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Miss Roedean is Hugh’s aunt and the principal of the Cadfael School attended by Jessica and other girls from rich families. Miss Roedean appears in the Book of Gap story. She's also mentioned during The Girls' Long Night.


Miss Roedean is the principal of the school attended by Jessica Elphinstone, Matilda Linker and other well-born girls. Roedean plans to have her nephew Hugh marry a prominent woman for the family’s sake. In Book of Gap, the principal gave him permission to search the school library for a Phantom Book. However, her main reason to contact him is to make him meet Jessica, a potential fiancée.[1] Sometimes Phantom Books fall into Miss Roedean's hands. When that happens, she asks Hugh and Dalian to collect them.[2]

Cadfael School[]


The Cadfael School.

She manages a small, isolated all-girls boarding school by the sea, surrounded by pasture and countryside, located in the southern part of the kingdom. The library of the prestigious Cadfael School (カドフィール校 Kadofīru-kō) is a tall three-store building made of heavy stones and covered in ivy. It's a huge space to keep the disproportional vast collection of over 100,000 books donated by a famous bibliomaniac, a relative of Miss Roedean. Scientists and professors from neighboring towns often visit the library to check its valuable books. In the far corner of the school grounds there's a fragrant flower bed with a fountain in the center. There's a wooden bench on which one can read or relax.

About 400 well-born girls from 11 to 18 years old live in its large five-story dormitory recently converted from refurbished old houses. The lights of the dormitory are turned off at 10 pm. After the daytime classes, many schoolgirls are encouraged to attend art classes and practice sports such as swimming, cricket and horse-riding. The school has its own stable used by the popular equestrian club. The students bring their own horses. The girls attend to the horses in the evening. Most of the employees are also women.[1][2] Morgridge is a free lancer teacher of fine arts.[2] Serial killer Benjamin Diffring escaped prison and hide himself in the school library.[1]


Hugh always had trouble to deal with his aunt due to her strong personality. Miss Roedean tries to arrange a marriage for her nephew without consulting him, aiming to raise the status of the family. She even smiles and laughs at him, as if teasing the young man. Dalian’s appearance and rudeness do not intimidate the principal.[1] Since Miss Roedean is single, she takes Hugh as her companion during dinner parties.[2] She seems to be a smoker in the manga.[3]


She’s a blonde woman of intellectual and charming beauty. She's in her thirties.[1][2] In the manga, she appears with a relatively modern look, her hair combed into an updo. She wears a neckerchief and a formal top that goes with her short tube dress. The principal uses pearl earrings and necklace.[3]


Book of Gap[]

Jessica demands to know what Hugh and Dalian are doing in her school. The young man affirms that Miss Roedean, his acquaintance, authorized their visit to search for a book. When Teacher Nicola’s body is found, a large number of police officers are called to prevent a scandal. Later, Benjamin Diffring addressed a fake note to a teacher as if it was written by the principal. The teacher, following the instructions, went to deliver a book to Jessica, without knowing that the serial killer was hidden in the gaps between the pages, using the power of the Book of Gap.

Hugh and Dalian met the principal at her office after catching Diffring. Although Miss Roedean lost a teacher, she thanks them anyway for saving the students. She asks what Hugh thinks of Jessica. Miss Roedean wishes to see her nephew and Jessica together in the future, for the family’s sake. That’s why the principal contacted Hugh in the first place. The principal doesn’t extend the subject, since Dalian is staring at her with a scary face. Hugh and Dalian rise from the luxurious, leather reception sofa. Before they leave, Miss Roedean affirms that she won't do anything about Jessica. However, she doesn’t know what’s in the student’s mind.

Jessica final

Jessica organizes the school library as punishment.

Miss Roedean punished Jessica for going outside late at night. The schoolgirl was forced to organize the school library, since Dalian had removed the entire collection from the Labyrinth Library after catching Diffring. More than 100,000 books were randomly stacked.[1]

The Girls' Long Night[]

Jessica slept during class. As punishment, Miss Roedean tells the schoolgirl to take care of a visitor at the school's library. There, Jessica finds Dalian. The Biblioprincess feels insulted, since the principal choose Jessica for the task of keeping her company. Hugh isn't in the library. Miss Roedean had taken him to a dinner party. Dalian is visiting the school because Miss Roedean had collected some Phantom Books.[2]


  • The name of the character and the school she manages is a reference to the Roedean School, a boarding school in East Sussex, England, founded in 1885. As described in the light novel, the place is attended by girls aged 11 to 18. Among the sports that the students practice are lacrosse, cricket and horse-riding. As seen in the manga, the school is located on a cliff overlooking a body of water.[4][5]


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