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Māgaretto Manshuweru




August, 2010 (The Sneaker)

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Margaret Manschwell is a student at the Road Windal Academy. She’s Priscilla and Cecil’s friend.


Margaret is a second grader at the Road Windal Academy. She was born in a rich family, like many other students from the school. She’s part of the Class 2J with her friends from the first year Priscilla and Cecil.[1] Margaret has piano classes.[2] She has two older sisters.[3]


Margaret is shy, innocent and easily scared.[1][4][3] The gentle girl often worries about her friends Priscilla and Cecil.[5] Margaret admires how Priscilla is dependable and respectable. Margaret frequently sleeps during class.[1] She sometimes forgets about her homework, so Priscilla has to keep a watch on her.[6] Margaret used to get lost when she was a child. That’s why she becomes anxious and sad when someone goes missing.[7] Margaret knows how to sew.[8]


Margaret has short pink hair. Her school uniform, which includes a short coat in the winter, is mainly light yellow, with details in crisscrossed green, a pattern also part of her skirt and bow tie. She wears a white tiara with a bow at the top.[1]


A new semester starts at the Road Windal Academy. Margaret is in Class 2J like her friends Priscilla and Cecil. Margaret is happy to see her friends again. She admires how dependable and responsible Priscilla is. Priscilla mentions how she likes to prepare sweet bread crusts. Margaret worries that Priscilla is having financial issues. Priscilla explains that she’s doing well. Margaret is late, so she runs to the classroom with her friends.[1]

That night, Cecil and Margaret returned to the dormitory. Priscilla never showed up. They worry about her. The next day, Cecil wonders if Priscilla is hanging out with her boyfriend. At that moment, they see Hugh giving a ride to Priscilla.[9] Priscilla reveals that she spent the night with Dalian. Cecil and Margaret introduce themselves to the Biblioprincess. Cecil laughs when Dalian jokes about Priscilla’s breasts. Margaret wonders if Priscilla is really a dairy cow as Dalian says.

After class, Cecil suddenly removes her skirt and offers it to Dalian. Margaret also wants to see Dalian in skirt. Cecil tells Dalian to wear a skirt in order to please Hugh. Cecil believes that Dalian is Hugh’s wife. Margaret sees Hugh and Dalian as a nice couple.[4] The girls decide to help Hugh and Dalian clean the Ombolo Mansion, as a way to get along with them.[10] Margaret obtains maid uniforms from her father’s servants.[11] After the cleaning, they have a nice tea party.[12]

On a certain day, the schoolgirls have to go to the infirmary for some body measurements. Cecil and Margaret are heavier than last time. According to Priscilla, they are growing, so it’s understandable.[13]

During a sleepover, Cecil wants to talk about scary stories, although Margaret is easily scared. Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret listen to Dalian’s frightening story. The girls embrace each other, terrified. When a lightning strikes nearby, the girls squeeze together in the same bed, too afraid to sleep alone.[3]

Priscilla is tasked to manage the preparations for the celebration of the school’s foundation. She sleeps in the classroom, exhausted. Margaret suggests a cheery blossom viewing to cheer Priscilla up. Margaret tries to calm Priscilla, but the latter keeps fighting Cecil. However, thanks to Dalian’s help, Margaret manages to make Priscilla relax. The girls have a picnic. Later, they take a nap under the cherry trees. The next day, Priscilla feels rejuvenated.[5]

Accompanied by Margaret, Cecil enters a clothing store to try a new swimwear. The girls find Dalian, who’s distracted with a book. They help Dalian try different sets of clothes. Later, they go to the cafe where Priscilla works. Priscilla is told about what happened. Cecil is excited to go to the beach. Margaret wants to learn how to swim.[14]

In the summer, the girls decide to cool off in the river. The girls wet their clothes. At the end of the day, the girls appreciate the fireflies.[15] Some other day, the girls go to the amusement park. Margaret has no courage to try the drop tower ride with Cecil. Soon after, Priscilla and the others enter a haunted house. Margaret is terrified, so the girls decide to hold hands. They eventually run in panic. After the frightening moment, Margaret realizes that she’s not holding Dalian’s hand, but the hand of a stranger in bunny suit. Margaret used to get lost when she was a child, so she becomes very anxious when Dalian goes missing. Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret eventually find her. Margaret hugs Dalian. Margaret chooses the next ride. The girls go together to the carousel.[7]

At the end of the summer vacation, Margaret is desperate with the amount of homework left. Margaret wants to copy Dalian’s homework. Priscilla drags Margaret to another room. Margaret is forced to finish the homework by herself, with Priscilla’s help.[6]

During the final preparations for the school festival, Margaret is tasked to prepare the costumes for the play. Hugh suddenly appears, calling for Dalian. Dalian walks away. Priscilla is devastated knowing that Dalian left. Cecil and Margaret lose their memories about Dalian.[8] Everyone acts as if Dalian never existed.

Cecil enjoyed the school festival. She’s already thinking about the event from next year. Priscilla feels sad, but she doesn’t know why. Margaret worries about her. Priscilla suggests going out to play. Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret feel like they are forgetting someone. Priscilla takes Cecil and Margaret to the classroom. Priscilla finally shows her notebook she uses to write. Priscilla wrote a novel about a little girl who loves books. Cecil recognizes the character created by Priscilla. Dalian suddenly appears. Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret recover their memories about Dalian. The four girls walk to the cafeteria together.[16]

Dalian Days End

The girls go to the cafeteria together.


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