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Lyfia Lavers Asquith
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Rifia Reivāsu Asukisu




Chapter 3 (light novel 8)

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Lyfia Lavers Asquith is the daughter of the Marquise and Marquess of Asquith. She received eternal youth from her mother, who uses the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Lyfia appears in the Vignette of Eternal Twilight story.


Lyfia and Hugh used to visit the same equestrian club, ten years before the main events of Vignette of Eternal Twilight. On one occasion, her horse broke his leg. Hugh encouraged her to make a hard decision and use a knife to save the animal from the suffering. Years later, Lyfia was informed that Hugh went to the Great War. She knew his grandfather.

The Marquise, Lyfia’s mother, uses the Vignette of Eternal Twilight to exchange the lives of victims for eternal youth. Lyfia and the maids also receive a young appearance. Lyfia invites unaware people to the mansion, only for them to become sacrifices. That’s why she hired private detective Adam Marchbanks, telling him to find the Phantom Book.[1]


She can’t hide her sadness while mentioning her mother. The fact that the Marquise kills people to keep their young appearance disturbs Lyfia. The latter is afraid of seeing herself as an old woman. She values her beauty. Lyfia finds difficult to oppose the Marquise. Lyfia likes Hugh and worries about him. She sees him as a savior. She’s very polite.[1]


The Marquise uses the Vignette of Eternal Twilight to preserve Lyfia’s young appearance. Lyfia seems to be seventeen or eighteen years old. Hugh notices that she doesn't age, even ten years after their last meeting. Lyfia wears a simple but beautiful white dress. She has the posture of a wise and noble lady. According to Marchbanks, Lyfia has a small waist and large breasts. She looks like her mother. In her true appearance, she has gray hair and wrinkled, thin fingers.[1]


Shura examines the portrait of a beautiful woman. A young lady in white dress explains that the portrait depicts the Marquise. The girl introduces herself as Lyfia Lavers Asquith, the daughter of the Marquise. Lyfia thanks Shura for accepting the invitation. Lyfia greets Hugh. She recalls their past. Lyfia was worried, knowing that Hugh went to war. Hugh is surprised to see her. Lyfia laughs, telling him not to stare. Shura watches them from a distance, wondering if they are former lovers. Hugh introduces Dalian as the girl adopted by Wesley. Lyfia restrains herself from asking more about the Biblioprincess.

Lyfia thanks Hugh for his visit. He came to look for the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, although he knows little about the Phantom Book. Lyfia believes that Hugh will save her again. She hopes that Hugh won’t succeed. But if the Phantom Book is found, she’ll do what she couldn’t ten years ago. Before Hugh can question her, Lyfia walks away. She’s surrounded by maids. Hugh tells Shura that he and Lyfia used to visit the same equestrian club. Detective Marchbanks shows up soon after. He tells Hugh to stay away from Lyfia. Marchbanks wants to take her to bed. Lyfia hired Marchbanks to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. He believes that dragging women to bed is the best method to obtain important information.

Later, Hugh and the others are imprisoned inside the world of the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Hugh reveals that Lyfia didn’t age, even ten years after their last meeting. That’s why Hugh had stared at Lyfia in surprise. The Marquise uses the Vignette of Eternal Twilight to have eternal youth for herself and for her daughter and maids. However, the Phantom Book requires human sacrifices. Lyfia hired Marchbanks because he won’t be missed if he dies. The Marquise appears as a little girl. She affirms that Lyfia did a great job this year, obtaining victims filled with life energy.

Hugh and Dalian destroy the world created by the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Back to the real world, Hugh runs to the Marquise's bedroom. He finds the Marquise as an old woman, a dagger sticking out of her chest. Lyfia is by the bed, her white dress splattered in blood. She recalls when her horse broke his leg. On that occasion, Hugh help her with the knife in order to end the suffering of the animal. Now, Hugh had saved her again. He gave her strength to kill her own mother. Lyfia was afraid of the Marquise, afraid of ageing. Lyfia should have killed the Marquise earlier.

Lyfia turns pale, her breath troubled. She coughs blood. She had poisoned herself. She and her mother took the lives of dozens for decades. Now, they will pay for their sins. She slowly falls onto the bed. The power of the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is inactive, so her hair turns grey, her fingers wrinkle. Hugh looks away, fulfilling Lyfia's last request. News about the tragedy spread quickly throughout the castle.[1]




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