hole in the wall. They can see Iris' body through it. Kessler tries to prevent the others from destroying the coffin. However, Erna manages to stop him. It’s revealed that she’s Kessler and Iris' daughter. Magnuson had come only because Erna asked to visit the house of her grandfather. Erna uses dynamite to destroy the coffin.

The group leaves the house in the next morning. Magnuson and Erna will continue their fieldwork. Magnuson says that it’s necessary to keep studying the local geological activities to make sure that Throstur’s house won't cause a disaster. He leaves with his assistant.[1]




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