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Natalia was Hugh’s nanny during his childhood. She appears in the Disaster and Temptation and The Key-Keeper stories.


Natalia was Hugh's nanny and housekeeper at Wesley's house, when Hugh's mother was living there. Natalia would take care of Hugh, when his mother was still alive. Even after her retirement, Natalia keeps looking after Hugh, visiting the Disward estate to help with cooking, cleaning, washing and other housework. Natalia knows Kamilla and Jessica’s families.[1][2]


Natalia is very kind for looking after Hugh, even after her retirement. However, Hugh finds her demanding, severe and bothersome. She worries about him, especially because he lives in a neglected house with no servants. She wishes to see Hugh taking care of the family and getting married. She refers to Hugh as “master”. Since she was his nanny, he doesn’t dare to argue with her. As a housekeeper working for Hugh's mother, she was used to her master's unusual decisions. When Natalia visits the Disward estate, Dalian goes into hiding. The Biblioprincess hates Natalia, because the old woman wants to feed her celery and carrots.[1][2]


She’s over fifty. She was beautiful as a young woman. The time turned her hair grey, wrinkled her skin and made her cheeks flabby. Natalia wears a simple, but very clean and tidy outfit. She has a strict look capable of frightening even brave men.[1]


Disaster and Temptation[]

Hugh walks the old woman to the door. He leans against the door and coughs, showing signs of a cold. According to her, Hugh never looks after his health. His late mother would be sad. Natalia worries about him. After all, he lives in a neglected house, with no servants. She hopes to see him married and settled. Only them she will calm herself. She mentions some parties where he may find a nice woman, such as Elphinstone’s daughter or the lady who returned from America. Hugh has a dissatisfied grimace on his face, but he’s unable to argue with Natalia. She was Hugh’s nanny, when his mother was still alive. Even after retiring, Natalia still visits Hugh to help with the housework. Natalia tells him to properly rest and eat hot food, ending her speech, for Hugh’s relief. She picks up a basket with remains of food and her favorite cutlery. She heads to the gate. Dalian finally appears from behind a pillar. She was hiding from Natalia, since the old woman wanted to feed her celery and carrots.

Later, Kamilla enters the Disward estate. Natalia had told her that Hugh is suffering with a cold. According to the old woman, Hugh was with a high-fever, deliriously calling for Kamilla. Natalia was obviously playing with Hugh’s feelings.[1]

The Key-Keeper[]

Natalia was working as a house-keeper for Hugh's mother, at Wesley's house. Hugh had left the mansion without permission, but his mother finds him. She also finds a little, wounded girl named Dalian. They walk back to the house. The servants meet them at the guest room. They had been worried about Hugh. They almost turned the house upside down while looking for him. Natalia reprimands him. The housekeeper examines the little girl rescued by Hugh's mother. The latter tells Natalia to give food, a bath and a change of clothes to Dalian. Natalia reminds Hugh's mother about the reporters who are about to arrive. Hugh's mother runs out of the room, followed by the servants. Hugh tells Dalian that his mother lives in the house with Natalia and other servants.

Later, Natalia glances at Hugh and Kamilla and sighs in disappointment. Someone had eaten all the fried breads prepared by the servants. Hugh knows that Dalian is responsible for that.[2]



A servant behind Hugh, during his childhood.




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