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Pioneer Book
Pioneer Book
Jessica and Dalian running from the plant released by the Pioneer Book.

Original Name


Romanized Name

Kaitaku-sha no Sho




Chapter 3 (light novel 7)


It releases a terraforming plant to create an environment suitable for extra-dimensional beings.





Pioneer Book is a Phantom Book that Dalian and Jessica lost at the Cadfael School. Its magic went out of control, threatening the inhabitants of a seaside town close to the school. The Phantom Book is present in The Girls’ Long Night story.

It’s a filthy, tattered, smelly, old book, with a burned brown cover depicting stems and leaves. The Phantom Book is made from the same material of the vines it releases.[1]


It’s said that the author of the Pioneer Book is an intelligent alien who transcended the wall between dimensions and tried to immigrate to our world. Since it comes from another world, the Pioneer Book is priceless. In the past, civilizations from the forests of South America and from Africa released the curse of the Pioneer Book. However, no one survived, so now even Dalian doesn’t know the details about the magic of the Phantom Book. Miss Roedean somehow found the Phantom Book and asked Dalian to picked it up at the Cadfael School.[1]


The Pioneer Book can’t be sealed during the day. After sunset, a disenchantment ritual must be conducted. Only then the Phantom Book may be sealed in a library. Otherwise, it may go out of control. The Pioneer Book has a return date related to the celestial bodies. If the deadline is ignored, its magic will increase between midnight and the next new moon. At the same time, the seal that suppresses its magic weakens during this period, resulting in the release of a terrible curse with the slight stimulus.

When its curse is released, the surroundings are filled with air from another world. A dark mass coming out of the Phantom Book expands, becoming as large as a hill, swallowing people and buildings. The entity is a gigantic plant with long, thick, strange vines. Its main body has a mouth-like trap, similarly to what's seen in carnivorous plants. It has tremendous fecundity and an unusual growing rate. Its stem and leaves are like the ones depicted on the cover of the Phantom Book. The Pioneer Book serves as a stalk from where the plant grows. The vines are capable of digging into the ground.

The plant acts as a terraforming agent, reproducing and changing the environment to create a suitable atmosphere for extra-dimensional beings. However, the power of the Phantom Book is not enough to change the entire planet, although it can destroy an entire city. The plant absorbs people to transform them into beings adapted to an alien environment. The victims’ silhouettes are visible through translucent bumps found along the vines. The Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts may be used to contain the plant. The Hymn of Hel may be used to freeze and destroy it.[1]


Jessica and Dalian

Dalian doesn't let Jessica touch the Phantom Books.

Miss Roedean found some Phantom Books, so Dalian visited the Cadfael School to collect them. Jessica tries to read one of them, believing that they are common books. Dalian angrily tells her not to touch them, explaining that they are Phantom Books. The Biblioprincess can’t seal them now. The Pioneer Book requires a disenchantment ritual that must be performed only after sunset, otherwise it will go out of control. Dalian and Jessica are interrupted by four schoolgirls. Jessica’s classmates love Dalian’s appearance. They touch and squeeze the Biblioprincess. The latter runs away, but she accidentally hits a book cart. Jessica and Dalian organize the books. Soon after, Jessica realizes that one of the Phantom Books is missing.

Dalian panics. They must find the Pioneer Book before time runs out. The Phantom Book will become dangerously strong between midnight and the next new moon, while the seal that contains its power will become weak. In such state, any stimulus may release its magic. The Pioneer Book will cause trouble, although Dalian is not certain what will happen exactly. After all, everyone who releases its power dies. Jessica and Dalian must look for the four schoolgirls. One of them may have taken the Phantom Book by mistake. They find Sandra, Beth and Lynn, but the location of the Pioneer Book remains a mystery. Luckily, Jessica and Dalian find the librarian. The latter reveals that the book was taken by Morgridge, a fine arts teacher. The book had no inventory number, but the man promised to return it in the morning.

Jessica and Dalian can’t wait. They go to Morgridge’s house. Since the teacher is not home, the girls plan to kick the door open to retrieve the Phantom Book before midnight. The man gets out of a cab. He tells Dalian that he took the book to use as reference for his charcoal sketches. He freezes, realizing that he forgot his bag inside the cab. Jessica and Dalian go after the cab. The bell from a clock tower nearby strikes, indicating midnight. Now the Phantom Book is like a bomb. It will go off even with the slightest stimulus. The girls manage to stop the cab. However, there’s no bag inside it. It was probably taken by the last passenger. Dalian gives up.

A dark mass grows, covering the town center. The power of the Pioneer Book had been released by the thief. The gigantic plant extends its long, thick vines. According to Dalian, the valuable Phantom Book had been written by an extra-dimensional being. The plant is trying to terraform the town to provide an environment appropriate for aliens. It will destroy the whole town. The vines absorb the inhabitants to transform them into beings adapted to a different world. Jessica and Dalian try to run away to a hill, but they stop when the ground around them cracks open. Vines stretch out from underground to surround the girls. Dalian tries to use the insects from the Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts to stop the plant. However, the Biblioprincess can’t keep the magic active for long.

The girls need Hugh’s assistance. He must be looking for them. Jessica uses the Atargatis Scripture and the Collection of Visions to inform their location to Hugh. When the girls are almost covered by the vines, Hugh shows up in his car, running over the plants. He removes a Phantom Book from inside the Labyrinth Library. He uses the Hymn of Hel to freeze the plant. The vines become fragile, shattering into tiny pieces with the slightest touch. No plant can survive such a low temperature, even a plant from another world. The people swallowed by the plant got off with only a frostbite. The Pioneer Book was found, although it was severely destroyed.[1]


  • A possible terraforming method involves the use of plants. They accelerate the production of oxygen, theoretically making an alien planet eventually able to support animal life. For instance, photosynthesizing plants, bacteria, and algae grown directly on the Mars surface may warm up and thicken the atmosphere of the planet.[2]
    • In Cowboy Bepop, plants were used to terraform Venus, specifically to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis.[3]
    • Kaitaku-sha may also mean colonizer.[4] European colonial expansion involved the settlement of not only people, but also plants and animals.[5]
    • The pioneer species are hardy species which are the first to colonize barren environments or previously biodiverse steady-state ecosystems that have been disrupted.[6]
    • Dalian compares the plant from the Pioneer Book with blue-green algae from the Precambrian.[1] Also known as cyanobacteria, they are some of the longest living organisms on planet Earth. They were likely the first photosynthetic organisms and were responsible for adding the oxygen we breathe today to the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere of that period.[7]
  • The Queen of the Night is another plant that consumes humans.[8]
  • Dalian says that there's no plant able to survive below -70 °C.[1] In fact, some plants have extreme low temperature tolerance. Some species survive even when immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C.[9]


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