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Lazarus Goldin
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Razarusu Gōrudin


Newspaper King (新聞王 Shinbun-ō)


Chapter 1 (light novel 8)

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Lazarus Goldin, the Newspaper King, is the host of the Book of Royal Power. He stole the Phantom Book from Henry Gaveston and forced him into suicide. Goldin is present in the Phantom Book of the King story.


About six or seven years before the main events of Phantom Book of the King, Goldin was a simple reporter when he participated in one of Henry Gaveston’s expeditions. They visited uncharted regions of Africa, studying the local ecosystem and the ruins of ancient civilizations. Goldin collected excellent material. He learned about the Book of Royal Power and the Phantom Book Cemetery by talking with Gaveston’ assistants. In a quiet night, Goldin stole Gaveston’s Book of Royal Power. Then, inside Gaveston’s university laboratory, Goldin used the magic of the Phantom Book to force Gaveston into suicide.

After that, Goldin had a successful career, although he may have used illegitimate methods. He’s the owner of the Continental Post newspaper (コンチネンタル・ポスト紙 Konchinentaru Posuto-shi) and he’s known as Newspaper King. Goldin began to prepare his own expedition to find the Phantom Book Cemetery. He told the reporters that he will continue Gaveston’s work. Goldin sponsored the construction of an expensive research steam vessel. Goldin wants to become more powerful and to get his newspaper into the spotlight. His wish to find the Phantom Book Cemetery also comes from the influence of the Book of Royal Power.

In the past, Henry Gaveston sold notes about the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery to Wesley. The notes fell into Hugh’s hands. Hugh offered the information to Goldin. The latter was desperate to find the notes. In exchange, the Newspaper King invited Hugh to the expedition. Goldin knew Wesley. Gaveston II, Henry’s nephew, had his men infiltrated into Goldin’s crew. Gaveston II wants revenge for his uncle’s death.[1]


He’s a loud, sadist, arrogant man with a thirst for power. He’s always surrounded by bodyguards. He confidently uses the Book of Royal Power to his advantage, with no hesitation to kill. He always carries the Book of Royal Power with him, inside a briefcase. He wants all the forbidden knowledge from the Phantom Book Cemetery to himself. The power of the Phantom Book goes to his head. However, he doesn’t notice that he’s only being used by the Phantom Book. He believes to be the only person worthy to use the Book of Royal Power and find the Phantom Book Cemetery. Goldin is a cruel, cunning and demanding man, hated by his subordinates.[1]


As a young man, he wears a tailored business suit. Years later, he appears as a man in his thirties, wearing a fine white suit, with a thick cigar in his mouth. He’s thin, frail and unattractive.[1]


Gaveston finds a young man sat in the visitor’s chair of his university laboratory. As a simple reporter, Goldin had participated in one of Gaveston’s expeditions to uncharted regions of Africa. Gaveston remembers him. Goldin shows Gaveston a small tablet. The young man had stolen the valuable Book of Royal Power from Gaveston. Goldin heard about the value of the Book of Royal Power and the Phantom Book Cemetery from Gaveston’s assistants. Gaveston tells Goldin to return the tablet while threatening him with a gun. Goldin reads a text from the Book of Royal Power and orders Gaveston to kill himself. Gaveston loses control of his body and commits suicide.

Years later, Hal and Flamberge travel to Africa to spy on Goldin. The latter is on the deck of a ship, preparing for an expedition, surrounded by bodyguards. He spent a lot of money with the construction of the ship. Goldin is a cunning man, the owner of the Continental Post newspaper. He plans to increase the popularity of his business and increase his power by continuing Gaveston’s work and finding the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hal believes that Goldin got a Phantom Book from Gaveston. Hugh, accompanied by Dalian, is also looking at Goldin from a distance. Dalian sees him as the host of the Book of Royal Power.

Goldin interrupts a conversation between Hugh, Dalian, Hal, Flamberge and Ernie. It’s revealed that Hugh is offering Goldin the notes related to the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery, written by Henry Gaveston. In turn, Goldin offered Hugh a place in the expedition. Hal tries to fight Goldin, threatening to burn his Phantom Book. Goldin slowly removes a small tablet from his briefcase. He confidently tells Hal to freeze. The Book Burning Officer can’t move. The Book of Royal Power makes Goldin look like a ruler, emanating an oppressive atmosphere. He tells Hal to drown himself in the Nile. Following Goldin’s orders, the crowd part for Hal to pass. Hal, under the influence of the Phantom Book, is about to kill himself. Hugh shoots Hal. Hugh explains that he wished to kill the Book Burning Officer with his own hands. Goldin accepts Hugh’s reasoning. Goldin, Hugh and Dalian walk to the ship.

During the expedition up the Nile, it’s revealed that, as Hugh planned, the bullet never pierced Hal’s flesh. On the deck, Hugh explains to Hal, Flamberge and Ernie that Goldin can’t be opposed, since he has a Phantom Book that gives him royal power. The ship is attacked by giant crocodiles and fishes. Goldin shows up, using his Phantom Book to stop the monsters. The animals return to the river. Goldin shines with an aura of greatness around him. According to him, he’s worthy of the absolute power provided by the Book of Royal Power, which makes possible to reach the Phantom Book Cemetery. Ernie affirms that Goldin stole the Phantom Book from her uncle Gaveston before forcing him to commit suicide. Goldin admits the crime.

Goldin asks Hugh what Hal and Flamberge are doing aboard the ship. Goldin doesn’t trust Hugh anymore. Goldin’s bodyguards point their gun at Hugh. Hal and Hugh are forced to push Goldin’s wagon with the rest of the men. Part of Goldin’s crew were eaten by the giant monsters. Because of that, Goldin keeps Hugh and Hal alive as his subordinates. They climb the Saraharufua Mountain, reaching the Phantom Book Cemetery, although Goldin doesn’t recognize the place. Goldin laughs scornfully at Hal when he falls to one knee, still wounded from the battle on the ship. Goldin shouts, telling the crew to keep pushing the wagon. He hits one of the porters with an empty bottle. The men are too tired to continue.

Hal Arnie

Hal feels a strong shock wave coming from Goldin.

Goldin removes the Book of Royal Power from his pocket. He releases a shock wave that pushes people away and destroys the wagon. The power of the Phantom Book increased now that they are close to the Phantom Book Cemetery. According to Hugh, Goldin is being controlled by the Book of Royal Power. The Newspaper King will die, unable to control the magic. Goldin releases more energy, destroying trees and stones around him. Hal tries to intervene. Goldin orders Hal to kill Flamberge and then kill himself. Hugh removes four Books of Royal Power from inside the Labyrinth Library. Goldin can’t control Hugh, since the four tablets neutralize Goldin’s Book of Royal Power.

It’s revealed that Hugh used Goldin to return the four tablets to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Goldin was also used by his Book of Royal Power. The Phantom Book collects information from the outside world. Then, it controls people telepathically to return to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Goldin climbs the columns made of Phantom Books with clumsy movements, as if someone is controlling him. He finally realizes that he's in the Phantom Book Cemetery. He’s forced to insert the Book of Royal Power into a gap. He won’t accept losing his royal power. He wounds his own hands while trying to recover the Book of Royal Power from the column. He yells at the porters, but they won’t obey him anymore. The crew throws stones and bones at Goldin. The latter tries to run away, but he’s stopped by Hal.

Goldin offers everything he has to be saved by the Book Burning Officer. However, Hal plans to kill Goldin to eliminate all the forbidden knowledge. Goldin runs to Flamberge, planning to use her as a hostage. Ernie knocks him down. She steps on him and presses her parasol against his throat. She reveals to be Gaveston II, Henry’s nephew, an explorer who is looking for revenge. Gaveston II had men infiltrated into Goldin’s crew. The Newspaper King would never reach the hinterlands of Africa without them. Gaveston II will make Goldin pay for Henry’s death. A volcanic eruption starts. Hugh, Dalian, Hal and Flamberge run back to the ship. It’s not revealed what Gaveston II did with Goldin.[1]


  • There was a real weekly newspaper called "The Continental Post", with office located in Berlin. It started being published before World War II.[2]


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