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Leslie’s father was the head chef at Graham Atkinson’s kitchen. He died soon after being fired by his master, leaving Leslie orphan. She replaced him as Mr. Atkinson's chef. He is mentioned in the Gastronomy Worship story.


Mr. Atkinson dismissed Leslie’s father after the chef used slightly injured ingredients to prepare his meal. The unemployed man tried to drown his frustration in alcohol. He died due to a quarrel, making Leslie an orphan, suffering with hunger during her childhood. At her father’s funeral, she received the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking from Dalian and Wesley. She eventually replaced his father as head chef at Mr. Atkinson's mansion. Leslie shares her father’s wish of serving the gourmet with the best cooking in the world.[1]


The man valued his position as chef in Mr. Atkinson's kitchen. However, according to Leslie, he couldn’t satisfy his lord. He was devastated for being dismissed by his master. He used alcohol as a cope mechanism.[1]


His appearance was never described in the light novel.


Thirteen years before the main events of Gastronomy Worship, Leslie was at her father’s funeral. The little girl’s face was swollen from crying. She stares at a carriage, asking the power to fulfill her father’s wish. Dalian and Wesley give her the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking.

Later in life, Leslie gives a ride to Hugh and Dalian. Leslie briefly mentions about a chef that was dismissed by Mr. Atkinson for using slightly injured ingredients. She also tells them that she had lost her parents very early in life. During Mr. Atkinson's dinner party, Leslie identifies herself as the head chef. She had used the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking during thirteen years to cook for Mr. Atkinson. Leslie got the Phantom Book at her father’s funeral. He had been suddenly fired. He died soon after, involved in a quarrel after drinking too much.

At Mr. Atkinson's study, Leslie reveals that she was replacing her father as the head chef. At first, she thought about revenge by poisoning Mr. Atkinson's meal. Eventually, though, she agreed that an incompetent cook should be fired. Leslie began to seek the most delicious dish to satisfy her master.[1]


  • Leslie's father is the first deceased character mentioned in the series.[1]