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Lianna Scholes
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Riana Sukōruzu




Chapter 3 (light novel 4);
Episode 8

Voice actor

Houko Kuwashima



Lianna Scholes is a beautiful young woman from a wealthy family who became engaged to Armand Jeremiah by influence of the Book of Relationship. She is present in the Book of Relationship story.


Her wealthy family is famous for their commerce of woolen fabrics. Lianna obtained one volume of the Book of Relationship and waited anxiously for her future lover who was fated to appear with the second volume. Two weeks before the events of the Book of Relationship, she met Armand, the other user of the Phantom Book, and they became engaged during their first date.[1]

Lianna kiss

Lianna and Armand seal their marriage vow.


Lianna’s personality is marked by pathological jealousy. She trusts the power of the Book of Relationship to find the ideal husband, someone trustworthy, intelligent and affectionate. However, before even meeting the person, she already mentions the punishments that might befall him in case of infidelity. These are morbid thoughts detailing the burning of the victim’s entire body. She loses her mind when her partner talks to, bumps into or looks at other women. Because she thinks the marriage vow was broken, her anger activates the curse of the Book of Relationship.

According to Armand, he normally wouldn’t have the chance to date her, since she’s a refined, elegant and mature woman. When Lianna is not jealous, she shows an immaculate, delicate attitude. She’s shy, looking frightened while talking to strangers. The beautiful woman can be very determined to achieve what she wants. Her gaze, sharp as a knife, can intimidate even Hugh.[1]


The seventeen-year-old girl has a slender body and an adult atmosphere. She’s described as extremely beautiful, making Armand unsuitable to be her husband. When outdoors, she carries a neat parasol.[1] In the anime, the golden-eyed woman wears a long blue dress and an elegant hat of the same color, ornamented with yellow roses and violet or sea-green ribbons. She also uses a frilly bib collar and white gloves. She keeps her blond hair in an updo, although two strands hang from each side of her head.

During her date with Armand, she’s seen all in white, revealing her shoulders, with pink ribbons ornamenting her dress and white evening gloves almost reaching her elbows. She sports an exquisite red gem attached to a metallic choker.[2]


Liana meeting

Lianna meets Armand.

Standing on a small bridge, Lianna overlooks the beautiful surface of a canal illuminated by the afternoon sun. She thinks about the man who will appear to complete the old book she’s holding against her chest. The beautiful woman expects her future husband to be loyal, otherwise he will suffer a cruel punishment.

Lianna date

Lianna and Armand's date.

According to Armand, he and Lianna decided to marry during their first date. He found her while investigating the authenticity of the Book of Relationship. As owners of the Phantom Book, they are fated to be together. He tells Hugh and Dalian about her qualities and about their engagement. Since Armand saw her as an ideal woman, he had no reason to refuse the marriage. After making sure that the Phantom Book is real, Armand leaves the Disward estate to go to the opera with Lianna.

Liana date

Lianna and Armand at the opera house.

Lianna meets Armand in front of the opera house. Hugh and Dalian are investigating them from the distance, worried about the curse described in the Book of Relationship. After examining his passion and her pure attitude, they decide that there’s nothing to worry about. Armand notices them walking on the main street. Lianna looks afraid in the presence of strangers. She watches in silence as her fiancé talks to Dalian.

Liana jealousy (2)

Lianna's jealousy.

Half a month later, the Book of Relationship curse reacts to Lianna’s jealousy, covering Armand’s body with branches. It started when she saw him talking with one of his servants. She thought her husband-to-be was cheating on her, although he had only bumped into or looked at other women. The furious woman is heard knocking the door of the Disward estate. Hugh answers the door and affirms that Armand hasn’t come. Lianna stares at Hugh with hostile eyes for a long time, insisting on seeing her fiancé, but eventually gives up.

When Hugh returns to the drawing room, Armand shows a disturbing expression. The jealous girl is watching them through the window, pushing her cheek against the glass. She believes that Armand is unfaithful. She ignores his excuses. The glass cracks with the pressure of her hand. Lianna's anger triggers the curse of the Book of Relationship, which kills Armand.
After she enters the mansion, Hugh explains that Armand committed suicide as atonement for betraying her. She hands over the Phantom Book to the Biblioprincess and her key-keeper. Lianna’s eyes are filled with tears, a signal that she really loved Armand. She prays farewell over his corpse and leaves the mansion without looking back.[1]

In the anime, she is shown in a carriage heading to the Disward estate with an angered expression, holding the Book of Relationship. Flashbacks reveal the couple’s first meeting and their following dates. In the adaptation, Hugh lets her in instead of lying about Armand. After all, Armand was informed that he would be resurrected after the end of his relationship with Lianna.[2]

Liana intro

Lianna heads to the Disward estate, as seen in the anime.




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