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Ritual of Reality
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Jissō Gi Kei




Chapter 1 (light novel 2);
Appendix (OVA)


It dispels evil and breaks illusions.


Hugh Anthony Disward


Inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf

Ritual of Reality, also known as Buddha Tathātā (ブフタ・タタータ Bhūta-tathatā), is a Phantom Book used by Hugh to break the illusions created by Florence Carabosse while she was using the Depiction of Mountains and Rivers. The Ritual of Reality is present in The Briar Princess story.

It has words in an Eastern language. Its leather cover has the illustration of an eye, similar to the ones depicted on the walls of structures such as stupas or pagodas usually build as a place of religiosity and/or meditation related to Tibetan Buddhism.[1]

In the OVA, the Phantom Book has the form of a samut khoi, a type of folding book manuscript which were historically widely used in many Buddhist cultures[2], usually made from the inner bark of a tree.[3] The red cover depicts lotus flowers and the eye of Buddha, a common symbol in Buddhist art.[4][5]


The Phantom Book, originally from Western Asia, is sealed inside the Labyrinth Library. It’s a lost apocrypha of ancient Buddhism.[1] Tathātā, a Buddhist concept, can be translated as "thusness" or "suchness", expressing the appreciation of reality at that moment, which is in truth inexpressible in language.[6][7]


According to Dalian, the Ritual of Reality dispel all evil and break all illusions. By reading its first chapter, Hugh nullified the powers of the Depiction of Mountains and Rivers. The fog, the dark forest, the cliffs and the thorny vibes summoned by Florence disappeared. The illusions shattered like broken glass, and the surroundings crumbled, returning to its original appearance.[1] In the OVA, the illusions vanished as if disintegrating.[4]


In the OVA, Hugh reads the Ritual of Reality to defeat Florence. The text is associated with the concept of Tathātā as a contrast to illusions.[4]

"Events come to pass.
Like foam on the surface of water,
it is merely the result of the cause.
You must not ponder over possibilities,
when nothing has yet to occur.
Forget this not.
From a dreaming heart flows the blood of illusions.
Those who dream of the future gain nothing.
Those who dream of purity only see impurity.
Those who dream of justice become sinners themselves.
Why do you blame the foam for disappearing?
Learn to accept what happens as it is.
That is because the world is constantly changing.
There is no meaning to it, nor is there malicious intent in it.
From a dreaming heart flows the blood of illusions.
Thoughts born as a result of that are not truths nor lies.
If your thoughts are not true,
then you cannot be certain of what you touch or taste,
what you see or hear, none of it.
It is merely a dance of air and light,
nothing, but emptiness! "


Hugh and Dalian are surrounded by cliffs, and the thorny vines are approaching them. However, the Biblioprincess notices that everything is an illusion created by Florence and the Depiction of Mountains and Rivers. She grants Hugh access to the Labyrinth Library. He uses the Ritual of Reality to make the illusions vanish. The fog, the dark forest, the cliffs and the thorny vines can no longer be seen. The enslaved people controlled by Florence disappear. The beautiful village where the Carabosse villa was located return to its dilapidated state. The Phantom Book was probably sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]


  • The Ritual of Reality is seen during the opening.[8]


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