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Nicola was Jessica’s teacher and Benjamin Diffring’s last victim. She’s a minor character, part of the Book of Gap story.


She works under Principal Roedean, in the school which Jessica Elphinstone and Matilda Linker attend. Nicola is also a dorm supervisor. Matilda and the teacher had disappeared a few days before the events of the Book of Gap. Serial killer Benjamin Diffring was rumored to be hidden somewhere in the school at the time.[1]


Nothing was revealed about the teacher’s personality. Miss Roedean affirms that she was an excellent teacher.[1]


The tall woman was in her thirties.[1] In the manga, the teacher wore glasses and combed her hair into curls, keeping it away from her face.[2]


A student finds a leather bag on a bench of the schoolyard. Blood comes out from the book inside it. Then, a pallid, rigid hand emerges from a gap between the pages. It swells, returning to its three-dimensional form. Soon after, the half-naked body of a woman appears, covered in blood. Her expression of terror is still present. She died from blood loss due to a large wound on her abdomen.

Teacher's body

In the manga, Jessica faints after finding Nicola's body.

Hugh, Dalian and Jessica also find the body by following the student’s scream. Jessica knew the teacher and dorm supervisor. Nicola’s body has a vertical cut carefully made on the abdomen, as if it was part of a sacred ceremony. Some of her internal organs were removed. Although she had to be carried to that spot, the murderer left no trace behind, something only possible with the power of a Phantom Book. The corpse was taken by the police.

Later, it’s revealed that Benjamin Diffring is looking after a mother. The serial killer wishes to enter a womb once again and be reborn. He had used the Book of Gap to keep Nicola inside the gap between the pages.[1]

In the manga, Jessica is the one who finds her body. The schoolgirl faints soon after.[2]

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