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Lucrece Lang
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Rukurēsu Rangu


Erotic White Robe (エロ白衣 Ero Hakui)


Chapter 3 (light novel 6)

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Lucrece Lang is a sea devil princess who uses a copy of the Book of Humanization to disguise herself as a human. She’s the daughter of the Sea Devil Queen. Lucrece is part of the Book of Humanization and Paradise stories.


Lucrece is a sea devil who uses a copy of the Book of Humanization to disguise herself as a human. While concealing her true appearance, she acts as a marine biologist. Lucrece decided to return to the Latham Archipelago, her home, after a long time. She wants to conduct an investigation, probably to save Lecia or to stop the military from burying chemical weapons on the island, as it happened fifteen years before the main events of Book of Humanization. She knows about existence of the Biblioprincess and the Labyrinth Library.[1] Lucrece also knows about the Paradise Pieces sold at the Driftwood Pavilion.[2]

Lucrece’s mother is a Sea Devil Queen who became the user of the Book of Paradise at the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. The Phantom Book attracts innocent people to use them as power source. Bonnie knows that Lucrece is a princess.[2]


Lucrece is a sea devil who disguises herself as a human. She’s an extrovert who enjoys books. Aboard a ship, she always gets seasick. She likes to tease others, especially Dalian. According to Hugh, Lucrece is too cheerful for a scientist. She becomes evasive when she’s asked about sea devils. As a biologist, she affirms that sea people may live somewhere quietly, hidden from humans.

She befriends Hugh and Dalian, especially because they care about Lecia, another sea devil. Although humans caused a tragedy that killed many sea devils, Lucrece doesn’t seem to hate them. She pities them because, according to her, eventually the chemical weapons will also affect humans.[1]

For some time, Lucrece and Bonnie ignored the problem caused by the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. With the presence of Hal and Flamberge, Lucrece hopes that the Book of Paradise will finally be stopped.[2]


She’s a beauty of about twenty-five years old. She has long, wavy hair, a large bust and a slender figure. Lucrece wears a white coat, like a scientist.[1] She carries a small travel bag. She looks like her mother, the Sea Devil Queen.[2]


Lucrece is aboard a ship to the Latham Archipelago. She’s sat on a bench, focused on a book. She suddenly approaches Dalian. Lucrece almost falls, but she grabs Dalian in time as support. Lucrece is suffering from seasickness. Dalian is furious and afraid because Lucrece is almost throwing up over her. Lucrece vomits on the bench. Dalian, distracted, ends up falling in the water due to the sway of the ship.

At the port, Lucrece profusely apologizes. She’s trying not to laugh. The woman introduces herself as a marine biologist. She holds out her hand, but Dalian rudely ignores her. Lucrece explains that she hasn’t been in a ship for a long time. She’s a local who decided to return to the island. She will be conducting an investigation. Their conversation is interrupted by the sight of policemen carrying a headless body from a ship. Lucrece smells the scent of blood in the air. By looking at the watch on the corpse’s wrist, Lucrece recognizes the victim as Mr. Smythe. According to Lucrece, the man was probably attacked by sea monsters. However, she only says that to frighten Dalian. Lucrece invites Hugh and Dalian to the hotel she has booked. She will take the couple to a restaurant as an apology. Lucrece giggles when Dalian tries to hide her interest. Hugh and Dalian head towards McGuigan’s castle, and Lucrece towards her hotel.[1]

On the way to the hotel, Lucrece continues to struggle with seasickness. She clings to Hal’s staff and throws up on the shore. Flamberge bursts out laughing. Lucrece apologizes. She notices Oriana’s pipe on Hal’s hands. According to Lucrece, the pipe is a tool used for the consumption of Paradise Pieces. Hal is looking for Oriana, Haycroft’s missing daughter. He introduces himself as a Book Burning Officer. Lucrece gets nauseous once again, but she manages to help him. She tells him to investigate the Driftwood Pavilion. She smiles and tells him her name.

In the evening, Hal and Flamberge look for a ship to take them to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. Bonnie, a captain, refuses to help them. Lucrece interrupts their discussion with a laugh. She tells Bonnie to let them board her ship. Lucrece affirms that the couple will be fine. After all, they aren't looking for the paradise created by the Phantom Book. Lucrece tells Bonnie that they finally have an opportunity to solve the problem caused by that place. Bonnie follows the princess’ instructions. They go together to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils aboard Bonnie’s ship. Lucrece experiences seasickness once again.

In the morning, Hal and Flamberge return to the ship after destroying the Book of Paradise and its user. Lucrece had just woke up. She was not expecting the couple to finish their work so soon. According to her, the Holy Land of the Sea Devils was like a cemetery for the creatures, but since the place was forgotten with the years, the Phantom Book started to attract innocent people to use them as power source. Hal menacingly points his staff at Lucrece. He asks how she knows all that. Lucrece is suspiciously alike the user of the Book of Paradise, as if they are mother and daughter. Lucrece feels honored to be compared to a beautiful sea devil. She tells him that she's just hypothesizing.

Now that Oriana is rescued, Hal is ready to leave the Latham Archipelago, although he was expecting to meet another Biblioprincess. Lucrece sees Dalian in the backseat of a car for a moment. Hal reacts violently and asks what Dalian was wearing. Lucrece describes Dalian’s beautiful blue dress. Hal and Flamberge concludes that Lucrece is referring to another girl named Dalian. At the port, Lucrece staggers out of the ship, still struggling with seasickness. She bids farewell to Hal and Flamberge and heads to the beach.[2]

Lucrece finds Hugh, Dalian and Lecia not far from the port. She asks if Lecia is Dalian’s friend, making the Biblioprincess angry. Lucrece learned something important about the island at the hotel, while talking with a chatty guy. It’s said that, in the past, McGuigan’s father and other four men killed the local sea devils and stole their treasure. That’s how they became rich and turned the island into a resort. Perhaps the sea devils have returned to take revenge. The theory explains Smythe and Bentley’s deaths. Lecia becomes agitated after realizing that McGuigan may be the next victim. Lucrece tries to sound cheerful to reassure her. Hugh asks if sea devils exist. As a biologist, Lucrece affirms that unknown creatures may live somewhere in the seas and oceans. She and the others witness a wounded sailor coming ashore using a lifeboat. A fisherman tells them that Vernon’s ship had sunk.

Later, Lucrece saves Hugh and Dalian, taking them out of the water. The couple was inside McGuigan’s castle when the place was stormed by Haycroft’s men. Lucrece had seen Hugh and Dalian floating out of the cave under the castle. Lucrece teases Dalian, revealing that the Biblioprincess was crying the whole time that Hugh was unconscious. Lucrece hopes that they are even now. The biologist saw men taking Lecia to Haycroft’s house. Hugh and Dalian head back to the castle. Lucrece asks to go along.

Hugh, Dalian and Lucrece question McGuigan. The latter reveals that Lecia is a sea devil who was using the Book of Humanization to disguise herself as a human. Haycroft wants to publicly reveal her as the killer of Smythe, Bentley and Vernon. McGuigan also tells them that fifteen years ago, Haycroft and other four men allowed the military to bury metal tanks filled with chemical weapons on the island. However, the tanks eventually leaked poison gas into the water, killing every sea devil, except for Lecia. It’s also revealed that McGuigan is responsible for killing Smythe and the others. McGuigan uses his seaplane to reach Haycroft’s house and save Lecia. Hugh, Dalian and Lucrece go after him.

Before entering the house with Dalian, Hugh gives some documents to Lucrece. The biologist is supposed to return to the kingdom immediately and sent it by mail. Inside the house, Hugh and Dalian are surrounded by Haycroft’s men. Haycroft wants to make business with the military once again, but McGuigan wants to prevent history from repeating itself. Haycroft uses Lecia as a hostage. Hugh tells Haycroft that documents about the events from fifteen years ago will be published by a journalist in Jutland. In turn, Haycroft threatens to kill McGuigan. Suddenly, sea devils restrain Haycroft and his men. Lucrece shows up, for Hugh and Dalian’s surprise. The biologist thanks the couple for helping Lecia. Lucrece removes a book from between her breasts. She reads a copy of the Book of Humanization, turning back into a sea devil.

The next morning, Lucrece sits at the beach, letting her tentacles sway in the waves. McGuigan entrusts her with Lecia. Lucrece tells McGuigan to blame the sea devils for the deaths, but the man is decided to reveal the truth. She explains that seas and oceans all over the world harbor many creatures unknown to people. Some even get ashore, disguising themselves. According to Lucrece, the sea devils don’t hate humans for the tragedy from fifteen years ago. After all, humans eventually will also suffer, due to their own weapons. When Dalian gives the original Book of Humanization to Lecia, Lucrece recognizes her as the Biblioprincess who guards the Labyrinth Library. Lucrece and Lecia swim away.[1]




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