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Leslie is the coveted chef of the reputed gourmet Graham Atkinson. She’s the user of the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. She is present in the Gastronomy Worship story.


Leslie lost her parents early in her life. Her father worked as the head chef at Graham Atkinson’s mansion, until he was fired for using slightly injured ingredients. He died soon after, when she was a little girl. Right after the funeral, she wished for power to fulfill her father’s wish of cooking the most delicious dish for Mr. Atkinson. Dalian and Wesley gave her the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. The Phantom Book had chosen her. The return date would be in thirteen years.

According to Leslie, the talents she obtained by reading the Phantom Book allowed her to be employed by Mr. Atkinson. He wouldn’t accept a person with no talent for gastronomy. She grew up trying to learn basic cooking techniques and recipes, following the Phantom Book instructions. At first, she planned to be good enough to serve a dish to Mr. Atkinson. It would be poisoned, as revenge for what happened with her father. Eventually, she accepted that incompetent cooks must be dismissed. She began to look for the most delicious dish for her master. In the effort to improve food taste and texture, she learned how to cook animals while preventing them from feeling any pain. Although Mr. Atkinson is known for his delicious culinary, in fact Leslie is the responsible for his success, creating all the recipes attributed to him. The head chef is coveted by the most influential and powerful people, but she never accepted their offers. She knows about the existence of the Biblioprincess.

She lives in an underground room next to the kitchen of Mr. Atkinson's mansion. The place is simple, accessed through an old solid wooden door. Beside the entrance there’s a spice rack where she keeps a bottle of a weird-coloured fine powder with an appetite stimulating effect.[1]


As a timid little girl, she suffers with her father’s death but shows determination in continuing in his steps as a chef. She grows up to be a gentle woman who offers a ride to Hugh and Dalian when they need. She introduces herself to Hugh and Dalian as a kitchen maid, but in fact she’s the head chef responsible with the important task of acquiring the best ingredients for the dishes presented to Mr. Atkinson. Her cooking skills are coveted by the most influential and wealthy people. But she would never accept an offer, since she aims to serve Mr. Atkinson with the best dish in the world.

Leslie seeks to extract the best taste and texture from animals. For this reason, it’s said that she cooks them while they’re still alive, preventing them from feeling any pain. Her techniques in the kitchen are captivating. According to Dalian, such skills at cooking are inhuman. Leslie doesn’t see herself as a talented chef, but only as someone who follows the instructions written in the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. She has a dangerous side, imprisoning Hugh and Dalian and threatening them with a knife in order to achieve her objective. Leslie was slowly corrupted by the magic of the Phantom Book during thirteen years. According to her, she abandoned her wish to revenge her father. She accepted that dismissing an incompetent cook was the right thing to do. Ultimately, she was capable of serving Mr. Atkinson his own brain as a way to achieve the best cooking. She frequently offers fried breads to an orphanage, sympathizing with the children, since she also suffered from hunger and the loss of her parents during childhood. This fact shows that there's still an uncorrupted side to Leslie.[1]


She’s described as a tall young woman in her mid-twenties, wearing a deep-green cloak. She emanates a noble quality, although she’s only a servant. She dons an apron while she’s cooking. Leslie wears a traditional chef’s uniform, including a white jacket with a high stand-up collar. She has light-colored eyes and short hair. A small earring is seen in her left ear. In the past, she's described as a little girl wearing a mourning dress.[1]


Thirteen years before the main events of Gastronomy Worship, Leslie was at her father’s funeral, begging to have the knowledge to fulfill his wish. The little girl’s face is swollen from crying. She receives the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking from Dalian and Wesley. He informs her about the return date. He says that there are things in the world better not knowing. The little girl watches as Dalian and Wesley leave in their carriage.

As a grown-up, she kindly offers help to Hugh and Dalian, since their car was broken. Leslie acts formally after learning that they are Mr. Atkinson's guests. She introduces herself as one of the servants at Mr. Atkinson's mansion. She would provide a ride in her cart and workers to fix the vehicle. She informs Dalian that there are fried breads onboard in order to overcome the Biblioprincess' shyness. They have a conversation inside the carriage. Leslie was going back to the mansion after acquiring the finest ingredients for Mr. Atkinson's dinner. The kitchen maid had an important task, since the lord is a well-respected gourmet. The former chef had been dismissed after using slightly injured ingredients. The current chef lives to provide Mr. Atkinson with the most delicious cuisine, and would never accept offers to work elsewhere. Leslie describes how they have access to the best ingredients and environment to cook. She sees how Dalian is enjoying the fried breads. They were remains from the breakfast Leslie prepared earlier. She frequently visits an orphanage to donate the fried breads to the children. After all, she also lived a childhood with no parents and food.

At the dinner’s party, one of the guests approach Hugh and Dalian. The young noble-looking man tells them about the rumors related to the chef of the mansion. Apparently, the cook was able to prepare meat while the animals were still alive, preventing them from feeling pain, all to extract the best taste and texture. Dalian deems such skills as inhuman. Hugh and Dalian meet Mr. Atkinson at his study. There, the gourmet asks for the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking in order to have the best cooking in the world. However, the Phantom Book was handed out by Wesley thirteen years ago. Mr. Atkinson deduces that his head chef has it. The return date of the Phantom Book was that night. Hugh and Dalian head to the kitchen.

At the kitchen, Hugh and Dalian learn that Leslie is Mr. Atkinson's head chef. She shows incredible skills while handling utensils and ingredients. Leslie is grateful for the Phantom Book she received thirteen years ago, after her father’s funeral. It allowed her to survive and to be employed by Mr. Atkinson. Otherwise, she would have no talent for cooking. The chef leads Hugh and Dalian to her underground room. The Biblioprincess tells her that Phantom Books choose their owners. She had talent enough to not be engulfed by its magic. Leslie, however, affirms that she was only following the written instructions. She needs more time to prepare the ultimate cooking for Mr. Atkinson. She opens a small bottle and pours a fine powder over Hugh. She locks Hugh and Dalian inside the room. Dalian believes that Leslie has slowly been corrupted by the Phantom Book during the last thirteen years. Hugh uses his revolver to open the door. Outside, they learn that Leslie’s concoction makes nearby people extremely hungry and hostile.

Eventually, Hugh and Dalian manage to safely reach Mr. Atkinson's study. Leslie was serving the gourmet. The main meal was a freshly cooked meat with a specially made sauce. She’s surprised to learn that Hugh and Dalian were safe. They had used the Hezār Afsān to make everyone sleep. Leslie talks about her motivation. Her father worked as a chef for the gourmet in the past. In one occasion, her father used slightly injured ingredients. He was dismissed and died soon after. At first, Leslie thought about poisoning Mr. Atkinson's food as revenge. However, he would notice something wrong with his meal. Furthermore, she wouldn’t be allowed to prepare his meal as an inexperienced cook. That’s why she spent many years polishing her skills. In time, she agreed that Mr. Atkinson was right in firing her father. Tonight, she had achieved the best cooking.

Mr. Atkinson asks for another serving. She grabs her knife, opens the container and slices another fresh piece of meat. The Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking had taught her that, when living beings don’t feel pain, the taste of the ingredient is improved. If the living beings feel pleasure while being cooked, the best cooking is achieved. The moment a person eats a delicious food, the brain becomes the best ingredient in the world. Leslie washes her hands in a water bowl. She gives the Phantom Book back to Dalian. She had no use for it anymore. Dalian tells her that the fried breads were good, even without the best ingredients. Leslie’s expression freezes for a moment. Hugh and Dalian leave the study. Leslie continues to serve her master. She opens his skull, slices a part of his brain, and puts it on the plate. The gourmet relishes with the freshly cut meat.[1]


  • Leslie is the first character and Phantom Book user mentioned in the series, and the first to be corrupted by its magical power.[1]
  • A sketch of Atkinson and Leslie is seen in one of the color illustrations of volume 1.[2]




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