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Mother Eva Gisela
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Mazā Ēfa Gīzera


Droopy Eyes (タレ目 Tare-me)


Chapter 4 (light novel 5)

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Mother Eva Gisela is Emilie’s older sister. When the sisters read the Book of Connection, Eva died and her soul was absorbed by Emilie. Eva is part of the Book of Connection story.


Eva and her younger sister Emilie lived in a small church on the outskirts of Nudelwald. The church was built inside a natural cave at the mountainside. The church’s basement was converted into a crypt.

During an experiment conducted by Rasiel and the Professor, who aimed to create a new Phantom Book, Emilie and Eva read the Book of Connection. Since the book is a Phantom Book Egg, an incomplete Phantom Book, the experiment got out of hand. Eva died and her soul was absorbed by Emilie. The latter took her sister’s name and position as abbess of Nudelwald. Eva’s body was placed inside the church’s crypt.

Eva somehow managed to detach herself from Emilie’s body. Eva began to use Emilie’s name, living as a nun in the ruined church, using the place to care for the sick townsfolk who were thrown away by the monastery of Nudelwald. The church has cracked walls, damaged by rains and winds, and no door. Part of the roof has fallen. Inside the church, benches are used to lay down the patients. Eva knows that Emilie is involved with a Biblioprincess.[1]


Eva is first introduced as a bully and mean-spirited person, a strange attitude for a servant of God. Later, she reveals to be a good sister who cares for the others. She prays to God, asking to be saved from evil. Eva is childish, quick to pout, curse and to be annoyed when things are not in her control. The woman tries to keep people away from Nudelwald. She’s the only local who dares to oppose the monastery. Eva lives as Emilie.[1]


She’s a beautiful nun of about 20 years old. She wears a monastic tunic. The hood hides her thick golden hair. A large cross with precious stones sways across her chest. The young woman looks like a tomboy girl, with strong grey eyes with outer corners slightly lowered. Compared to Emilie, Eva has a more lively, natural and expressive face. Eva was wearing a white vestment and a similar large cross when her body was placed in the church’s crypt. Her real name is engraved on the back of this cross.[1]


Hugh and Dalian have just landed on the airport next to Nudelwald. A nun throws snowballs at them. There’s a large cross swaying across her chest. She tells them to leave the town. Due to Dalian’s strange outfit, the nun knows that she’s a Biblioprincess. The nun prays to God, asking Him to cleanse the evil. She gets angry when Hugh easily dodges the snowballs. Four other nuns approach. The snow-thrower nun disappears into a forest.

The fours nuns welcome Hugh and Dalian into a small church. There, Hugh examines the portrait of the current abbess. Hugh is informed that she’s known as Mother Eva Gisela. She looks a lot like the nun who attacked him earlier. Hugh and Dalian leave the church to explore the small town. There, they find an old man having a terrible coughing fit. The snow-thrower nun runs to check on Queneau. She identifies herself as Emilie Gisela. At first, she thought that Hugh and Dalian had hurt the man. Soon after, she forces the couple to help her. She shoves a basket into Dalian’s arms and tells Hugh to carry Queneau to her church.

The nun explains that Queneau had been thrown away by the monastery. The pastures nearby are abandoned. The young local men were recruited by the monastery to work in the mines bought by a mysterious man in white coat. Those who can't work to extract the glowing ores are discarded. According to the nun, the man in white is accompanied by a girl dressed as strangely as Dalian. Hugh and the others finally arrive at the ruined church where the nun takes care of the sick townsfolk forgotten by the monastery. The nun reveals that the patients are not over forty years old, although they look like old men. All she can do is pray and keep them company. She explains that no one would go against the monastery and their miracles. The nun leaves to prepare some coffee. Hugh and Dalian hate her concoction of dried roots.

Hugh leaves to explore the mines by himself. Meanwhile, the nun removes snow from the church’s roof. Dalian refuses to help. Dalian prepares a prescription for pain medication. Now the nun can collect local plants and roots to prepare a product that will relieve the patient’s pain. Before the nun can express her gratitude, she falls through the hole in the roof on top of Dalian. At that moment, Hugh returns to the church. He notices seven young monks coming from the darkness. One of them tells the nun that Mother Eva is waiting for her. The nun has a book to return. She screams when one of the monks shoots an electric discharge at a patient nearby, killing him. The nun has no choice but to obey the monks. She goes to her basket to grab a book with velvet cover. A monk touches a pillar which supports the church’s ceiling. The church collapses.

Hugh, Dalian and Queneau are the only survivors. Before dying, Queneau explains that the monastery is using the Book of Connection to control everyone in Nudelwald. Everyone in the small town is connected in mind. Such power explains how the monks knew about Hugh and Dalian, and how they are able to perform miracles. Dalian notices a crypt in the church’s basement. Hugh and Dalian find the body of the real Eva Gisela. They also find her large cross with her name in the back.

The Gisela sisters, who had exchanged names, now are one person. The abbess known as Mother Eva Gisela conducts a ritual in the largest church of Nudelwald. The place is full of monks and believers. Rasiel and the Professor stand next to the abbess on the altar. Now that the original Book of Connection was retrieved, everyone’s mind will merge into one and forget about suffering. The abbess wants to unite the whole world. Eva’s voice is heard, coming from the abbess’ mouth. She asks her sister to stop. The Book of Connection will only bring fake happiness. Hugh and Dalian reveal themselves in the crowd, asking for the Phantom Book Egg. The couple now understands that the abbess known as Eva is in fact Emilie. As proof, Hugh shows the large cross he found with the remains of the real Eva. In the past, the sisters read the Book of Connection. However, since it’s an incomplete and flawed Phantom Book, it resulted in Eva’s death and her soul being absorbed by Emilie. The latter was only brought to the monastery, becoming an abbess, in order to continue the Book of Connection experimentation. Rasiel and the Professor wish to turn the Phantom Book Egg into a complete Phantom Book.

Emilie-Eva screams in anger. She opens the Book of Connection and orders everyone to destroy Hugh and Dalian. However, the couple uses the Book of Imprint to brainwash her followers. Hugh tries to convince Emilie-Eva to stop her efforts in trying to merge people’s minds. The abbess falls on her knees, clutching her head, dropping the Book of Connection. She screams as hundreds of memories and personalities flow into her head, now that the power from Book of Connection came to a halt. Hugh and Dalian will have to kill Emilie-Eva in order to save everyone else who were united by the Phantom Book Egg. Even in pain, the abbess smiles and, using Eva’s voice, asks the couple to do it. She apologizes to Dalian. The Black Biblioprincess affirms that she will never forget Eva. Hugh opens a Phantom Book taken from the Labyrinth Library.

Around two months later, Hugh and Dalian return to Nudelwald. A young nun surrounded by children almost hits Dalian with a snowball. The nun doesn’t know Hugh and Dalian. Hugh had read the Book of Oblivion in order to seal Emilie-Eva’s memories of the past six months. According to the nun, the monastery had closed after dangerous minerals were discovered inside its mines. Dalian explains that she has a friend in the monastery that she will never be able to see again. The nun reassures Dalian with a smile, saying that their visit and memories will reach her friend’s heart. The nun offers them a mug of an awful coffee made from dried roots.[1]




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