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Gou Shinomiya



The Professor is Rasiel’s guardian and the key-keeper of the Rasiel’s Bookshelf. He’s part of the Libricide, The Mystic Archives of Rasiel and the Book of Connection chapters.


The Professor is the key-keeper of the Rasiel’s Bookshelf. He has the golden key which opens the lock on Rasiel’s left eye and grants access to the library. The Professor is usually accompanied by Rasiel, the Biblioprincess whom he protects. He cooperates in her effort to use humans as tools to create new Phantom Books and eventually revive the angel Rasiel and the Sefer Rasiel. The Professor also has a particular objective, which is to empower Germany, his homeland, since the country is suffering brutally after losing the Great War. The Reich even was forced to demilitarize under the terms of a defeatist treaty.[1][2] The Professor works as the sole doctor at a suspicious hospital located at the corner of two small streets.[3] He’s one of the targets of Hal.[4]

When Ilas died during the Great War, when his hometown was attacked by a railway gun of the Central Powers, Rasiel and the Professor resurrected him using a Phantom Book. Rasiel and the Professor continued to watch Ilas throughout the war, hoping that his writings filled with madness would become a complete Phantom Book. In order to stay close to Ilas, the Professor disguised himself as a bartender working inside a military base. At the end of the Great War, Rasiel and the Professor saw Hugh defeating Ilas during a dogfight and ruining their plans of creating a new Phantom Book.[1]

The Professor gave the Book of Atonement to the Leutnant as a way to support a terrorist attack against London.[5] Rasiel and the Professor gave the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen to Mabel Nash.[4] They also gave the Book of Connection to Emilie and Eva, trying to convert the Phantom Draft into a complete Phantom Book. Since the Phantom Draft was unstable, Eva died and her soul was absorbed into Emilie’s body. The Professor also expects to use the minds of everyone in Nudelwald to develop a fission bomb for Germany’s arsenal.[2]

In the manga, Rasiel and the Professor are guardians of the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. In this adaptation, the Professor is involved in Wesley’s death.[6]


Like Rasiel, the Professor offers Phantom Books and Phantom Book Eggs to humans, and he doesn’t feel guilty when they suffer while using the forbidden knowledge. Although he gives tools for humans to achieve what they want, the Professor is only thinking about his own gain.[2] He follows Rasiel in her effort to create new Phantom Books.[1] The Professor is a patriot, unable to accept the outcome of the Great War and the penalties imposed to his homeland. He wants to give power to Germany, no matter if he has to resort to bloodshed, terrorism or trickery.[2][5] The Professor is clever, educated, manipulative and cruel. He feels no guilty for the harm he causes with his plans, acting as if he’s a medical student conducting fatal experiments to worthless specimens. Although he smiles, his eyes remain cold.[2] The Professor likes gambling.[7] In Dalian-chan's Bookshelf, the Professor is kind, lively and friendly, although his villaneous side is shown sometimes for comical reasons. He likes to interact with Hugh and Dalian. In this spin-off, he's depicted as a bishōnen character, showing an androgynous beauty.[8]


Professor (manga)

The Professor, as depicted in the manga.

He’s described as a tall and slender handsome man of indeterminate age and narrow shoulders, with a graceful face like of an actor’s. He wears a doctor’s white coat. The Professor ties his long hair at the back of his head. He looks androgynous.[1][2]

In the anime, under his white coat, he wears a pink vest and a violet fabric covering his chest. He wears white pants, shoes and a long-sleeved shirt. He wears a pair of brown gloves. He has a mole under his lips, on the left side of his face. His sinister eyes are purple. His long blond hair is braided in a tail.[9] In this adaptation, he has a green gem at the back of his right hand, a mark indicating where the key to the Rasiel’s Bookshelf is kept.[10]

In the manga, he uses a light hat, a light cravat and a dark cane where a blade is concealed. His hair is longer in this adaptation.[6] In Dalian-chan's Bookshelf, the Professor is a handsome man who ties his long hair at the back of his head. He uses an olive tie and wears a white coat over a black shirt.[11]



Mabel watches as her hometown is destroyed during the German bombing campaign. Rasiel and the Professor approach her. The Professor affirms that what’s broken can be repaired. He gives the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen to Mabel. The latter lowers her gaze to the Phantom Book. When Mabel raised her head again, Rasiel and the Professor had already disappeared.[4]

Marbel receives a Phantom Book

Rasiel and the Professor give the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen to Mabel.

Winning Strategy[]

A stranger notices how good of a gambler the Professor is. The latter was sat at a roulette table, a box full of chips in from of him. The stranger warns the Professor about overestimating his luck and skills. According to the stranger, soon enough, the casino is destined to take all the money from the Professor. The stranger, on the other hand, considers himself unbeatable. He apparently has a Phantom Book which shows him the results of all gambles. He invites the Professor to play with him. However, the Professor refuses. After all, he’ll have a meeting soon.

Rasiel and the Professor are welcome by the casino’s manager. The Professor asks about the business. The manager was not making a profit with his old schemes, but everything changed when the Professor’s idea was implemented. Following the Professor’s instructions, the casino spread rumors about a Phantom Book containing the results of all games. The manager hands a suitcase full of money to the Professor as payment. The manager asks why the Professor’s method worked. According to the Professor, everyone wants to think they have special information, especially those who deem themselves superior to others.

As they are about to leave the casino, Rasiel and the Professor watch the stranger losing all his chips and making a fuss. With a smile on his face, the Professor expresses his passion for gambling.[7]

Book of Atonement[]

Hal and Flamberge find the Leutnant, leader of the terrorists who were using the Book of Atonement to turn people into zombies in order to disrupt the post-war reconstruction meeting held in London. Hal identifies himself as a Book Burning Officer. According to the Leutnant, the man in white who offered the Phantom Book told the terrorists that he will not be involved if the Book Burning Officer shows up. Hal is unable to hide his hate for the man in white.[5]

The Mystic Archives of Rasiel[]


The Professor, disguised as a bartender.

During the Great War, after a day piloting for the Central Powers, fighter ace Ilas, known as the legendary Faceless Ghost, goes to the bar of the military camp. Disguised as a bartender, the Professor has a brief conversation with Ilas while polishing the glasses. Ilas asks about the overall situation of the war. The bartender has surprisingly extensive intelligence that not even junior officers have. According to him, the shortage of goods is seriously affecting the homeland. The bartender looks surprised when Ilas seems sad with the end of the war drawing close. The bartender laughs when Ilas expresses his taste for death. Ilas and the bartender have talked before. The bartender knows that Ilas is fond of poetry. The bartender admires Ilas, who seems capable of listening the thoughts of his opponents. Ilas feels like he’s being watched by a little girl. The bartender tilts his head in confusion when Ilas mentions her. After all, such vision is unexpectable in a military base.

A few days later, Ilas is shot down by Hugh. Ilas leaves the cockpit, ready to return to battle. Rasiel appears, accompanied by the bartender. Now it’s clear that the couple infiltrated the military base to watch Ilas giving birth to a new Phantom Book. Although Ilas wants to continue the dogfight, Rasiel tells him that the legend of the Faceless Ghost is over. His Phantom Book will remain unfinished forever. Ilas falls to his knees. His body becomes a corpse. Ilas realizes that he died during a German bombing, but he was resurrected by Rasiel and the Professor as part of a plan to create a new Phantom Book. The Professor uses a Phantom Book to let Ilas die again. Soon after, the Professor inserts the Phantom Book into Rasiel’s left eye. The Professor is interested in Hugh, the pilot who ruined his plans. The Professor wishes to meet him. He’s certain that they will face each other someday. The Professor clutches a golden key in his hand.[1]

Book of Connection[]

Standing at the window, the Professor smiles, watching the military airplane piloted by Hugh landing on Nudelwald. The Professor is using the local monks as calculating machines to develop a weapon that countries around the world will fight for. He seems to be cheerfully expecting a bloodshed. The Professor thanks the abbess for providing her men. Hugh and Dalian eventually learn that the local mines were bought by a man in white coat accompanied by a short girl strangely dressed.

Later, Hugh meets the Professor while exploring a mine where radioactive ore is being extracted. The Professor advises Hugh not to touch the luminous ores. The Professor talks about their radioactive properties. He told the miners to be careful, but the workers ended up severely ill. Hugh gets angry, seeing how the Professor treats humans as laboratory mice. The Professor knows Hugh and his past as a pilot. The Professor knows everything that happens in Nudelwald. He reveals that his objective is to create new Phantom Books. He enjoys observing people using Phantom Books to seek love, to get rid of fear, to fill a hole in their hearts. The Professor asks Hugh’s purpose. The Professor wonders why Hugh acts as the Black Biblioprincess’ key-keeper. The Professor disappears into the darkness.

The abbess is about to use the Book of Connection to perfectly unite all the inhabitants of Nudelwald. Hugh and Dalian appear to intervene. Hugh recognizes the Professor as a key-keeper. However, Rasiel affirms that Hugh is way inferior. Hugh and Dalian use a Phantom Book to control everyone in Nudelwald. Since the inhabitants' minds are connected, if only a person is affected, everyone else will follow. The abbess yells in pain as everyone’s thoughts flow into her head. The Professor recognizes the Book of Imprint used by Hugh and Dalian. The Professor expresses his disappointment. The monks of Nudelwald were almost completing the formula. Now, the Professor won't be able to provide his homeland with a nuclear weapon. He wishes to see the greatness of the Reich once again. The Professor raises his right hand, in which a golden key flashes. He opens the Rasiel’s Bookshelf. Rasiel and the Professor disappear, probably using a Phantom Book which allows the user to move through space.[2]

The Working Man[]

A man who worked too much fell ill. He goes to a suspicious hospital. The Professor notices how exhausted the man is. The Professor plans to prescribe a tonic for him. The man should be fine after a three-days rest. However, the patient has no means to leave his shop closed for so long. The Professor advises him to hire someone to keep the business open, but the shopkeeper has no relatives nor money. The shopkeeper wishes to have a second body. The Professor smiles and gives a Phantom Book Egg to the patient. The Professor tells the patient to follow the recommendations written in it.

The man returns to the hospital three days later. The patient had drunk the medicine described in the Phantom Book Egg. The next morning, a copy of himself had appeared. According to the Professor, the division was a success. The shopkeeper’s wish of having a second body was fulfilled.

The shopkeeper uses the Book of Division once again to create many copies of himself. When a cold winter came, they all died. Rasiel and the Professor talk in the examination room of the suspicious hospital. The Professor explains that species that reproduce asexually are devoid of genetic diversity. That’s why the shopkeeper and his copies died as soon as a disease appeared.[3]

Song of the Unseen Tomorrow (anime-only)[]

The Professor is testing the Book of Atonement. He plans to use the Phantom Book to turn the people of London into zombies. Hugh and Dalian find the printing shop used by the Professor to produce newspapers containing forbidden knowledge from the Book of Atonement. The Professor invites Hugh and Dalian for some tea. The Professor knows Hugh as Wesley’s grandson, as a former pilot and as the Black Biblioprincess’ key-keeper. When Rasiel arrives, Hugh recognizes the Professor as a key-keeper. Rasiel and Dalian offend each other. The Professor caresses Rasiel’s face to calm her. According to the Professor, that’s not the day for Rasiel to be angry. After all, they are almost ready to disrupt the post-war reconstruction meeting. The Professor won’t allow his homeland to pay for the damages caused by the war.

The Professor asks Hugh about his purpose. The Professor wonders why Hugh acts as the Black Biblioprincess’ key-keeper. As an answer, Hugh exposes his wish to free the girl inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. The Professor laughs at the unexpected answer. Suddenly, the Professor uses a Phantom Book shaped like a handgun to shoot Hugh. The latter collapses, severely wounded. The Professor is satisfied to use a Phantom Book that even the Black Biblioprincess doesn’t know. The Professor is against keeping Phantom Books inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. He aims at Dalian. When he’s about to pull the trigger, Hugh shoots his hand. The Phantom Book flies away. The Professor’s hand is wounded. Rasiel and the Professor watch as Hugh runs away, carrying Dalian in his arms. With a movement from his hand, the Professor orders the zombies created by the Book of Atonement to chase and kill Hugh and Dalian.

The production of the newspapers with forbidden knowledge is finished. The Professor is ready to proceed with his plan, but Hal appears to burn everything with his staff. According to the Professor, someday Hal will also burn humans. Hal tells him that he already burned someone precious to him. Rasiel and the Professor walk away. Later, the couple appears inside an airship. The Professor is not as frustrated as Rasiel for the failed plan. He envisions the beginning of a new world. He expects to face Hugh once again in the future.[9]

Book of Lifetime (manga-only)[]

At the counter of a bar, Hugh listens to the story of an old man who, as a child, entered the Dantalian’s Bookshelf and modified his own Book of Lifetime to become immortal. At a table nearby, Rasiel and the Professor listen to the same story. Hugh eventually walks away, leaving the old man sleeping on the counter. The owner of the bar apologizes to Rasiel and the Professor for the old man’s attitude. The latter always gets drunk and tells the same story. Rasiel and the Professor walk away.[12]

The Dictator's Book (manga-only)[]

Rasiel tells the story of a young politician and The Dictator’s Book to a German leader. Although the latter is interested in the Phantom Book, Rasiel affirms that The Dictator’s Book didn’t choose him. Rasiel walks away, accompanied by the Professor.[13]

Book of Wisdom (manga-only)[]

On a certain night, Rasiel floats inside the empty classroom where Mildred teaches. She finds the Book of Wisdom and seals it inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. She meets the Professor outside. He notices how happy she seems. Rasiel is looking forward to meet Dalian once again.[14]

Book of Wisdom II (manga-only)[]

Hugh and Dalian meet Charlotte at the top of a tower, in a castle where the W Machine is being developed. Rasiel and the Professor appear. A giant arm reaches out from a portal on the ground. The Professor had opened the Dantalian’s Bookshelf, hidden behind Rasiel’s left eye, to grab the Loge and summon the giant. The couple stands on the shoulder of the monster. Dalian explains to Hugh that Rasiel and the Professor are also guardians of the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. The Professor reads the Phantom Book. The giant envelopes the top of the tower in flames. Dalian uses the Book of Styx to block the magic from the monster.

Hugh points his gun at Rasiel. The Professor appears behind Hugh, attacking him with a cane. Hugh blocks the blow with his revolver. The Professor notices how Hugh looks like Wesley. The Professor insinuates that he was involved in Wesley’s death. The Professor attacks Hugh with the blade hidden inside the cane. Hugh had a Phantom Book in his pocket, so a serious injury was prevented. After the confrontation, the Professor opens a portal using a Phantom Book. Rasiel and the Professor disappear.[6]

Dalian-chan's Bookshelf[]

In Chapter 2, Hugh and Flamberge find Rasiel in the garden of the Disward estate. Rasiel explains that she was walking with the Professor to buy groceries, but she decided to wait for him in the garden to avoid the crowd. Flamberge angers Rasiel by saying that the Professor must be looking for a naughty magazine. Hours later, the Professor finally shows up. He apologizes for the waiting. He’ll prepare escargot for dinner. Rasiel and the Professor walk away.[15]

Professor intro

The Professor finally shows up.

An obstacle course is shown in Chapter 3. Rasiel and the Professor arrive at the venue. Rasiel is ready to sit in the audience to watch the foolish humans compete. However, she’s surprised to see that the Professor is stretching. The couple will also compete. During the race, Hugh and Dalian see Rasiel and the Professor. The latter has a supply of energy drinks. Dalian is infuriated, but Hugh affirms that the Professor is not going against the rules. Later, Hugh and Dalian see Rasiel and the Professor climbing a wall.

Hugh and Dalian reach the last part of the race. Now they must grab one of the pieces of paper on the floor and cross the finish line with the thing described on the paper. The paper chosen by the Professor and Rasiel contains the words “white coat”. They are lucky, since the Professor is always wearing a white coat. However, Hal shows up, revealing that he also has to cross the finish line with a white coat. Hal and Flamberge run after Rasiel and the Professor. Hugh and Dalian eventually win the race. Rasiel and the Professor finish second. The Professor enjoyed the exercise.[16]

Race end

The race ends.

Professor Job

Hugh and Dalian meet the Professor.

In Chapter 4, Hugh and Dalian go out to buy winter items. They arrive at the store. The Professor welcomes them. Hugh and Dalian suspect that he’s doing something wrong. The Professor feels offended. He explains that he’s working on a part-time job. He’s doing well, since his beauty attracts customers. However, Hugh still suspects him. The Professor reveals that, in fact, he’s observing how easy people can be manipulated. Hugh and Dalian affirm that the Professor is only beautiful in the outside.

Professor offer

The Professor offers a Phantom Draft to Hugh.

The Professor shows some products. He has a bottle of a virus that can destroy a country in a day. Hugh wants distance from the bottle. He just wants to stay warm in the winter. The Professor offers a Phantom Draft that warms the body from the inside. Since the Phantom Draft is unstable, it might burn the user’s whole body. Hugh tells him not to offer something so dangerous.

Dalian looks for something interesting. She finds a kotatsu, a heating appliance used in a certain country in the Orient. Dalian notices that Rasiel is sleeping under the kotatsu. The Professor carries Rasiel away and welcomes Hugh and Dalian to try the kotatsu. Hugh and Dalian enjoy the warmth. The Professor offers some mandarins to improve the experience. Hugh still suspects him.

Dalian kotatsu

The Professor enjoys the kotatsu.

Hugh is so comfortable trying the kotatsu that he falls asleep. The Professor approaches him. The Professor asks Hugh if he decided to buy the kotatsu. Hugh and Dalian happily leave the store with the item. Back to the Disward estate, Hugh prepares the tea. Through the window, he sees falling snow. Hugh calls Dalian to see it, but he finds her sleeping under the kotatsu, hugging her new teddy bear. He’s shocked to see Rasiel and the Professor, also enjoying the kotatsu. The Professor decided to visit, now that his part-time job was over.[17]

In Chapter 5, Hugh is organizing a Christmas party. Rasiel and the Professor show up. Hugh is happy to see that the Professor made a cake. Hugh invites them for a party. Unfortunately, the Professor stumbles and the box with the cake falls on the floor. Hugh soothes the Professor, saying that they still can eat the cake. The taste didn’t change. The Professor stares at Hugh, as if infatuated.

The Professor decides to prepare other dishes. Flamberge and Hal arrive. They brought meat. Hal goes to the kitchen to prepare it. The Professor is already there. He looks like a woman, missing only a chest. Hal lights a match, but the Professor thinks that he’s too noisy. Hal yells, as if he’s using his staff to burn something.

The Christmas party starts. The cake is revealed. It’s ruined. Hugh forgot that it had fell on the ground. During the party, Hugh notices that Dalian is thoughtful. She’s thinking about Santa. The Professor distracts her by giving her a gift. The Professor made a mug for her.[18]

In Chapter 6, it's revealed that the Professor sent a New Year card to Hugh and Dalian. The Professor wrote that he wants to work with Hugh and Dalian again this year. The Professor affirms that he’s sick, so they should send gifts to his address. Hugh and Dalian don’t believe him.[19]

In Chapter 7, Dalian invites Flamberge and Rasiel to make Valentine's Day chocolates. Hugh, Hal and the Professor have no choice but to wait inside a cold igloo. The girls eventually call them to taste the chocolates. Professor is excited to try Rasiel’s chocolate cake. He collapses as soon as he bites into it. Dalian reveals that she changed Rasiel’s recipe.[20]

Strange gift

Hugh and the Professor think about a strange gift for Dalian.

In Chapter 8, it's revealed that the Professor has another part-time job. After all, he spent a lot of money taking Rasiel out to eat. Hugh met him in a store while looking for a White Day gift for Dalian. The Professor imagines that a perfect gift for Rasiel would be human misfortune.

Kamilla shows up. She suggests a stuffed animal as a gift for Dalian. Hugh and the Professor seem excited for a plushie in the shape of a bizarre head. Kamilla dissuades Hugh from buying that. She suggests other items, but Hugh and the Professor keep thinking about strange things, such as ugly earrings and socks.[21]

In Chapter 10, Hugh and Dalian go to the beach. Dalian meets Rasiel. The latter explains that she came to the beach with the Professor. He’s relaxing on a swim ring. Dalian notices that he’s surrounded by sharks. Rasiel affirms that he’s enjoying the thrill of the ocean, everything calculated. However, he’s clearly being attacked by the sharks.[22]

Professor shark

Rasiel goes to the beach with the Professor.

In the Final Chapter, Hugh and Dalian search for the Devil in order to escape the RPG world they entered by mistake. It’s revealed that the Devil is in fact Rasiel. She says that her aide is enough to deal with Hugh and Dalian. She calls her aide, who is revealed to be the Professor.

Level 999

Flamberge and Hal beat the Professor.

Dalian tells Hugh to defeat him. However, the Professor is a level 99 character, and he will be using his concoctions to battle. Hugh, a level 1 character, is not confident. The Professor is ready to defeat Hugh. Suddenly, the Professor is hit by a coffin. Flamberge and Hal are late, since they were leveling up. Now they are almost level 1000 characters. The couple beats the Professor. Dalian wonders if now they can defeat the Devil. Rasiel pretends that she’s a level 1000 character, but in fact she’s a level 1. With the Professor as an aide, she never expected that she had to fight.

Hugh is ready to defeat Rasiel with his low-level equipment, but she reveals that the challenge is not a simple fight. After some thought, Rasiel explains that the challenge is a rock paper scissors game. Rasiel reveals that she never lost against the Professor, but Dalian is sure that the Professor lets her win. Rasiel and Dalian play their hands. Defeated, Rasiel runs to the arms of her wounded partner.[23]


  • Gou Shinomiya voices Jorgun Bakusa from Gurren Lagann, another series from GAINAX.[24]
    • In interview, the voice actor affirms to be curious about the continuation of the series. Shinomiya enjoyed the world of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian.[25]
    • Shinomiya finds Rasiel cute. He also likes Hal. Shinomiya appreciates his sense of duty and his impressive weapon.[25]
  • To promote the anime, volumes 1 to 7 of the light novel were released with new covers depicting the character designs from the adaptation. The Professor was featured in volume 6.[26]
Professor cover

Cover of the light novel volume 6 special edition.


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