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Chapter 4 (light novel 4);
Episode 7

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Kazuyoshi Hayashi



The Relic addict is a minor character in The Perfumer story. He interacts with Fiona, trying to buy drugs, and later burns her laboratory, destroying The Scent God’s Scripture.


The man knows that the Famenias Company is responsible for producing the Relic and how the president became a target of the Padauk Company mobsters, who seek the monopoly on the drug. It’s not revealed under which circumstances his addiction started. His appearance indicates he’s having a tough life.[1]


The addiction makes him mad and desperate in search of the Relic. Somehow, his laugh shows hatred and indignation. He seems only interested in satisfying his addiction, lacking attention even to his appearance. The man also has a habit of burning tobacco.[1] In the anime, he begs for the Relic.[2]


He’s a thin man in his mid-twenties, although the poor health, dry skin and yellow teeth make him look much older. His eyes also indicate health problems.[1] In the anime, he’s sweaty, haggard, unshaven and missing some teeth. The man has brown hair, of the same shade of his eyes. He wears a ragged long-sleeved grey shirt and brown trousers held by suspenders.[2]


Relic addict

The Relic addict seeks Fiona's formulation.

Fiona forgot her key back at the Famenias Company headquarters, so she’s unable to show The Scent God’s Scripture to Hugh and Dalian. They all prepare to leave her laboratory to recover the key, when Fiona suddenly stops. The drug addict enters the property without permission as they come closer. Noticing Fiona’s white coat, he asks if she’s a Famenias researcher. Smiling broadly, he grabs a bunch of dirty bank notes from his pocket, wishing to buy the Relic. The perfumer frozes in fear while trying to understand how he knows about the substance she created. All the materials and samples of the drug were supposed to be destroyed. The man scoffs and laughs at her lack of information. He mentions how the Padauk Company is trying to kill Mr. Famenias to obtain monopoly on the Relic production. He sits on the ground and starts to burn tobacco. He affirms that Fiona is too late to go to the company’s headquarters. His laughter echoes while she runs to check her father.

Burning building

The Relic addict burns Fiona's laboratory.

After Fiona’s death, Hugh and Dalian witness the man being taken by the police under suspicion of arson. He probably burned Fiona’s laboratory, frustrated for not finding a sample of Relic. The premises, owned by the Famenias Company, are almost completely covered in flames. The fire also destroys The Scent God’s Scripture.[1]
In the anime, the Relic addict doesn’t appear after Fiona’s death, although Hugh suggests that he’s responsible for the fire that destroyed her laboratory.[2]




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