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Queneau was a resident of Nudelwald. He was a miner who suffered from radiation exposition. He appears in the Book of Connection story.


Six months before the main events of Book of Connection, the mines beneath the Nudelwald Abbey were bought by the Professor, who was after ores of radioactive materials. The monastery hired every young man in town as miners, including Queneau. The Book of Connection was used to brainwashed them. Queneau eventually got sick from the exposition to radiation and was thrown away by the monastery. In the past, the man won first place in a weightlifting competition.[1]


Queneau’s illness prevents him from showing his personality. He uses his last moments of life to reveal to Hugh and Dalian about the monastery and the Book of Connection. Queneau asks Dalian to hold his hand, wishing to be in company of someone during his death.[1]


He looks like a thin grey-haired man with age spots. He’s thirty-five years old, although his illness makes him look like an old man.[1]


Hugh and Dalian are exploring Nudelwald. Queneau is sat on the edge of the road. He falls on the ground, having a coughing fit. He lets out painful moans, but everyone around ignores the man. A nun runs to check on him. She forces Hugh to carry Queneau on his back. The nun explains that the monastery had discarded Queneau. Queneau must be carried to her church, a place the nun uses to care for patients.

Inside the church, Hugh and Dalian look at the benches, where the patients lie, under blankets. Those men, including Queneau, are no more than thirty-five years old. However, they look like old man, their health impaired after working as miners for the monastery. Hugh lays Queneau on one of the benches. Later, Hugh examines the mines and learns from the Professor that the patients suffer from radiation exposition.

Seven monks from the monastery enter the church to take a book from the nun. They perform miracles to achieve their objective, to the point of killing one of the patients with an electric discharge. One of the monks touch a pillar and makes the church collapse. Hugh, Dalian and Queneau are the only survivors. Luckily, the latter was lying under thick beams, so the roof didn’t crush him. However, he’s in a critical state. Sharp stone ships have cut his body. His right leg is broken. Blood flows from his mouth, indicating a possible damage to his internal organs. Hugh plans to carry Queneau back to the town, but the debilitated man tells him to let him die.

Queneau uses his last breath to share information with Hugh and Dalian. It’s revealed that the monastery controls everyone using the Book of Connection. It unites everyone’s mind. What one sees, feels and thinks is known by everyone else. That’s how the monks can perform miracles. Queneau tells Hugh and Dalian that the monastery cannot be stopped. The monastery treats their brothers like tools, discarding them when they become useless. Queneau coughs blood. He asks Dalian to hold his hand. He closes his eyes, satisfied. He doesn’t want to be alone during his death. His hand becomes limp. Hugh places his body on a bench in the ruined church.[1]


  • Other characters with the same symptoms as Queneau named by the nun are Schellenberger (シェレンベルガー Sherenberugā) and Kahler (ケーラー Kērā).[1]
  • The Professor describes the symptoms of radiation sickness. Complications include nausea, diarrhea, redness of skin, hair loss and failure of the immune system.[1][2]
    • The Professor affirms that radiation poisoning is not yet understood.[1] In fact, the dangers of radiation poisoning was only extensively studied with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.[2]
    • Miners were affected by radiation poisoning as early as the 15th century. In Schneeberg, Germany, miners frequently suffered on an early deadly lung disease, later identified as lung cancer induced by a radioactive gas.[3]


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