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Post-war Reconstruction Terrorists
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Terrorists (テロリストたち Terorisuto-tachi)

Leutnant (少尉 Shōi)

Fat man (太った男 Futotta Otoko) or Radioman (無線係の男 Musen-gakari no Otoko)


Chapter 5 (light novel 3)

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(Fat man: Unknown)

The Post-war Reconstruction Terrorists were German terrorists who aimed to attack an embassy of the royal city, where European leaders were reuniting to discuss about the post-war reconstruction. Their leader, the Leutnant, bought the Book of Atonement from the Professor and tried to use it to their advantage. The terrorists are present in the Book of Atonement story.


Leutnant is the lowest Lieutenant officer rank in the armed forces of Germany.[1] Officially, the man known as “Leutnant” does not have this title. After all, for some reason, he didn’t graduate from military academy. The German terrorists were more than dozen men. One of them was a fat man responsible for operating a radio. The Leutnant eventually bought the Book of Atonement from the Professor. The Leutnant planned to use the Phantom Book to attack an embassy, where European leaders were reuniting to discuss about the post-war reconstruction. Their motivation was protecting their homeland, which would suffer with guilty and heavy reparation costs. The Leutnant used the Book of Atonement to transform his comrades into zombies, except for the fat man.[2]


The terrorists are patriots looking to protect Germany after its defeat in the Great War. They do not accept the humiliating sanctions that their homeland would receive after the conferences of the European leaders. The Leutnant, particularly, would do anything to complete his plan, including using the Book of Atonement to transform his own comrades into zombies. He gets tense during the preparations for the attack. The terrorists are ready to hurt the population of the royal city and cause chaos, everything to stop the post-war reconstruction meetings. They are careful, preferring to test the Phantom Book powers before acting. The Leutnant seems to be severe, bossy and easily irritated and frustrated, while the radioman shows to be submissive, nervous and coward. The Leutnant tries to act friendly to Hal, noticing how strong he is. It’s unknown if the Leutnant gained his comrade’s respect honestly or by using the Book of Atonement to control them, nor if the plan was created by the terrorists or by the Professor.[2]


The terrorists dress up as newspaper sellers in order to execute their plan. The Leutnant, a young man, carries a pocket watch.[2]


Four days before the main events of the Book of Atonement story, a zombie attacked an embassy of the royal city, where dignitaries are gathering to discuss the post-war reconstruction. The zombie is shot down after injuring many police officers. The next incident was at a subway station, where the text of a Phantom Book was written in a signboard in order to transform passersby into living dead. Hugh shot the signboard down and read the Book of the Feast of the Dead of the Windowless Hall to eliminate the monsters. As deduced by Hugh, Dalian, Hal and Flamberge, the two events were experiments made by the German terrorists in order to evaluate the power of the Book of Atonement. Hugh and company try to discover the terrorists’ next step. They eventually deduce that the terrorists will use newspapers and the FA Cup finals in order to transform tens of thousands of people into zombies.

Now that the power of the Phantom Book is totally understood, the terrorists are ready to execute their plan. They gather at a printing shop, their retreat, where they prepare innumerous newspapers with the transcribed Phantom Book. They disguise themselves as newspaper sellers. The population will definitely read the terrorists’ extra edition, since everyone is interested in the reports about the FA Cup finals which is about to end. Their aim is to create chaos in the royal city and disrupt the post-war reconstruction conference, which will result in heavy penalties for their homeland.

Long Lost Library open

Hal opens the Long Lost Library to eliminate the terrorists.

The Leutnant checks his pocket watch and calls for his comrades, ready to start the plan. However, they can't start distributing the newspapers, since the game is not over, as informed the fat man, who is listening to the radio. The match is unusually long. Hal enters the printing shop, accompanied by Flamberge. He finds interesting how the extra editions are ready, even before the game is over. The Leutnant tries to act friendly. He affirms that the result of the match won't change, since the score is 7-0. However, the radioman despairs. Unbelievably, the match had been tied. Now the fake newspapers couldn’t be distributed. Flamberge says that it's a waste of transcribed Phantom Book. The Leutnant believes that they were are police officers. Hal identifies himself as a Book Burning Officer. With his involvement, the man in white coat who sold the Phantom Book would not put his hand on the matter.

The mention of the man in white coat makes Hal furious. This reaction turns the Leutnant violent. His comrades move to attack Hal. The bad smell is strong. The Leutnant had used the Book of Atonement to transform them into zombies. The outcome of the match didn’t matter anymore. Hal removes a Phantom Book from the Long Lost Library. The Leutnant believes that Hal would read it, which wouldn’t be possible, since the zombies were almost reaching him. However, Hal loads the Phantom Book in his staff and uses the generated power to burn the zombies and the fake newspapers. The radioman escapes. The Leutnant, the only terrorist left, opens the Book of Atonement to turn into a zombie. He’s also consumed by the flames. His last words are about humans that burn books. Eventually, Hal will also burn humanity. Hal affirms that he already burned someone important to him with his own hand.[2]


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