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Chapter 3 (light novel 7)

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Morgridge is a freelance teacher at Jessica’s school. He is present in The Girls’ Long Night story.


He’s a freelance teacher of fine arts at the boarding school where Jessica studies. He doesn’t live in the teacher’s dormitory. He lives in a one-story building, in a resort town, on the seashore, about 10 miles from the school. The city has elegant hotels and facilities such as theaters and pubs. It’s a busy place, even during the night. Morgridge’s address is Bayside St. James, Street B area. He recognizes Jessica as a student from his school.[1]


Morgridge likes to drink heavily after work. He also enjoys the services of prostitutes. He understandably feels uncomfortable when a student learns about his habits. As a teacher of fine arts, he borrows books from the school’s library to use as reference for his charcoal sketches.[1]


He’s a bearded fat man in his forties.[1]


The librarian tells Jessica and Dalian that Morgridge took the book that the girls were after. He will return it in the morning. However, Jessica and Dalian have no time to wait. That night, the Pioneer Book will be in a dangerous state. At the teacher’s room, a young clerk refuses to tell Jessica about Morgridge’s address. It’s a school policy to prevent any inappropriate connections between students and teachers. Such thought makes Jessica uncomfortable. She uses the Collection of Visions to find Morgridge’s address.

Jessica and Dalian find Morgridge’s house in the seaside resort town nearby, but he doesn’t answer the door. The girls start to kick the door, trying to get inside. Someone shouts behind them. Morgridge had just stepped out of a cab, wobbling. He recognizes Jessica. His face is red. There’s an attractive woman next to him. Dalian can smell the alcohol from a distance. It’s obvious that Morgridge drunk a lot and returned home with a prostitute. He affirms that the woman is only a model for his paintings. He wipes the sweat from his forehead, visibly nervous. The prostitute wonders if Jessica is Morgridge’s fiancé. Jessica quickly denies it. The prostitute tells Morgridge that she won't return the deposit.

He asks Jessica why she isn’t in the dormitory. Dalian interrupts him to ask about the Pioneer Book. Her rudeness surprises him. He reveals that he borrowed the book to use it as reference for his charcoal sketches. Morgridge freezes, realizing that he forgot his bag in the cab. Jessica and Dalian go after the cab. Morgridge stays behind, confused. The prostitute lights a cigarette. She asks him if she should leave already.[1]




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