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Marquise of Asquith
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Chapter 3 (light novel 8)

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The Marquise of Asquith was Lyfia’s mother and the user of the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. She appears in the Vignette of Eternal Twilight story.


She’s part of an influential aristocrat family. Her second marriage was with the Marquess of Asquith, thirty years before the main events of Vignette of Eternal Twilight. He ordered the Vignette of Eternal Twilight from the continent as a gift for the Marquise. However, it’s said that he died before presenting the Phantom Book to his wife, ten years before the main events of Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Rumors say that he sealed the Phantom Book somewhere inside the castle, a few days before his death.

In fact, the Marquise took the Vignette of Eternal Twilight for herself. Once a year, on her birthday, people are invited to the Asquith castle for a big celebration. The guests are told that the person who finds the Phantom Book will get a huge reward. However, some of the guests become human sacrifices to give eternal youth to the Marquise. The latter also preserves the young appearance of her maids and of her daughter Lyfia, who helps the Marquise to find victims who won’t be missed after they disappear. Because people disappear inside the castle, it’s said that the place is tainted with the Marquess’ curse. The police tried to investigate the case, but a culprit was never found.

Mithril sent a letter to the police, warning them that she will steal a Phantom Book from the Asquith castle. That’s why the Marquise tried to invite only trusted people. Shura, Marchbanks and Dawson were invited to the Marquise’s birthday. Other guests, totaling about five hundred people, came from all over the country and even from abroad. As many others, Hugh and Dalian also decided to search for the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Evelyn, one of the maids at the Asquith castle, received instructions from the Marquise to attract Marchbanks to the world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. The Marquise plans to use him as a human sacrifice. The Marquise knows about the Labyrinth Library.[1]


The Marquise is a cruel and vain woman, who doesn’t hesitate to kill in order to maintain her young appearance. She even uses her daughter Lyfia to obtain more victims. Lyfia and the servants are afraid of the Marquise. The latter kills everyone who enters the world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, including her maids. It’s easy to notice how dangerous she is only by looking at her. The Marquise doesn’t value the lives of others. Inside the world created by the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, she has absolute power. She laughs while killing her victims.[1]


The Marquise is far over fifty years old. She’s a stout woman. She’s beautiful, although her expression and eyes reveal a dangerous atmosphere. The Marquise seems full of youth, but approaching the end of her life at the same time. After using the Vignette of Eternal Twilight to make herself younger, she resembles her daughter Lyfia. She wears a luxurious purple dress made of velvet, embroidered with golden butterflies, as if wearing the twilight sky. After using the Phantom Book further, she assumes the form of a little girl of about twelve or fourteen years old. Her true appearance is that of an old, gray-haired woman with dry, cracked skin.[1]


Mithril enters the world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Two grim reaper dolls are sent to kill the Phantom Book Thief. Mithril uses her silver knife to destroy the creatures. More monsters are approaching. She hears a loud laughter in the distance.

Hugh and Dalian drive to the Asquith castle, where guests were invited for the Marquise’s birthday to search the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. It’s said that the Marquess sealed the Phantom Book somewhere inside the castle. He died before giving the Phantom Book as a gift for his wife. Now, once a year, the Marquise invites people to search for it, offering a huge reward for the one who finds it. Grosseteste and his subordinates are investigating the place. After all, the Phantom Book Thief warned them that she will steal a Phantom Book inside the Asquith castle.

Inside the castle, Shura examines a large portrait of a beautiful woman. Lyfia explains that the portrait depicts the Marquise, right after her marriage with the Marquess. Later, the Marquise shows up to examine her guests. She’s surrounded by her maids, exuding a dangerous atmosphere. She looks young and old at the same time. The Marquise smiles and leaves. Shura was too slow to take a photograph. Dalian expresses her hate for the Marquise.

At the library, Grosseteste mentions that several people disappeared during the Marquise’s last birthdays, although no criminal was found. It’s said that people inside the castle suffer with the Marquess’ curse. Shura wonders if the Vignette of Eternal Twilight really exists, or if the Marquise is fooling everyone. Hugh is curious to know why the Marquise doesn’t hire specialists to find the Phantom Book, and why she invites people for the search only once a year.

Hugh and the others, including private detective Marchbanks and the maid Evelyn, find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight inside a secret room. Dawson, one of the guests, opens the Phantom Book, which disappears soon after. The ceiling falls, crushing Dawson to death. The survivors return to the banquet hall. All guests and servants had vanished. The Marquise appears as young as her daughter Lyfia. Evelyn, the maid, begs for mercy. Evelyn had followed her master’s orders and attracted Marchbanks to the secret room. The Marquise waves her hand, showing no interest. She summons grim reaper dolls to kill the maid. The Marquise laughs, enjoying the bloodshed.

Hugh and the others run to library. Hugh deduces that the Marquise uses the Vignette of Eternal Twilight to have eternal youth. Lyfia and the maids are also affected. The Marquise invites people to her birthday, especially those who won’t be missed. Her circle of trusted people was limited after Mithril sent a letter. Nonetheless, the Marquise uses the guests as human sacrifices to preserve her young appearance. Even her maids become victims. That’s why people disappear in the castle every year. Hugh and the others are inside the world created by the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. In this world, the Marquise has absolute power. She can bring down ceilings and summon dangerous dolls at her will.

Two grim reaper dolls appear to attack the group. The Marquise is playing with Hugh and the others, like a child playing with toys. Two more creatures are summoned soon after. Mithril suddenly reveals herself to defeat the monsters. However, she has no power to oppose the Marquise. A little girl appears in the air, carrying wooden dolls. After absorbing the life forces of Dawson and Evelyn, the Marquise assumed a form younger than before. She plays with her dolls, breaking their limbs. She laughs, happy with the victims chosen by Lyfia. Now the Marquise is more connected with her Phantom Book, so she’s able to summon gargoyles, real monsters instead of dolls.

Dalian notices that the world created by the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is not perfect. The Phantom Book has a limit of how much information it can copy. If many books suddenly appear, the Vignette of Eternal Twilight may overload. The Marquise wonders how Dalian will bring books to that isolated dimension. The Marquise is surprised to learn that Dalian’s chest has the entrance to another library. Hugh removes an avalanche of books from inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf. The world created by the Vignette of Eternal Twilight collapses.

Back to the real world, Hugh runs to the Marquise’s bedroom. She had just been killed by Lyfia. The old, gray-haired Marquise has a dagger sticking out of her chest, blood trickling down her thin lips. She’s holding the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Lyfia had poisoned herself. Lyfia always feared her mother. Now, mother and daughter will pay for their sins. News about their deaths spread quickly throughout the castle. Later, it’s revealed that Mithril was trying to destroy the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. The thief was after the Phantom Books inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf.[1]




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