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Leon Kim Keynes
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Reon Kimu Keinzu


False Pirate (海賊モドキ Kaizoku Modoki)


Chapter 1 (light novel 6)

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Leon Kim Keynes is Kamilla’s older half-brother, Hugh’s childhood friend and Alunda's protector. He appears in The Template Book story.


Leon is five years older than Kamilla. He’s the illegitimate son of the Keynes patriarch with a woman from the colonies. Leon was born before his father married Kamilla’s mother. Leon spends most of his time abroad and practically doesn’t appear in the properties of his family. Many relatives despise him. Kamilla loves him. Leon is Hugh’s friend since childhood. Kamilla told Leon that Hugh and Dalian are well-versed in Phantom Books.

Leon was working in trade-related business around the Indian Ocean. He returned to the capital about one week before the main events of The Template Book. Leon used one his family’s properties as shelter to protect himself and Alunda, the boss of a crime syndicate. She has inherited her father’s organization after his death. However, rivals plan to kill her and take her position. Leon was shot twice in his right leg during an attack, but he used a machine gun to stop the rivals. A crime syndicate hired the immortal assassin Wesley Clade to eliminate Alunda. Leon is preparing Alunda’s engagement. After marrying, she will be safe by transferring the responsibility for the crime syndicate to someone else. Leon is protecting her because he owns her father, and because he empathizes with her and wants to see her happy.

Leon pilots an old two-seat biplane Strutter originally owned by the Royal Naval Air Service. It's painted in black-and-white, with a Jolly Roger depicted on its tail.[1]


He’s similar to his sister Kamilla in the way that he’s very extroverted. He quickly forms a bond with Dalian, although his outgoing behavior makes her angry. He addresses Hugh and Dalian in a very informal matter. He’s a proud, stubborn, playful and slightly vulgar man who worries about others. He doesn’t love Alunda, although he wants to see her safe and happy. He empathizes with her, since her life was also affected by family. The fact that he's involved with crime syndicates shows that he's a brave and audacious man. As an illegitimate son, Leon has family issues, so he tends to keep his distance from relatives.[1]


Leon is a young, tall and handsome man with golden long hair. His skin is darkened with a tan. He wears an expensive robe sewn with wine-colored fabric. There’s a golden chain around his neck, rings with skull figures around his fingers. He looks like a sailor from the Age of Discovery. As an airplane pilot, he wears a wine-colored flight suit.[1]


Leon wants Hugh and Dalian’s help. The couple believes that Kamilla had another request to them. However, a driver and a butler bring the couple to a dilapidated property of the Keynes family. Leon ruffles Dalian’s hair. Hugh introduces him as a childhood friend and Kamilla’s older half-brother. Dalian hides behind Hugh, telling Leon not to touch her. Hugh notices the bullet holes on the walls around. Leon had been shot twice in the right leg. He welcomes Hugh and Dalian inside. Leon asks Alunda to prepare some tea.

Leon explains why he requested the couple’s help. Alunda is the boss of a small crime syndicate. She inherited the organization from her late father. However, rivals are trying to kill her and take her position. Leon is trying to arrange her engagement in order to protect her by transferring the leadership to someone else. That’s why Leon is wounded. He thought that they would be safe in the capital. The immortal assassin Wesley Clade was hired to hunt Alunda. Leon heard from Kamilla that Hugh and Dalian are well-versed in Phantom Books. Leon wants their help to deal with the killer.

Hugh and Dalian go to the old bookstore to investigate. The owner already knows that someone from the Keynes family is being targeted by Wesley. When the couple returns, Leon wakes up and almost shoots them. Hugh reveals that Wesley is a Phantom Book user. Leon won't be able to defeat him. Hugh notices Alunda sleeping on another couch. She had tried to kill herself, but Leon stopped her and gave her some sleeping pills. Leon doesn’t love her, but he wants her happy. He empathizes with her, since family also makes her suffer. The trio hear the sound of a car nearby. Leon tells Hugh and Dalian to leave through the back door. Instead, Hugh and Dalian decide to confront Wesley.

Defeated, Wesley disappears, now a normal, mortal man. Leon uses the intelligence from his family and his personal contacts to spread information about Wesley's vulnerability. Leon prepares to leave for the capital in the next morning. He thanks Hugh and Dalian from the bottom of his heart. The couple explains how they defeated the assassin. Leon climbs into the cockpit of his airplane. Alunda is already sat in the back seat. He bids farewell to Hugh and Dalian. Later, Leon and Alunda would board a ship to the colonies.[1]


  • Jolly Roger is the traditional English name for the flags flown to identify a pirate ship during the early 18th century. It depicts the skull and crossbones symbol on a black flag.[2]
    • Fighter aircraft of both the Allied Powers and the Central Powers occasionally made use of the a skull and crossbones emblem in World War I.[3]
  • Leon's plane is a Sopwith 1½ Strutter.[1] Production deliveries started to reach the Royal Naval Air Service in February 1916, for use during the Great War.[4]
    • Leon affirms that he used a machine gun against Alunda's rivals.[1] The 1½ Strutter was the first British aircraft to enter service with a synchronised machine gun.[4]


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