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Crimson Biblioprincess (紅の読姫 Aka no Yomihime)

Biblioprincess (読姫 Yomihime)


Fragment 1 (light novel 1);
Chapter 3 (manga);
Episode 6



Voice actor

Sayuri Yahagi



Rasiel is the Crimson Biblioprincess. She guards the Rasiel’s Bookshelf along with her key-keeper the Professor. Since they cruelly use humans to create Phantom Books, they are Hugh and Dalian’s rivals. Rasiel is mostly featured in fragments, but she’s also part of the Libricide, The Mystic Archives of Rasiel and the Book of Connection chapters.


Rasiel was the leader of the angels who has been granted the right to stand at the throne of God and record all events in the world. He knew all secrets about Heaven and Earth and recorded them in a book, the Sefer Rasiel (セファー・ラジエール Sefā Rajiēru) or Book of Rasiel (ラジエルの書 Rajieru no Sho). Envious of Rasiel’s position, the other angels threw the Sefer Rasiel into the sea. After it went ashore, it passed through many hands. The Sefer Rasiel was copied into many books. The original one, containing all the secrets of Heaven and Earth ceased to exist. The angel himself also vanished.

According to a wise man, Rasiel shall be resurrected when all secrets, the Phantom Books, are put together, sealed inside the Rasiel’s Bookshelf. Rasiel, the Crimson Biblioprincess, the vessel which contains the Rasiel’s Bookshelf, wants to spread misery and fear throughout the world, a condition to create Phantom Drafts, obtain complete Phantom Books and recreate the Sefer Rasiel. The Professor acts as her key-keeper.

When Ilas died during the Great War, when his hometown was attacked by a railway gun of the Central Powers, Rasiel and the Professor resurrected him using a Phantom Book. Rasiel and the Professor continued to watch Ilas throughout the war, hoping that his writings filled with madness would become a complete Phantom Book. At the end of the Great War, they saw Hugh defeating Ilas during a dogfight and ruining their plans of creating a new Phantom Book.[1] In the anime, Ilas knows about the Sefer Rasiel.[2]

Rasiel and the Professor gave the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen to Mabel Nash.[3] They also gave the Book of Connection to Emilie and Eva, trying to convert the Phantom Draft into a complete Phantom Book. Since the Phantom Draft was unstable, Eva died and her soul was absorbed into Emilie’s body.[4] In the manga, Rasiel gives the Timetable to Heizer Hayling and the Book of Wisdom to Charlotte Edgecumbe.[5][6] Rasiel and Dalian know each other, although nothing was revealed about their past together. Like Dalian, Rasiel is much older than she looks. According to Dalian, Rasiel used to wet her bed.[4]

In the manga, Rasiel has access to the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Rasiel and Dalian’s counterparts are seen together inside the library. In this adaptation, Rasiel believes that Phantom Books should be shared with humans. According to Rasiel, Dalian shouldn’t act like a God, keeping the Dantalian’s Bookshelf to herself. In the anime and manga adaptations, Rasiel is able to magically float in the air. In the manga, she even has wings with black feathers.[6]

Rasiel's Bookshelf[]

The Rasiel's Bookshelf (ラジエルの書架 Rajieru no Shoka), or Bibliotheca Razielis Archangeli, is a library where Phantom Books are sealed. It’s said that when all Phantom Books are sealed, the angel Rasiel will return. The access to it is hidden behind the lock on the Crimson Biblioprincess’ left eye. The Professor has the golden key which opens the library. Similarly, Hugh has the key which opens the Dantalian’s Bookshelf behind the lock on Dalian’s chest. In the anime, the Professor has the key sealed inside his right hand, as indicated by the green gem at the back of it.[1][2]

When the Rasiel's Bookshelf must be opened, the Professor says “Crimson Biblioprincess Rasiel, I ask of thee. Art thou mankind?”. The Professor inserts the golden key into the keyhole on her eyepatch. Rasiel answers “No. I am heaven… the heaven of sorrow”. When the lock is opened, she lets out a high-pitched scream. The scream immediately turns into a loud laugh filled with madness. Without the lock, Rasiel’s left eye looks like a black hole, a passage to another world.[4] Rasiel grunts in pain when the Professor inserts a book into her eye.[1]


Rasiel is always smiling and laughing as if mocking everyone. She can be flirty, sadistic and impatient.[1] She can also act like a child and stick her tongue at others while pulling the eyelid of her right eye.[4] The cruel girl wants to spread misery and fear throughout the world in order to create Phantom Books. She offers Phantom Books and Phantom Book Eggs to humans, without worrying for the life of the reader. Although she gives the tools for humans to achieve happiness and incentives them to do what they want, Rasiel is only thinking about herself. She laughs at the pain and worries of others.[7][8] She sees war as a beautiful scenery with a constant balance of life and death, where madness becomes magic power. Looking to recover the Sefer Rasiel, she’s hungry for Phantom Books. Rasiel is always accompanied by her key-keeper, who she seems to respect. She uses German to say “yes” or “no”. She also frequently calls others a fool. She says “there are things in the world that shouldn’t be known”, a phrase also repeated by Dalian and Wesley.[1] Rasiel and Dalian hate each other. Acting like children, they offend and stare at each other furiously when they meet.[4]

In the manga, Rasiel is even more arrogant, referring to humans as inferior beings, entertained by their actions and thoughts. She hates how Dalian keeps the Dantalian’s Bookshelf to herself, without sharing the Phantom Books with humans.[6] In the anime, the Professor caress her face to calm her.[9] In Dalian-chan's Bookshelf, Rasiel is a friendly rival of Dalian. The girls are always arguing, but they enjoy to spend time together, although admitting that makes Rasiel embarrassed. In this spin-off, she's quite clumsy. She's more gentle in this version, rather than cruel and arrogant as in the original.[10]


Rasiel looks like a beautiful short girl of thirteen or fourteen years old, although she’s much older than she looks. Sometimes Rasiel can have an empty expression and look just like a doll. She has skin as white as marble. Her right eye is light green like her short hair. Her dress is red like blood, with many laces and ruffles. She wears golden metallic gauntlets and breastplate. Her left eye is concealed behind an eyepatch, a shiny dark gray metal plate resembling an old lock with a large keyhole in the center. The eyepatch is depicted in red in colored illustrations.[1] Behind the lock, there’s a black hole, the door to the Rasiel’s Bookshelf.[4]

In the adaptations, The band of her eyepatch is concealed by her hair.[2][11] In the manga, Rasiel uses a light cloak while walking outside in the cold.[11] She has metallic high-heel boots, but no gauntlets or breastplate. Her dress has an opening which reveals a subtle cleavage. Her left black eye has a sinister, vacant white iris. In this adaptation, Rasiel sometimes appear with small wings with dark feathers.[6]

In the anime, Rasiel’s golden gauntlets and breastplate are hidden beneath her red dress. In this adaptation, she uses purple striped thigh high socks held up by suspenders. Her right eye is greenish yellow.[2]


The Dictator's Book[]

Rasiel Dictator

Rasiel offers The Dictator's Book to the young man.

Rasiel meets a young man who worries about the future of the country. She hears him talking about the corrupt and incompetent authority. She suggests that he rule the country instead, but he doesn’t think the other politicians will accept that. She tells him to become a dictator. Rasiel gives him a Phantom Book that will protect him as long as he rules with tyranny.

The young man, acting as a dictator, brings wealthy to the country. After eliminating all resistance, he decides to become a king, no longer a dictator. He’s immediately shot during the announcement. Rasiel smiled when she heard the news. She laughs, calling the former dictator a fool. She disappears into the crowd.[7]

In the manga, Rasiel tells the story about the dictator to a German leader. The latter is interested in the Phantom Book mentioned by Rasiel. However, she reveals that the Phantom Book hasn’t chose him. Rasiel walks away with the Professor. She’s always amazed with human’s actions.[12]


Mabel watches as her hometown is destroyed during the German bombing campaign. Rasiel and the Professor approach her. Rasiel is holding an old book against her chest. The Professor affirms that what’s broken can be repaired. He gives the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen to Mabel. According to Rasiel, it’s a Phantom Book for Mabel. The latter lowers her gaze to the Phantom Book. When Mabel raised her head again, Rasiel and the Professor had already disappeared.

Marbel receives a Phantom Book

Mabel receives the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen from Rasiel and the Professor.

Years later, Hal and Flamberge explore Mabel’s hometown, supposedly looking for a young man and a little girl with a lock and a strange book. Hal becomes furious when he learns that Mabel got the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen from the Biblioprincess.[3]

Winning Strategy[]

Rasiel and the Professor are playing in the cassino. She seems unhappy, with an empty chip case in front of her. A man stops to greet them. The stranger feels lucky because he has a Phantom Book which shows the results of all gambles. When he walks away, Rasiel calls him a fool.

Rasiel and the Professor are welcome by the casino’s manager. It’s revealed that, following the Professor’s instructions, the casino spread rumors about a fake Phantom Book containing the results of all gambles. The manager was making a profit with the Professor’s method. The manager pays him with a briefcase full of money. As they are about to leave the casino, Rasiel and the Professor watch the stranger losing all his chips and making a fuss.[13]

The Mystic Archives of Rasiel[]

During the Great War, after a day piloting for the Central Powers, fighter ace Ilas, known as the legendary Faceless Ghost, goes to the bar of the military camp. Disguised as a bartender, the Professor has a brief conversation with him. Ilas feels as if he’s being watched. For a moment, he sees a little girl outside the window, something unexpectable in a military base.

Ilas returns to the barracks. Although he locked the door, a beautiful little girl approaches him. He feels like he knows her for a long time. Ilas remembers a scene from his past, when a town was destroyed. The little girl was standing between the ruins, flames and corpses. She laughs when he shows interest in her. She lifts her skirt, shamelessly showing the bottom part of her slender body. Ilas wonders if she’s a prostitute. She laughs again, this time introducing herself as Rasiel. Ilas is surprised because he’s unable to read her thoughts.

Rasiel is interested in Ilas’ poems, a text which allows him to read the minds of rival pilots. She explains what Phantom Books are, and how to create them. The war, which fills people’s hearts with madness, is the perfect scenery to create a Phantom Book. However, Ilas’ collection of poems is still a Phantom Book Egg, an incomplete Phantom Book. Rasiel, now with an empty expression, also talks about the angel Rasiel who had a book containing all the secrets in the world. The angel was envied by the other angels, who threw the Book of Rasiel into the sea. When it went ashore, it was copied into many books. The Book of Rasiel ceased to exist and the angel himself disappeared. It’s said that the angel will be resurrected once all the secrets are collected and sealed in the Rasiel’s Bookshelf.

Ilas feels that Rasiel is not a liar, nor an ordinary person. Rasiel hopes that Ilas’ poems will become a Phantom Book suitable for the Rasiel’s Bookshelf. She walks away. Before leaving the barracks, she asks if he had shared his poems with someone else. Ilas has vague memories of a first collection of poems he wrote while piloting for the Allies.[1] In the anime adaptation of this scene, Rasiel spins in a mesmerizing dance on top of some chairs, floating between the seats effortlessly. She gives her hand for Ilas to kiss in reverence.[2]

A few days later, Ilas is shot down by Hugh. Ilas leaves the cockpit, ready to return to battle. He hears the voice of a girl laughing. Rasiel’s left eye is a black hole, a portal to another world. Rasiel calls him a fool. She knew that Ilas was defeated by Hugh, a fighter who inherited the first collection of poems. Rasiel is accompanied by the bartender. Ilas realizes that the couple infiltrated the military base to watch the birth of a new Phantom Book. Although Ilas wants to continue the dogfight, Rasiel tells him that the legend of the Faceless Ghost is over. His Phantom Book will remain unfinished forever.

Ilas falls to his knees. His body becomes a corpse. Ilas realizes that he died during a German bombing, but he was resurrected by Rasiel and the Professor as part of a plan to create a new Phantom Book. The Professor uses a Phantom Book to let Ilas die again. Soon after, the Professor inserts the Phantom Book into Rasiel’s left eye. She groans in pain. In an instant, her left eye is covered by a metallic eyepatch once again. Rasiel kicks Ilas’ airplane in frustration. She had pinned her hopes on him. She looks at the sky, where Hugh had flown. She wonders who he is. He had managed to read an incomplete Phantom Book, even though he was not the rightful reader.[1]

Book of Sleep[]

The younger sister, who wished to become the heir to the throne, meets Rasiel. The latter hears the princess complaining about her incompetent older sister. Rasiel tells the princess to kill her older sister if she wants her position. However, the princess won't be able to become the queen if she committed such a crime. Rasiel tells her not to worry. After all, the princess had been chosen by a Phantom Book. Rasiel gives her a book which makes the reader sleep for many years.

The older sister only likes books with pictures, so she’s not affected by the Phantom Book. The younger sister fails in cursing the next queen. Rasiel watches as the princess leaves the kingdom. Rasiel laughs and calls her a fool.[8]

The House-Elf's Rough Time[]

After working day after day organizing the books at the Disward estate, the house-elf tries to find a less demanding owner. Rasiel becomes one of the owners. She tells the house-elf to find unhappy people, those who envy and hate others, and give them Phantom Book Eggs. Their madness will create complete Phantom Books, and misery will spread throughout the world. Rasiel wonders how many people the readers of the Phantom Book Eggs will kill this time. The frightened house-elf asks for another owner. Rasiel calls the creature a fool, and tells him to die. The house-elf looks for another owner.[14]

Book of Fools[]

A famous writer had nothing to give to his editor, until he met Rasiel. He tells her how nobody understands his story. Rasiel tells him not to write. However, he has an agreement with the publisher. Furthermore, the readers are waiting for his works. Rasiel gives him a Phantom Book Egg and tells him to publish it. The writer is surprised to see that the Book Which Fools Cannot See is completely empty. According to Rasiel, people will accept everything he offers, no matter if it’s empty.

The readers love the book. The writer is the only person who sees it as an empty book. He can't accept that, so he takes his own life. Rasiel is among the crowd that comes for his funeral. She looks at his coffin, laughing softly. After calling him a fool, she disappears into the crowd.[15]

Book of Connection[]

People are fervently praying while holding copies of a handwritten Bible. According to the abbess, they received a fragment of wisdom from God. Now, their days of torment are over. Rasiel watches everything from the entrance of the church. She calls them fools.

Rasiel accompanies the Professor as he uses the monks from Nudelwald as a calculating machine to make a weapon that will result in bloodshed, a weapon that many countries will want. Rasiel spins in place, happy with what she heard. The abbess is grateful for the Book of Connection offered by Rasiel. The latter reminds the abbess that the Book of Connection is still unstable. Rasiel tells her to continue her work. Hugh and Dalian land on Nudelwald. They learn that the mines were bought by a man in white coat accompanied by a short girl strangely dressed. Thoughtful, Dalian touches the lock on her chest.

Later, Hugh meets the Professor while exploring a mine where radioactive ore is being extracted. Rasiel approaches them. Hugh is surprised to see another Biblioprincess. Rasiel, seemingly bored, pulls the eyelid of her right eye and shows her tongue to Hugh. Rasiel and the Professor disappear into the darkness. It’s revealed that the minds of everyone in Nudelwald were connected by the Book of Connection offered by Rasiel and the Professor. The latter wants to explore the inhabitants of Nudelwald to develop a fission bomb.

Later, Rasiel expresses her impatience. She wants the abbess to finally use the Book of Connection to perfectly unite all the inhabitants of Nudelwald. Hugh and Dalian appear to intervene. Hugh recognizes the Professor as a key-keeper. However, Rasiel affirms that Hugh is way inferior. Rasiel and Dalian start to offend each other, as if they’ve met before. According to Dalian, Rasiel deceived the abbess.

Hugh and Dalian use the Book of Imprint to control everyone in Nudelwald. Since the minds of the inhabitants are connected, if only a person is affected, everyone else will follow. The abbess yells in pain as everyone’s thoughts flow into her head. Rasiel groans softly when she realizes Hugh and Dalian’s plan. Rasiel steps on the Book of Connection, frustrated because now the Phantom Book Egg will never become a complete Phantom Book. The Professor opens the Rasiel’s Bookshelf. Rasiel and the Professor disappear, probably using a Phantom Book which allows the user to move through space.[4]

The Working Man[]

The Professor gives a Phantom Book to one of his patients. The latter wished to split himself into two in order to maintain his shop opened. The shopkeeper uses the Book of Division to create many copies of himself. When a cold winter came, they all died. Rasiel and the Professor talk in the examination room of a suspicious hospital. According to Rasiel, sexual reproduction allows the mixing of genes, resulting in species gaining resistance to diseases and adapting to climate conditions. Since the shopkeeper and his copies had no gene diversity, they quickly died as soon as a disease appeared. Rasiel laughs and calls him a fool.[16]


The man is sick of his own boring life. He believes that his unremarkable face is the reason for all his problems. At the bar he always goes, he meets Rasiel. After listening to him, she tells him to change his face. She shows him the Catalogue. He can choose any face shown in the book. He chooses a handsome face. However, he gets into trouble because of everything that the original owner of the face did. He runs back to Rasiel, asking for her help. She tells him to choose another face. This time, the man chooses a frightening face. The new face puts him into trouble once again.

The man returns to Rasiel. He crawls at her feet, asking for his original face back. However, Rasiel reveals that his face had already been taken. It became very popular. According to her, soon his face will be returned. It’s revealed that a terrorist used the man’s face to kill an important politician. The whole world is looking for that face. The satisfied girl leaves the bar, ignoring the man sobbing on the table. She smiles and calls him a fool.[17]

Song of the Unseen Tomorrow (anime-only)[]

The Professor is testing the Book of Atonement. He plans to use the Phantom Book to turn people into zombies and disrupt the post-war reconstruction meeting held in London. Hugh and Dalian find the printing shop used by the Professor to produce newspapers containing forbidden knowledge from the Book of Atonement. The Professor has a brief conversation with Hugh. Rasiel appears, immediately showing her disdain for Dalian. The Biblioprincesses act like children, offending each other. The Professor caresses Rasiel’s face to calm her. While the Professor talks with Hugh, Rasiel continues to provoke Dalian. Rasiel doesn’t flinch when the Professor shoots Hugh with a Phantom Book shaped like a handgun. Hugh runs away, carrying Dalian in his arms.

The production of the newspapers with forbidden knowledge is finished. The Professor is ready to proceed with his plan, but Hal appears to burn everything with his staff. Rasiel and the Professor walk away. Later, the couple appears inside an airship. She calls Hal a fool. She’s frustrated because the plan to disrupt the post-war reconstruction meeting failed.[9]

Book of Lifetime (manga-only)[]

At the counter of a bar, Hugh listens to the story of an old man who, as a child, entered the Dantalian’s Bookshelf and modified his own Book of Lifetime to become immortal. At a table nearby, Rasiel and the Professor listen to the same story. Hugh eventually walks away, leaving the old man sleeping on the counter. The owner of the bar apologizes to Rasiel and the Professor for the old man’s attitude. The latter always gets drunk and tells the same story. Rasiel wonders if the story is true. She thanks for the meal and walks away with the Professor. According to Rasiel, humans’ ignorance makes them cute and pitiful.[11]

Book of Wisdom (manga-only)[]

On a certain night, Rasiel floats inside the empty classroom where Mildred teaches. The Book of Wisdom has called Rasiel. She seals the Phantom Book inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. She meets the Professor outside. He notices how happy she seems. Rasiel is looking forward to meet Dalian once again.[18]

Rasiel Book of Wisdom

Rasiel finds the Book of Wisdom.

Timetable (manga-only)[]

After Heizer Hayling detaches the locomotive, sacrificing himself to prevent a derailment, it's revealed that he received the Timetable from Rasiel. He doesn't know if she's an angel or a demon.[5]

Book of Wisdom II (manga-only)[]

Two girls are talking inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf. The long-haired girl wonders about the name of that place. The short-haired girl tells her to name the place based on the name of the demon of knowledge, depicted with books in his hands.

Hugh and Dalian meet Charlotte at the top of a tower, in a castle where the W Machine is being developed. Rasiel appears, floating in the air. She lands on the tower. It’s revealed that Rasiel gave the Book of Wisdom to Charlotte. The latter wouldn’t be smart enough to develop the W Machine otherwise. A giant arm reaches out from a portal on the ground. The lock on Rasiel’s left eye is opened. The Professor had used the Loge to summon the giant. The couple stands on the shoulder of the monster. Dalian explains to Hugh that Rasiel and the Professor are also guardians of the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. The Professor reads the Phantom Book. The giant envelopes the top of the tower in flames. Dalian uses the Book of Styx to block the magic from the monster.

Hugh points his gun at Rasiel, but she's protected by the Professor. Rasiel notices that Dalian changed after having Wesley and Hugh as key-keepers. Now, Dalian is more than a vessel with no feelings. Rasiel will never accept Dalian acting as a God, keeping the Dantalian’s Bookshelf for herself. Rasiel believes that humans should have free access to Phantom Books. According to her, humans will always desire forbidden knowledge. Charlotte activates the W Machine, which releases colorful snow. Charlotte never thought about creating a military weapon. Rasiel laments that Charlotte's Phantom Book didn’t go out of control. The Professor opens a portal using a Phantom Book. Rasiel and the Professor disappear.[6]

Dalian-chan's Bookshelf[]

In Chapter 2, at the garden of the Disward estate, Flamberge reveals that Rasiel is nearby. The latter is stuck in a bush. Hugh wonders what she’s doing in the garden. Rasiel screams for help. After Rasiel is released, she complains about the dilapidated state of the garden. According to her, she was stuck because she had tripped over ivy. However, Flamberge affirms that Rasiel tripped on her own dress. Rasiel screams at her, embarrassed. Rasiel explains that she was walking with the Professor to buy groceries, but she decided to wait for him in the garden to avoid the crowd. Flamberge angers Rasiel by saying that the Professor must be looking for a naughty magazine.

Dalian's offer

Dalian offers a fried bread to Rasiel.

Dalian shows up. She’s not happy to see Rasiel and Flamberge. Dalian wants someone to leave. Flamberge and Rasiel stare at Hugh, as if telling him to go away. Hugh uses the opportunity to ask for the girls’ help to tend to the garden. Dalian refuses, but she quickly changes her mind when Hugh bribes her with fried breads. Dalian refuses to share with Rasiel, although the latter never asked. Eventually, Flamberge goes away with Hal.

Race start

The race starts.

Hugh, Dalian and Rasiel wait for the Professor. Dalian affirms that he should return soon, but hours pass. Hugh feels like he’s taking care of the last child in the nursery. Dalian blushes while offering a fried bread to Rasiel. After all, time goes slower while someone is bored. The Biblioprincesses seem embarrassed. Before Rasiel can answer to the offer, the Professor shows up. Rasiel and the Professor walk away.[19]

An obstacle course is shown in Chapter 3. Rasiel and the Professor arrive at the venue. Rasiel is ready to sit in the audience to watch the foolish humans compete. However, she’s surprised to see that the Professor is stretching. The couple will also compete. During the race, Hugh and Dalian see Rasiel and the Professor climbing a wall. Rasiel affirms that Dalian looks tiny from up there. In response, Dalian affirms that the pattern of Rasiel’s pants is visible. Rasiel screams in rage.

Hugh and Dalian reach the last part of the race. Now they must grab one of the pieces of paper on the floor and cross the finish line with the thing described on the paper. The paper chosen by the Professor and Rasiel contains the words “white coat”. They are lucky, since the Professor is always wearing a white coat. However, Hal shows up, revealing that he also has to cross the finish line with a white coat. Hal and Flamberge run after Rasiel and the Professor. Hugh and Dalian eventually win the race. Rasiel and the Professor finish second. Rasiel seems satisfied.[20]

Race end

The race ends.

In Chapter 4, Hugh and Dalian go out to buy winter items. They arrive at the store. They are welcomed by the Professor, who's working part-time. Dalian looks for something interesting. She finds a kotatsu, a heating appliance used in a certain country in the Orient. Dalian notices that Rasiel is sleeping under the kotatsu. The Professor carries Rasiel away and welcomes Hugh and Dalian to try the kotatsu. Hugh eventually buys the kotatsu.

Back to the Disward estate, Hugh sees falling snow. He calls Dalian to see it, but he finds her sleeping under the kotatsu. He’s shocked to see Rasiel and the Professor, also enjoying the kotatsu.[21]

In Chapter 5, Hugh is organizing a Christmas party. Rasiel and the Professor show up. Since Dalian and Rasiel lack skills, they are tasked to make paper rings. The Biblioprincesses criticizes each other’s work, although both did a terrible job. In order to stop the fight, Hugh tells them to decorate the tree. The girls argue once again. The tree is covered with decorations.

The Christmas party starts. During the party, Hugh notices that Dalian is thoughtful. She wants to see Santa. The Professor distracts her by giving her a gift. The Professor made a mug for her. It has a teddy bear painted on it. Rasiel had chosen the decoration after seeing Dalian with a plushie. Rasiel seems embarrassed.[22]

In Chapter 6, it's revealed that Rasiel sent a New Year card to Dalian. Rasiel says that she wants to meet again once Dalian is free.[23] In Chapter 7, Dalian invites Flamberge and Rasiel to make Valentine's Day chocolates. Dalian is ready to start. Rasiel is surprised to see Dalian making chocolate. Rasiel is shocked to see that Dalian uses miso as ingredient. The chocolate Dalian makes seems awful. Obviously, she doesn’t know the recipe. Rasiel wrote it down for her. Rasiel and Dalian work on the chocolates. Rasiel notices that Dalian makes strange noises while preparing hers. Dalian asks Flamberge to taste the chocolate. Rasiel witnesses Flamberge collapsing.

Rasiel decides to help Dalian. Rasiel bosses Dalian around. While Rasiel is looking away, Dalian changes the recipe. Rasiel can feel a chill. Minutes later, Dalian is done. Rasiel notices that Dalian’s chocolate has an unusual color. Dalian calls Hugh. The Professor is excited to taste Rasiel’s chocolate. The Professor tastes Rasiel’s chocolate cake. He immediately collapses. Dalian reveals that she changed Rasiel’s recipe.[24]

In Chapter 8, it's revealed that the Professor has another part-time job. After all, he's penniless after taking Rasiel out to eat. The Professor imagines that a perfect gift for Rasiel would be human misfortune.[25]In Chapter 10, Hugh and Dalian go to the beach. Dalian decides to stroll along the beach. Rasiel is sleeping under the sand. Dalian steps on her, first by accident, then on purpose. Rasiel screams at her. Rasiel explains that she came to the beach with the Professor. He’s relaxing on a swim ring. Dalian notices that he’s surrounded by sharks. Rasiel affirms that he’s enjoying the thrill of the ocean, everything calculated. However, he’s clearly being attacked by the sharks.

Rasiel wants revenge, since Dalian stepped on her. Rasiel can’t think of a way to repay Dalian’s offense. Dalian suggests a game. If Rasiel wins, Dalian will kneel before her. If Dalian wins, Rasiel has to spin in place three times and say “woof”, mimicking a cute dog. Rasiel hates the idea, but she accepts the challenge. Dalian explains the rules. They see a hat in the distance. The winner will be the one who takes the hat first. They are ready to start the race. Suddenly, Rasiel mentions a fried bread in the distance. She runs ahead, exploring Dalian’s distraction. Rasiel almost touches the hat, but Hugh takes it first, mistaking it for his hat. Since Hugh is on Dalian’s side, she declares that the victory is hers. Rasiel protests, but she keeps her word. Blushing, she spins in place three times and says “woof”. Dalian laughs at her.[26]

Professor shark

Rasiel goes to the beach with the Professor.

Rasiel dog

Rasiel loses the race.

In the Final Chapter, Hugh and Dalian search for the Devil in order to escape the RPG world they entered by mistake. They follow the signs pointing to the Devil’s castle and finally reach a little house which looks more like a mushroom. It’s revealed that the Devil is in fact Rasiel. Dalian wonders what she’s doing. Rasiel screams at her, demanding respect. Rasiel says that her aide is enough to deal with Hugh and Dalian. She calls her aide, who is revealed to be the Professor.


Rasiel reveals herself as the Devil.

The Professor is eventually defeated by Flamberge and Hal. Now Dalian wants to defeat the Devil. Rasiel pretends that she’s a level 1000 character, but in fact she’s a level 1. With the Professor as an aide, she never expected that she had to fight. Hugh is ready to defeat Rasiel with his low-level equipment, but she reveals that the challenge is not a simple fight. After some thought, Rasiel explains that the challenge is a rock paper scissors game. Rasiel reveals that she never lost against the Professor, but Dalian is sure that the Professor lets her win. Rasiel and Dalian play their hands. Hugh can’t see their game, since their hands are covered by their oversized sleeves. Nonetheless, it’s revealed that Dalian is the winner. Defeated, Rasiel runs to the arms of her wounded partner.[27]

Final Devil

The Devil is defeated.


  • Sayuri Yahagi also voices Manami Okuda from Assassination Classroom, Kaya Miyoshi from Bakuman and Ran-Mao from Black Butler.[28]
    • Yahagi finds Rasiel interesting due to her duality. After all, Rasiel is childish but at the same time she can say scary things.[29]
    • Other than Rasiel, Yahagi's favorite character is Hal. She finds the scene where he fights impressive.[29]
  • In the anime, Rasiel's coat of arms has a similar design of the symbol on her eyepatch.[30]
  • The opening of the Rasiel's Bookshelf was never adapted to the anime.[31]
  • In the last chapter of the manga, the design of Rasiel's eyepatch changes.[6]
  • In Dalian-chan's Bookshelf, Rasiel is described as a little tsundere, who likes the Professor though.[32]
  • Raziel is an angel within the teachings of Jewish mysticism who is the "Keeper of Secrets" and the "Angel of Mysteries". The famous Sefer Raziel HaMalakh attributed to this figure is said to contain all secret knowledge, and is considered to be a book of magic. He stands close by God's throne, and therefore hears and writes down everything that is said and discussed. He purportedly gave the book to Adam and Eve after they ate from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil so the two could find their way back to the Garden of Eden and better understand their God. Raziel's fellow angels were deeply disturbed by this, and thus stole the book from Adam and threw it into the ocean.[33]
    • The legend of Raziel generated a number of different pseudepigraphical books. The earliest Latin version, also rumored to be the original, appears to date from before 1259.[34] The Book of Raziel is a grimoire that deals with creationism, angelology, zodiac, gematria, protective spells, healing amulets and more.[35]
  • There's a sketch of Rasiel in Dalian Days, volume 2.[36]
  • Rasiel is featured on the cover of the August 2010 issue of The Sneaker.
  • To promote the anime, volumes 1 to 7 of the light novel were released with new covers depicting the character designs from the adaptation. Rasiel was featured in volume 5.[37]


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