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Martin Geese
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Mātin Gīsu




Chapter 4 (light novel 2);
Episode 2

Voice actor

川島 得愛
Tokuyoshi Kawashima



Martin Geese was Estella's cousin and guardian. He ends up as victim of a supposed curse around her. He is present in the Book of Fetus story.


His mother was the sister of Estella's father. Martin knew about the curse around his cousin Estella and had an extramarital affair with her. Hugh wonders if he's only interested in the family inheritance. Martin perceived the deaths and disappearances involving the family as a curse coming from a Phantom Book hidden in the Colonel's collection.[1]

In the anime, Martin served as Estella's guardian after Colonel Lilburn passed away, coming to the secluded place where she lives to check on her. He would go to the mansion once a week, since the place is deep in the mountains. He also was responsible for the arrangements related to the logistics of food and servants.[2]


Not much is shown about Martin's personality, but he seems to be well-mannered, introducing himself to Hugh in a polite way and explaining the situation related to Estella's curse. According to Hugh, Martin may be a selfish man, only thinking about the inheritance after the Colonel's death. Martin is married, but he has a love relationship with his cousin Estella.[1]

In the anime, Martin shows concern about Estella's situation. He's also responsible, making sure Estella has what she needs to live in the mansion.[2]

Martin concerned

Martin is shown to be concerned about Estella.


Martin has brown eyes and black mustache and short hair. He looks like Colonel Lilburn. He wears a three-piece green suit, which has a vest in a darker color. He also sports a white shirt, lavender tie and dark shoes.[2] In the light novel, he's described as a bearded gentleman in his late thirties, apparently wealthy and with a calm atmosphere.[1]


Martin knocks on the door of the study where Hugh is assessing the Colonel's collection. Martin introduces himself and explains how he brought servants to take care of their food and accommodations. Hugh wonders if Martin is only interested in the inheritance. Hugh asks him if Estella is locked up in that place. Martin explains that she's in that secluded mansion due to a curse that brings murder to everyone that tries to take her out there. Martin describes how the curse committed Estella's parents and fiancés. He believes that the curse comes from a Phantom Book hidden somewhere in the Colonel's collection.

Huey and Geese

Hugh meets Martin Geese.

A few minutes before midnight of that same day, Hugh and Dalian mention Martin. Dalian criticizes Martin for saying that the murders are caused by a curse. She reveals that Phantom Books do not affect those who only own them. Hugh sees Martin through a window, walking with Estella. They are acting like lovers.

At midnight, Martin screams. Hugh runs outside, followed by Dalian. When Hugh arrived, Martin was already dead. Martin's body was found in the arms of the Golem, with a sliced throat. Estella was next to the Golem, with blood in her dress. The Golem leaps to the top of the mansion, leaving with Martin's body, unaffected by Hugh's shots.

The next day, Estella stabs Hugh and explains that she murdered Martin because he couldn't see her anymore, since his wife had found out about his visits. With his death, Martin would stay with Estella forever.

Martin's body was hidden by the Golem, which served its purpose of hiding the evidences of the murders committed by Estella and her grandmother.[1]


  • In the anime, Martin notices how Hugh doesn't use his right hand to shake hands.[2]




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