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Chapter 11 (manga)


It summons a giant.





Loge is a manga-only Phantom Book used by the Professor to summon a giant. It’s present in the Book of Wisdom II story.


The Loge is owned by the Professor.[1]


The reader has control over a giant. The upper part of the monster comes out of a large portal on the ground. The chained giant has massive handcuffs. His eyes are covered with a huge lock, held by many straps. Part of his sinister rib cage is visible. He releases a destructive burst of energy from his mouth full of pointed teeth. The shield released from the Book of Styx can stop the powerful beam.[1]


Norman and his men surround Hugh and Dalian at the top of the tower. Norman believes that the intruders are spies trying to disrupt the W Machine experiment. Rasiel and the Professor intervene. A giant arm comes out from a portal on the ground. Rasiel and the Professor stand over the massive palm. The giant towers over everyone. On the giant’s shoulder, the Professor reads the Loge. Light comes out from the monster’s mouth. Hugh tells everyone to run away. A powerful beam damages the top of the tower. The place is covered in flames. Fortunately, Dalian used the Book of Styx to protect Charlotte and Eric. There were no casualties. When Rasiel and the Professor leave, the giant disappears back into the portal.[1]


  • Loge is a jötunn and the personification of fire in Norse mythology.[2] A jötunn is a type of entity contrasted with gods and other figures, such as dwarves and elves.[3]
  • Loge is the only Phantom Book exclusive to the manga adaptation.[1]


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