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Memories of That Day
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Dalian finds the Memories of That Day.

Original Name


Romanized Name

Ano Hi no Omoide




Chapter 9 (Dalian-chan)


It turns the user into a child.


Hugh Anthony Disward


At the Disward estate

Memories of That Day is a Phantom Book exclusive to the spin-off Dalian-chan's Bookshelf. Hugh read it by accident and turned into a child in Chapter 9.

It’s a simple book with the title on its light-colored cover.[1]


Dalian negligently forgot to put this Phantom Book away, so Hugh found it somewhere in the Disward estate and activated it by accident.[1]


The Phantom Book makes the user a child once again. The change is not only in appearance, since the person also becomes immature, childish. The user acts as if he lost his memories about the time he was an adult. The user can return to his normal self if he continues to read the Phantom Book. Back in adult form, the person has no recollection of the time the Memories of That Day was activated.[1]

Short clothes

Hugh turns into a child.


Hugh reads the Memories of That Day to return to his adult form. [1]

"Once upon a time, a grandfather, a grandmother, a mom, a dad, an older sister, a younger sister, a younger brother, a baby, a cousin, a close aunt, a close uncle…"

Sleeping reading

Hugh reads the Memories of That Day.


Dalian looks for Hugh but finds only a little boy in oversized clothing. He introduces himself as Hugh Anthony Disward. Dalian realizes that Hugh read the Memories of That Day, a Phantom Book which turns the reader into a child. She was careless for forgetting the book laying around. Dalian tells Hugh to wear a dress Kamilla gave her.

Eventually, Dalian becomes annoyed with little Hugh’s crying. She wants him back to his normal self. She tells him to read the Memories of That Day. She watches as he reads. They fall asleep. The next day, Hugh wakes up. He’s back to normal. He’s shocked to see that there are only some pieces of ripped cloth over his body.[1]

Hugh wakes up

Hugh returns to his normal self.


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